When the Battles Have Ended

On the cosmic scale, the strength of a being is not measured by its physical capability, but by its capacity to manipulate awareness. It follows that if we are to take the next evolutionary step, it must be done by means of discipline, determination, and strategy. Those are our weapons. In order to manipulate and understand the emanations which arrive to our senses, sorcerers develop the power of their attention, sharpening it through discipline to exquisite levels, which allow them to transcend human limitations and to fulfill all the possibilities of perception. Their concentration is so intense that they can penetrate the thick armor of appearances, and expose the essence of things. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

Recapitulation Complete? Check.

Mold of Man Broken? Check.

Personal History Erased? Check.

Death as an Advisor? Check.

Predator Defeated? Check.

It seemed impossible. Diligently walking the path of the warrior towards total freedom while being constantly mindful to use what Carlos referred to as the weapons of discipline, determination and strategy has had its payoffs. It seemed an arduous task, and it was; breaking the patterns, unplugging from the man-made matrix, experiencing the Toltec mysteries, traveling throughout Mexico, taking the journeys, abstract flights, meeting other warriors, writing, writing, and writing.

Through aligning with intent, a new band of awareness has emerged at where everything’s different and yet, familiar. Minimal words to express it since there are no patterns consistently reinforcing it, no repetitive stories available with which to compare it. Uncharted territory to which there is no context, no framework to hold it together. The framework would, I suppose, be the structure from which new myths are born, and yet, a warrior of freedom touches everyone and everything sparingly…moving gently and leaving no trace.

The big question is, and now what? Life is indeed an illusion and on the other side of illusion is total emptiness devoid of the myths, the drama, the battles with the ego, and the glory of the hero’s journey. Sought after words to describe a new state of being don’t come. Human concepts lie in still, green pools, stagnating and rotting away while at the same time having the ultimate experience of witnessing the awesomeness and beauty of the earth, constantly unfolding, changing, evolving. The quietude is a foreigner in my being.

So, how does a warrior proceed within a new band of awareness once total freedom and the ultimate emptiness is achieved if they cannot exist independently upon their causes and upon their parts of which they are dependent?  Do they simply exist and co-exist as observers, as awareness? What exactly does one perceive from a state of emptiness? Does pure awareness even include perception or does perception become like most everything else, an empty concept that loses its meaning when there is nothing left to reflect it?

Carlos didn’t write about this, in fact, there is really not much written about it anywhere. I guess it’s time to explore uncharted territory from within this new band of awareness to find out. The end of another era and the beginning of a new one; intent, intent, INTENT! Evolution! I sincerely hope that there are words to share. Dancing towards infinity!

19 thoughts on “When the Battles Have Ended

  1. Remember the two sides of the tonal that the warrior creates, one is completely empty, where self-reflection and reasonable deliberation have subsided, where we don’t personalize but awarize. There is complete fullness and freedom in that paradoxale emptiness. On the other side of the tonal are all other things, although they’ll never have the old impact and acuteness. The warrior returns to paradise when they overcome the rational battle between good and bad, this or that side, when they understand how contrast and conflict are created by reason and there was never any real battle. Yet, the warrior takes reason as a trophy as Don Juan nicely put it. Using reason to create instead of being created by reason, that is overcoming the predator, that is what lies ahead. Never any thought that hurts, the complete freedom to either identify in controlled folly, or to smoothly disengage from any roll. Before, meaning was created by the myth we lived, now meaning is created out of beauty, of fullness, of freedom, love and compassion. While on the one side we align with ever more subtle aspects of reality and perception, on the other side we create those subtle realities, for others to align with, or just for the spirit, without ever a second thought, without clutter and repetitive chatter. The full freedom to enjoy the nuances of impeccability. When the battle has just subsided, we may first perceive the meaninglessness, the emptiness. When they dust has settled, the blood calmed and the wounds of obsession and self-reflection healed, then the fruits of the endeavor will be fully tasted. Relax, be aware and forget about the concept of emptiness that is tricking you back within the reasonable domain 🙂 there is fullness to the rim. Love, Albert


    • I like what you say here. Shifting our orientation to energy and all the functions our our energy body is tough work… yet we come to a point where the work becomes the pattern we are trapped in, and thus we have to move beyond even the process of un-writing our relationship to the process of un-writing. All we are left with is silence and emptiness and all acts, even if they are in service to the core, seem a repetitious act of folly…


  2. “What exactly does one perceive from a state of emptiness? Does pure awareness even include perception or does perception become like most everything else, an empty concept that loses its meaning when there is nothing left to reflect it? ”

    This is my experience as well sometimes. After\wards the moment is changed. A defintion of perception may be important. One progressive idea is that it ‘s not “perception” all there is but Power. Hence my word of creation. The band of awareness needs love more than anything else, which may come as passion-less or -somehow- empty.
    … of emotions or attatchment


  3. Carlos didn’t talked about this I presume because that is another story, which does not relates to the “perception” aggregate which is going, maybe, to defeat its own perception limit, becoming somethin else. There is something i read in the fire from within which I didn’t notice the first time i read it: the new path of sorcerers is the purification of the first goal of the ancient ones: they are the true death defier, when they accept to extend the instant of freedom towards infinity, choosing thus to separate from the original choise of the ancients ones. As we are, as far as we can say, assemblage point, it is sure also that the sense of malincoly we feel could be determined by the force we are pointing of our current perception, in order to change it, or the Intent is practically doing to us.


    • the true intent in all this , speaking with my voice again, is aligning with intent,
      as so beautifully said in the previous post but with the crucial participation of all the members who commented as well/ as an integral part which can be ‘named’ as love but is truly an aligning with intent.


  4. Everything is dreaming. When passing the 6th gate, one is left behind. The essence of awareness that continues is the nahual. Energy is always executing the Intent of the nahual. So we consume, expand, and transform. In all the dreaming domains; formed, formless, and pure. We become the Nahual.


  5. Flying with the dark wings of the void into the abyss. Pure Alignment of intent navigating through the uncharted with pure abandon…..


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