Victim Consciousness or New Level of Awareness?

And now the battle continues, since we are trapped by the forces of this world. One part of us is fighting to disintegrate and die, while another tries to maintain life and awareness at any cost. There is no peace! A warrior realizes this, and uses it to his advantage. His goal continues to be that which inspired the spark of life that created him: Access to a new level of awareness. – Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

The world is being consumed at a rapid rate by a foreign, energetic line called “victim consciousness.” In my book there is a chapter entitled The Lineage where I write about the multiple lines of awareness that exist and how those that glow or shine the brightest aren’t necessarily the best ones to connect with. Rather, they glow brightly because of the amount of energy they receive. Here is an excerpt from that chapter:

The brightest lines are the lines into which people place a lot of energy. This makes them shiny and brilliant which appeals to the subconscious and attracts people to them easily, like moths to a flame. People provide a lot of energy to those lines by being exposed to the constant bombardment of subliminal messaging they receive through the stories, realities, beliefs, and judgments of others. These subliminal messages are fed to the public and the public, without even realizing it, attaches a lot of importance to those lines. They become brighter as the result of collective consciousness feeding them. It’s been going on for centuries. Many of those lines are man-made and have increased energetically through the world of reason and have become anchored in reality. Some of the lines are of anger, fear, greed, despair, violence, and unworthiness, to name some of the brighter yet less virtuous lines.

The victim consciousness line is ridiculously bright at this time. Do not confuse victimization with that of being a victim. Victimization occurs when someone is targeted and has prevailed by not becoming reduced to being a perpetual victim as a result of the victimization experience. But a person who functions in the world as a victim is one who becomes the experience of victimization and as a result, chooses to perpetuate that story. A person of victim consciousness lives in the place of pity and becomes, by the habitual behavior of portraying themselves as just that, a victim. They become a victim to external forces that they have become aligned with to the point of viewing the entire world as the enemy.

Again from my book, One of the biggest lies that has been imposed upon people for centuries is that they are unworthy and incomplete as human beings. The idea of unworthiness is a deceitful maneuver that was set in place by the system, the man-made matrix. It is insinuated that from the moment people enter into this beautiful world that they are not whole, are born in sin, and that there are countless expectations to be met and adhered to through a lifetime of obedience and compliance in order to ensure their salvation…

Sadly victim consciousness has been imposed upon humanity by, you guessed it, The Predator, which is successfully maneuvering itself through humans here on earth. We are, as warriors, at a crossroads and our only goal should be to sever all links to the predator. Warrior/seers have the power to unplug and be in the world but not of it. This is the ultimate form of detachment, to be the observer as the vast majority of humanity runs circles around themselves and each other in order to maintain a false identity.

It is not impossible to enter into a different band of awareness, in fact, it is becoming a necessity. We can collectively assemble a new band of awareness, or we can continue to spin our wheels in an outmoded and dark band.

As human beings we perceive when the emanations inside of us align with the energetic emanations of the earth and/or the cosmos. Aligning our emanations with external emanations is the gateway into other bands of awareness and the earth’s boost is what makes it possible for us to perceive other realities, realms, or worlds.

We are being put on notice to become stewards of our own energy, to become impeccable with our energy. To be diligent in disallowing the energies of foreign installations to envelop us by steering clear of the unnatural energetic frequencies from which they vibrate. The Earth has existed for far too long with the fearfulness of victim consciousness. Why continue to tap into negative energy when we are more than able to dispel that myth and free ourselves from its clutches? While it may seem easier to allow our assemblage points to remain fixated upon victim consciousness, it serves no one except the Predator, which voraciously feeds off of it.

As I’ve said before, we cannot fight the Predator, we can only unplug from it. We have to collectively return to the Lineage. The choice is clear. Take back your personal power and walk your talk.

The Source of all things is in everything, everywhere, though many have forgotten. When we become free from the distractions of the world, planetary intelligence will awaken within us and we can continue to evolve the natural and primal vision, the very creation that inspires the universe. The Lineage is an ancient line of power, a flame that appeared instantaneously at the point of origin. I cannot tell you what it is; I can only tell you what it is not. For millions of years seers have dedicated their lives to keeping this flame alive. They work ceaselessly to strengthen their connection to the Earth, align with Source, and continuously learn from silent knowledge. These seers became known as warriors, those who fought and continue to fight fiercely to preserve the Lineage. The fight is not against others as in warring nations or man-against-man and other Earthly inhabitants; it is a battle for the preservation of awareness, of the abstract and the freedom to maintain a balanced connection to the harmonious and ephemeral nature of things. – Becoming Awareness

Keep Dancing!

5 thoughts on “Victim Consciousness or New Level of Awareness?

  1. Great post! Thanks! If you don’t join the tyrants, they try to reduce you nothing.
    It’s really sick game that people play nowadays, like some dark force steering people.
    Sort of energetic plague that is transmitted to people who very often don’t have a clue
    what is happening. Fortunately we got nature, walk in woods cleans predators
    vampire shit easily,hah!


  2. The mind manipulator takes over big egos and uses them to advance oppression of others, these egos are the first victims, though they do not realize it. They mistake material rewards for awareness, technology for accomplishment, and brainwashing for spiritual progress. The linage follows a different path, and will not wallow in confusion. We will see the world of original creation as it is, full of weird mystery and awesome interconnection. Our world is not a world of shock and awe, but a world of awesome manifestation of mind in living form, heart in abundant realization, and vibrant diversity of the life force in a brilliant dancing web of existential delight. being awake to this passing delight is what makes warriors act from love, not fear, and allows us to detach from the worries the invader would have us make the focus of our lives. keep dancing my friends, with the creatures of light and darkness, the waves of becoming radiating out through the universe, vibrating on the lines of the earth as in the vast heavens of the galaxies, through the webs of time and space, in eternity and time.


  3. Fascinating…just staying aligned with nature and trying to remain calm, observant, present and aware…suffering and confused at times but, no longer reactive…acting out of kindness and compassion…we are all one


  4. Reblogged this on Helios Journal™ and commented:
    “Do not confuse victimization with that of being a victim. Victimization occurs when someone is targeted and has prevailed by not becoming reduced to being a perpetual victim as a result of the victimization experience. But a person who functions in the world as a victim is one who becomes the experience of victimization and as a result, chooses to perpetuate that story.”


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