transforming the dark force

…and so the adventure continues!

All we have to do is align with Source energy, merging with utter fluidity in the space of no-mind, no-words, no fixating, no need to explain. Just flow along as energy, witnessing energy, being energy, traveling through doorways and traversing the pathways that unfold before us. – Lorraine Voss, Becoming Awareness

 I have spent some time considering the numerous terms that have surfaced during the course of my lifetime; terms that imply that there are beings on earth that are opening portals and leading the way into higher realms of human consciousness. There are many terms that define this kind of transformational action and they have included, but are not limited to: healers, ascended masters, teachers, gurus, cultural creatives, wisdom keepers, shaman, medicine people, starseeds, flame carriers, earth angels, crystal/rainbow/diamond children, indigos, magentas, lightworkers, and so on. I’m sure you have heard of most, if not all of them. For clarity’s sake, we’ll refer to this energy as light workers in this article.

Light workers are said to be responsible for catalyzing positive change upon this planet, of helping people to remember who they are. They are said to vibrate at a higher frequency, a frequency that is bright, upbeat, and optimistic. Their vibration is vast and expansive as it moves out from the center of their being, flooding the world in light and love. To many people, they offer an irresistible solution and they seek to heal from their knowledge and become that very wavelength that brings promise and hope.

While there does exist a growing number of light workers who are aligned with a higher vibrational frequency, those who walk this life path with integrity, honesty, and humility while rooted in their heart, there is a hidden agenda within this state of light. Consider for a moment that most humans have been attempting, for centuries, eons, to eradicate the predatory energies of the dark forces; to remove themselves from that which does not serve the highest good. If the dark force is essentially out to conquer the world through power and control, what is the light force doing? The light force is essentially attempting to conquer the dark force through its own version of power and control.

What!? The light force is not about power and control!! What are you thinking and how could you say such a thing?

The light force is attempting to triumph over the dark force in the same way that the dark force is trying to triumph over the light force, by exerting power and control. It’s quite the conundrum, indeed! And even more disturbing is the fact that the light force is one and the same, being the polar opposite of the dark force; creating duality. The illusion of duality is created when we separate ourselves from the center of creation. Since we cannot actually separate ourselves from creation, we must then recognize that the dark and the light forces are illusions. What this means is that even if you are choosing to live in the light, not dark; to be good, not evil; you are giving your energy to the same illusory force.

I have written about The Mold of Man, a human condition where people live within a pattern, any pattern to which they feel most aligned. The alignment to any pattern is not freedom, it is a trap.

Let’s first look at it from the perspective of the light side. Those who are attempting to align themselves to the order of the highest good by aligning with one of the light worker definitions consider themselves to be walking through levels into higher states of consciousness. This fills them with a sense of power as they move through the density of dark energies which brings them closer to the so-called light. They are feeling exhilaration in their success to triumph over the darkness.

The dark side has become so insidious that people are fleeing from it as fast as they can in order to embrace the light. The result is a complete imbalance between these dualities and both sides of this duality will infinitely continue to attempt to come into balance.

So how is the light side becoming imbalanced? The light side has been imbalanced for decades. Just take a look at all of the charlatans, wolves in sheep’s clothing, con-men, phonies, and swindlers that have arisen in their attempts to take advantage of those who seek the light. The imposters, those who are energetically rooted in the dark force, claim to reside in the light do so as a way to distract, divert, and corrupt and pervert the spiritual nature of humanity. They are servants of the dark force and their goal is to give spirituality a bad name by compromising it, corrupting it, and making it appear evil until it becomes as outrageous as the dark force, leaving humanity feeling powerless and in deeper states of confusion.

The dark force has infiltrated and corrupted the justice system and democracy which were originally formed with the intention of protecting and giving power to the people. Instead of democracy we have moved to a state of corporatocracy where we are living under the umbrella of power, greed, and control. On the same token, the dark force has been working diligently to infiltrate, pervert, and corrupt spirituality with the same agenda of taking over. The dark force is harvesting energy from all of the souls of the earth in order to preserve its existence. The goal is to destroy the spiritual nature and awareness that all people are born with and they are succeeding. I discuss this in a chapter entitled, The Lineage, in my book, Becoming Awareness.

