Rise Up to Your Higher Power

The spirit of a warrior is not geared to indulging and complaining, nor is it geared to winning or losing. The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warrior’s last battle on earth. Thus the outcome matters very little to him. In his last battle on earth a warrior lets his spirit flow free and clear. And as he wages his battle, knowing that his intent is impeccable, a warrior laughs and laughs. – Don Juan, A Separate Reality

Happy New Year! Upon entering into 2021 I’ve often wondered if we still have the capacity to choose freedom or if we have to fight for it. It has occurred to me that nothing has changed as it pertains to uplugging from the predator and choosing freedom. I’ve written “unplug from the predator” hundreds of times over the years and now, with the predator as humongous as it is, I continue to declare, “BE GONE, you have no power here.” You are the universe and as such, we have infinite boundlessness and immeasurable power.

Looking through my past blogs I came across one entitled, Freedom From the Machine, that I wrote on September 8, 2009. I wrote it from the perspective of if we do not do not unplug from the “machine” we will be heading towards disaster. The very things I wrote about twelve years ago are where we live today, only worse.

My integrity and impeccability remain intact and it is my wish for 2021 that you warriors of freedom out there rise up to your higher power. Power is and power moves! And what is our higher power? It is the awareness that we are pure energy with the ability to move into states of higher consciousness. More deeply committed to my path than I ever imagined possible leaves me with only one choice; to continue to probe everyday into deeper awareness. 2021 is the year that will reveal those who are truly committed to freedom vs those who only talk about it.

When we are aligned with the frequency of collective human conditioning we are aligned with density consciousness, a frequency that is heavy and causes our energy to vibrate at a lower frequency. Density consciousness has to do with the amount of merit we place, sometimes blindly, upon the stories that we’ve been told on how to assemble our realities in alignment with the human collective. This can cause us to feel as though we are dragging ourselves through our day (or life) with a lot of resistance, under the weight of the world so to speak. It’s time to liberate ourselves from density consciousness and collective human conditioning that is wrought mind-control.

We are energy but more than that, we are pure consciousness. We are responsible for the energetic frequencies that we choose to create and align with. We cannot experience anything unless we specifically choose to match a particular frequency. If we choose to align with higher frequencies, we will resonate within those bands of awareness.

Our own consciousness, our state of being, is what creates our reality. If we acquiesce to our own enslavement it is because we have given meaning to the current situation, people, or events as they unfold. Circumstances and other people do not create our reality, only we can create our reality because we are the ones who choose which frequencies we care to align with.

Rather than living within a state of fear, dread, anger, confusion, distrust, and all of the many other adjectives that can be used to describe the current state of our existence, consider a perception – a point of awareness – that is free of the predatory evil of mass corruption and consumption, and that has an equal opportunity to prevail and overcome.

We are that point of awareness, and with a fake virus being unleashed onto the population as a means of totalitarianism, we have the opportunity to declare of sovereignty. Our spread of collective higher consciousness has the power to detoxify seemingly resistant attitudes and promote new growth. We are harbingers of freedom.

Rise up to your higher power, free up from the fear it will devour you, watch out for the ego of the hour, the ones who say they know it will the ones who will impose it on you. – Holly Near, Edge

33 thoughts on “Rise Up to Your Higher Power

  1. The Known, the Unknown and the Unknowable versus the First, Second and Third Attentions are what we are with the Known and The First Attention being the only parts being fought over. Where all the density is the greatest.


      • No, illusion, takes place in the field of the second attention.

        DJ said the physical world is for the journey to be more enjoyable if I recall correct… …and I must.

        Adding to that the natural world… nature and our love for it and big mother earth and you separate the wheat from the chaff easier.

        It is a truth of mine at least…



            • In first attention, the tonal, we are given the option to choose how to create our reality based on the specific location of our assemblage point in any given moment which is why, “we can change our mind.” In second attention, the nagual, we are presented with abstract awareness or wisdom that provides us with an opportunity to discern that which we are perceiving as a result of our assemblage point being fluid. You cannot change your mind in second attention, you can, however, shift your perception. As I said, a very fine line.


