Totecatl Amatl – A Toltec Book in Three Parts

Wow! What a beautiful journey! Toltec Artist, Don Voss, shares an incredible journey. In this work, the book is divided into three parts, the Corn Maiden, the Hiruki or Peyote Ceremony, and the Blue Deer or Abstract Flight. Enjoy!

Don Voss Art

In my younger life, I fancied that I would be a composer.  Taking classes on music and composition, I found that music inspired me to see images.  While drawing all the time, it was music that often inspires the artwork that I create.  This work is inspired by Philip Glass a long time favorite who has inspired many of my paintings.  His work is in a minimalist category, but truly he stands alone.

Here the cover is green, a reference to mother earth, and then lined with amate fibers from Mexico.  The case remains open to see the knots which tied the sections together.

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2 thoughts on “Totecatl Amatl – A Toltec Book in Three Parts

  1. Thank you Female Warrior for the re-blog. Always appreciate the connections.

    Yes, Toltecatl Amatl is founded on Castenda’s work, years of reading and practicing the Toltec path has led to interpretations of his work in images…

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