The bottom line is that the lure of power from either the dark or the light side is equally strong. We are at a crossroads in our civilization and must choose wisely or all will be destroyed. ALL.

Here is a song for you to ponder and dance to: Animal Angel by Kan’nal. In it lead singer, Tzol, sings: Under all we are, is what we choose to be, animal angel, I’m understanding the roots of me. Caught in the merry-go-round of sin, caught in the wheel of life and death, see us all in the game, play your part and by all means win, it’s time we begin…Animal angel, the serpent and the sun, a kiss from the devil’s tongue, on the lips of the holy one… Animal angel, the fire in the sky, the liquid cryptic eye, the ancient mystic one. Caught in the merry go round again, cycling wheel of changes, suddenly it’s so obvious, it’s all a game, it’s all a dream. Wake up!

So what is an authentic light worker to do?!

Pay attention, the dark force enters in through dreams. Align with the power of the Universe. Power is and power moves. Don’t allow the dark force to instill its energies of confusion and hopeless into you, if you do, it will feed off of you and drain you. Stand tall and remain aligned with your purpose. Enter into silence from time to time in order to reestablish your connection with the burning flame of awareness to remember who you are. Our connection to the natural earth and pure source energy is vital. We have to connect to the awareness of ourselves as an extension of the great web of life and ultimately to the infinite oneness from which we emerged; to that which exists independent of the illusions of the patterns of the stories of the people of the earth. We must connect to the elements of earth, water, fire, and air. These are the pure, essential elemental components of everything in existence. If we do not, we will not accomplish anything accept the spinning of our wheels in increasing confusion as we continue to teeter while ensuring that the duality of illusion constantly remains in balance.

Keep Dancing Light Workers!

8 thoughts on “transforming the dark force

  1. Keeping clear within is key I think to our sojourn in this world. Processing the inputs from the accidents of our birth to find our inner self as it is remakes our relationship to all life and being. A journey of discovery. learning to leave the tar baby of power alone. getting free to live in the briar patch. acceptance of our destiny, however weird or minor allows us to integrate the lessons of karma both inner and outer so we can stand in awe of the miracle of existence as we know it. What a marvel this life and the universe that makes it possible, however briefly.


  2. Hi Lorraine,

    Excellent article. Great perspective.


    On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 10:37 AM, Becoming Awareness wrote:

    > Lorraine posted: “…and so the adventure continues! All we have to do is > align with Source energy, merging with utter fluidity in the space of > no-mind, no-words, no fixating, no need to explain. Just flow along as > energy, witnessing energy, being energy, traveling throug” >


  3. Dear Lorraine,
    to my understanding, duality is the illusion. Using the mind we divide what we see, feel and perceive into opposites, Yin and Yang if you like. But all this division is just mental conceptualisation; products/concepts of our own construction, only made possible by the wondrous gift that enables us to be creative, the mind. And the mind is a double edged sword. One side represents the light, the other the darkness. Understanding the mind/illusion we inherit as humans, which is programed via our domestication after birth, is truly a massive challenge. You mentioned being centered in the heart, and it’s well that you did, because in my experience this is where we get the discernment required to navigate the illusion. Whether we are working the dark side or the light (through choice or ignorance), we are all just a part of the source energy that is the totality of all things, regardless of how much light we reflect in the world. I do not relate to the light side as imbalanced as you explained, but I certainly see it as corrupted. But mental concepts of light and dark are ultimately illusion, as we are all ultimately just source energy. In my experience it feels like all the true knowledge I’ve gained came from learning how to give up my belief in mental concepts. And yet, paradoxically, the concepts used and spoken of by warriors such as yourself were required for me to do so, in tandem with me learning how to meditate with the heart (see In my experience, transcending the illusion brings peace and power to life, and it’s a feeling thing that can be supported by a warrior’s distinctions. Love your blog, thanks for being you.


  4. Thanks for your insightful comment, David. As I said in an earlier response, the key is in getting out of our own way and becoming aligned with pure Source energy. Whether that is through meditation, gardening, hiking, creating something beautiful, or simply tending to the daily needs, of living life on earth, as they arise, our power comes from connecting with the stillness and silence at the center. Thanks for reading.


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