  2. Excellent post, Lorraine, and just what I needed to read today! The predator is being outed by people raising their consciousness, every second of every day. My husband and I played a music concert last night as we do every Thursday at a local restaurant. Everyone was smiling, and many of the guests gave us hugs and expressed their appreciation for our music. Afterwards, the whole place was buzzing with talk of witnessing the wanna-be controllers’ power grab! One fellow I spoke with at length told me how he was a die-hard Democrat until seeing through the veil of politics and the L/R scam back in 2016, which lead him to start questioning everything including government, and exposing the “pandemic” for the scam that it is. This is an exciting time to be present on Earth and to be truly ALIVE, defending our truly amazing Creator-given rights and powers!💖


    • Thanks, Sharine, for keeping it real out there. People are getting very tired of this BS and are beginning to awaken from their slumber. Given the option to rise above the “agenda”, the people will unite and revolt against this deceptive enemy. It is very exciting to be a witness to this event where higher consciousness and personal power will prevail. Power to the people!


    • HI Sharine!
      Glad you’re rockin!!! to the music of the Spirit within!!! Even more glad you are SEEING RESULTS of your Focus!


  3. do you know the blog, the-wanderling.com ? if not look into it, it has some interesting insights, some shaggy dog stories, and matters of spiritual interest.


  4. Important addendum to previous post for further reading…

    People who believed Covid was a hoax that have gone on to die or become gravely ill from it.

    These took only a few minutes to find. There is an abundance of such stories.


    • Since the writing of my last post I now, for the first time since the fake Covid virus was unveiled, personally know 4 people who were diagnosed with Covid, because everyone is diagnosed with Covid. Each of them had nothing worse than bad cold or mild flu systems and were all well within 2-4 days. People die everyday and will continue to with upper respitory failure being at the top of the list after cancer and cardiac issues. But, media suppression (by the military) will have everyone believe these deaths are due to a global pandemic. How else are they going to gain control other than challenging the world with the fear of death? Used to be you got a sniffle and cough or sore throat and just took some herbs or meds. The fear is so deep that everyone who has the slightest symptom goes to confirm their deepest fear. C’mon people, wake up.


    • there are hundreds of thousands of people dying every year from the flu. that is not a hoax. and this year all the people who would have died from the flu are dying from the cv. but that doesnt mean this cv is a hoax. but it does mean that the response of the govt and the capitalist predatory corporate pharma machine is a scam. go to youtube and watch the corbett report documentary all 4 parts, on who is bill gates. dont waste your time on politics, its all a shell game. you will do mucb better to stick with the i ching.


      • corbett report has done some good investigating..like you also said it’s all a scam.
        Ultimately, It’s us going back to Spirit, to make our reality that which we wish to experience, investing our time in disclosing the deception is only helpful if we then transcend the show being presented through deception and tricks and scams, if in knowing about it, we write our own playbook and destiny.


  5. Thanks Lorraine for your unwavering commitment to integrity and impeccability – your inspiration is much appreciated. There are many sites available on the internet that confirm your take on the Covid hoax. Ignore Joel Jacobson, as it appears he’s a heavily conditioned agent of disinformation. May Truth be revealed throughout the planet in 2021.


    • Hi and happy new year to you! Thanks for your kind words. Joel has, unfortunately and like so many others, been consumed by fear and is living in blind compliance to those who seek to have control and power over the masses. It’s sad, really, that so many people give up their personal power so freely. I am astounded to find that basically all but one of my long-time friends fail to see this for what it is. And they’ve been supposedly walking a path of freedom for decades in both first and second attention. C’est la vie. Vive la révolution!


      • Hi Lorraine, such an important message for me to hear today, as I am constantly guarding myself against those who continue to believe in the lunacy and wondering how I am going to stand my ground. Just today my 85 year old mother said she plans on taking the jab, after 9 mos hardly leaving her home and not seeing any of her loved ones except at a distance. My first reaction was practically screeching NOOOOOO… when she mentioned getting the jab. But then after a deep breath and in response to her question “No? Why?” I simply had to say, “I am not sure this can be discussed”… that may seem like a cop out and I felt troubled by it, and in tears. But I can’t feed into the fear anymore and I can’t be responsible for trying to convince others, to do these things only keeps me focused on this agenda and what I DO NOT want to manifest. Your message to me clarifies where our energy must be focused. On Our power to create what we DO WANT.

