Portals of Stone

The ruins of Anasazi ancestors tell of connection with the earth. Made of mud and stone and straw and wood and water, simple and strong enough to stand the test of time. Ageless. Timeless. ruinsWalking through stone portals, shifting into other dimensions. Spirit on earth. Ethereal. Formless. portalsStone sentinels, guardians of the gateway. Remembering through the breath of the ancient ones. Dreaming. Creating. sentinelsThrough the crack in the world we touch the double. Connecting with the cosmos. Boundless. Limitless. crackA foot in both worlds – aware and knowing – the support of earth and sky. Ephemeral. Infinite. balanceThrough the pulse of the earth we emerge in unity with all things. Oneness. Wholeness. red earthEarth, a beautiful playground. Here. There. Eternal. playgroundAnother beautiful, awe inspiring journey through Canyonlands a couple of weeks ago. Keep dancing!


11 thoughts on “Portals of Stone

  1. These pictures are incredible. I stared stunned at their beauty, pulled through the portals, and then re-emerged somewhere else. Thanks for posting these images and words.

  2. Such total toltecy beauty, of the outer view from the inner eye. Eye yi yi. thanks for the spiritual tune up.

  3. Great-my favorite place. The place that will shelter me from the maelstrom, an ancient and current abode of the Toltecs and my final destination; the place the Eagle sends me to fulfill my task, and if in success, the place I will be free. The messenger-awed and humbled in the gyre of synchronicity…

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