        Our Own Consciousness and state of being, as you said is what is the creative aspect of our Spiritual Experience here. As much as I think I need to awake and save others.. It is through staying True to My Own State of Being that brings forth my power in this realm. The show being played out on this current stage is there to captivate/mesmerize us, in turn putting us to sleep, and dreaming their agenda into reality.


        • I feel your sadness. I too have older relatives that say they are glad they’re old so that they will soon be gone and not have to be a witness to all of what’s coming. I agree with you on staying true to yourself and I gave up trying to save the earth, the seas, the people years ago. What I do like to do is plant the seeds, knowing that some will scatter to the wind and others will take root and grow. As we move forward in resonance with a higher frequency that is aligned with our creator, we will maintain our freedom and be an example to others. Life on this earthly plane is a blink of an eye and universal consciousness lies in the realm of eternity, of which we are already a part.


          • Thank you Lorraine for your insights, your thoughts, your experience, and sharing the choices you made and the focus you take. Planting a seed is a great idea..I tend to throw out a whole bag on one spot, and of course when the sprouts grow they are overwhelmed…. sorry for my analogy, hope it makes sense. I guess I struggle to find the most helpful and most fertile seeds to throw. So Ultimately, as you have pointed out in the second part of your message, being aligned with Our Creator and Who I really am is what I need to focus on and be Absolute about, then like you I can throw the seeds that will grow and nourish. I appreciate the idea that Our True resonance and Existence is in the realm of Eternity of which we are already a Part!


        • Kara, that is indeed sad. I have older relatives (and friends) who have been mentally bullied over decades into believing that vaccines can “inject health,” when of course nothing could be further from the truth. The social constructs put in place by the wanna-be controllers indoctrinate us into viewing our elders as “useless eaters” (I believe Henry Kissinger said that back in the 70s), and the mind control is so insidious that it’s almost like these folks WANT to die early to escape the pain of being utterly disaffirmed as beautiful humans.

          I don’t think you copped out in not wanting to talk to your mother at that time. There may be a better moment, after the emotional rollercoaster slows down, to express your deep love for her and explain your position without being pedantic. I’m sure you will know what is best.

          I struggle, too, with deciding how much energy I want to put into helping raise awareness in others. I recently sent a 7-page letter to the general counsel at Trader Joe’s after my husband and I were denied entry in mid-December because we don’t wear face masks. Composing the letter took a huge amount of time and effort, and we may see no positive results from my work — but I HAD TO DO IT. Frankly, it was easier to send a scathing, truth-and-freedom-defending letter to a corporate shill than to have even a brief conversation with a friend or family member with trauma-based mind control who has bought into the covid house of cards.

          I just keep asking myself, if today was my last day, how do I want to live it? It usually comes down to making music, cooking healthy food, being with loved ones, seeking truth/exposing evil, and defending our Creator-given rights and powers.

          Sending you much love as you continue to bring your consciousness into alignment with your beautiful dream, Kara!💖


          • Hi Sharine, I have found your blog and have reached out to you… hope you got my message.. thank you so much for your encouraging thoughts here.


  6. Happy New Year Lorraine and thank you for the post. I re-read your other post Freedom from the Machine and it is so accurate.
    Very strange that most of your friends have been taken in by this. I have become a recluse – not by choice, although I do love being alone, but most of my friends have shunned me as I don’t believe in any of this CV crap and refuse to wear a mask, hence I cannot go anywhere ( I’m in France)
    You said in your other post… to not hesitate to shift a friend’s assemblage point. Do you still agree with this? I think only a horrific shock could now wake them from their reverie.
    Stay strong


    • Hi Sarah, Thanks for your response and for your question. I vacillate on shifting another person’s assemblage point, unless they ask. If they don’t ask then they may not be open to perceiving in a new way. My challenge in these and upcoming times is to be impeccable with my energy. To exert the necessary energy to shift another’s assemblage point would not be prudent. Here is one of my favorite Castaneda quotes: “For a warrior, to be harmonious is to flow, not to stop in the middle of the current and try to make a space of artificial and impossible peace. He knows that he can only give the very best of himself under conditions of maximum tension.” So, in answer to your question, no, not unless they ask. Keep dancing!


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