Unity, Healing, and Respect

Respect is extremely important, and if we want to receive respect, it is equally important to show the same amount of respect to others. – Don Miguel Ruiz

It is always sad when someone dies but what saddens me on this day is the mean, offensive, and licentious response from people regarding today’s passing of Rush Limbaugh. As a simple means of respect for his family, friends, and colleagues wouldn’t it be more prudent and compelling to say nothing at all if all someone has to offer is an expression of their hatred? Since Limbaugh was a far-right conservative it becomes glaringly obvious that the hatred expressed in the comments section of the linked article is shared by far-left democrats. How people can dare to be so callous at the moment of this man’s death, and with such audacity, is beyond me. Do people not even consider for one moment that his family and friends who read these hateful comments will be hurt even further during this time of their mourning? I was horrified as I read through the despicable comments at the end of this article. https://www.foxnews.com/media/rush-limbaugh-dead-talk-radio-conservative-icon

Let me make it clear that I am not speaking as a democrat or a republican, I am speaking as a human being. If unity and healing are the values that America claims to stand behind then akin to Ghandi’s quote above, how can we expect to receive or achieve unity and healing if we cannot collectively cultivate a sense of unity and healing. How can unity be achieved when division has been so deeply ingrained in the minds of people? How can healing occur when half of the American population has been scorned and essentially cancelled because they don’t all believe in the same exact thing? If we are to truly unite and heal, we cannot rely upon someone to do it for us, we must each take responsibility through kindness and compassion. In unity there is no room for hatred and condemnation.

We are being challenged to the core of our being; our very souls are being desecrated. Not the souls of the democrats, not the souls of the republicans; the souls of the people. Does anyone else out there see this current state of affairs for what it truly is? Human beings are being pitted against each other while the government sits back and has a good laugh as we fight against each other. This only makes their jobs easy as we, the people, expeditiously facilitate their agenda. The rewriting of history, internet censorship, cancel culture, white privilege, black privilege, provocation, fear, isolation, business shut-downs, school closures, a global pandemic, violent riots called peaceful protests, peaceful protests turning violent, elitism, egalitarianism, and a million other things all unfolding at once.

If you want to rise up and fight then it should not be against each other. If you want to express your anger it should not be through contentious and immature disrespect. If you want to stand by your own personal truth it should not be through the condemnation of those who do not agree. I feel that America, as a very young country compared to the rest of the world, is experiencing growing pains. Instead of fighting against each other, why not consider that we will rise up in our power as a strong and flourishing nation through solidarity rather than discord. We must each resolve to make this a positive and co-creative reality because if we do not, the government will impose its own version of reality upon us and in that, we potentially all stand to lose. Rather than devolve into a state of “one-mind” through forceful means of imposition, let’s celebrate and expand this extravagant state of diversity that allows our nation to shine in all of its magnificence, grandeur, and freedom.

If we put the sterile mechanism of our brain on hold, we can view an ocean of enticing eye-opening perspectives. Life offers us an array of choices allowing us to discover a spray of overpowering colors, and hear overwhelming new sounds, and smell the intense fragrances of nature. – Erik Pevernagie

Keep dancing!

12 thoughts on “Unity, Healing, and Respect

  1. I hear what you’re saying, but I’m not surprised by the immediate reaction. “You reap what you sow: Life is like a boomerang. Our thoughts, deeds, and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.” -Grant M. Bright
    Or as Robert Louis Stevenson stated: “Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences.” Hey, if you lived good Dharma you’ll have good Karma.

  2. Hi Lorraine
    I appreciate your compassion and empathy in this post. Thank you for sharing what it will take to turn things around. We can’t fight hate with more hate. We must evaluate our own programming and beliefs. We must come out of our own hypnotic states and wake up to the propaganda.

    The responses are most definitely a reflection of the times, but also a reflection of the man himself.
    I have had to listen to him while being around others who enjoyed his points of view and his vitriol. I can clearly remember that sometimes I would feel sick to my stomach, anger boiling up in me, sadness, even helplessness because I could feel that this is what he was trying to create in others, regardless of his message that he was fighting for us. I felt often in listening to him that he himself had no compassion, but only an agenda that was focused on his own needs and beliefs. What’s interesting to me personally now is I am becoming aware of how the “programming of humanity” works. I can see how I react to the world, why I get “triggered”. It’s all about fear, that’s what it mostly comes down to.

    If we could step back and observe the world from a neutral place, remembering what love means personally and then living in that way instead of reflecting back what we do not like, we must be what we want to see in the world.. I think Gandhi said something like this as well.


    • Thank you Kara, for your understanding on the deeper level. My mom listened to him for years and I would go to her house and say, “will you please turn this shit off.” I happened to be driving when I heard a message from his wife announcing his passing. What moved me was that she was even able to speak so shortly after his death. My late husband also died from lung cancer and I couldn’t speak for two years without crying. My heart burst for her in recognizing the strength it must have took to speak so clearly for so long without breaking down. When I looked up the article about his death I was curious to see what people were saying and was shocked when I looked at the amount of hatred. My late husband wrote on a lot of abstract topics, really far “out there” stuff. When I announced my husband’s passing on my blog, if people responded saying things like he was crazy, or talking about stuff he couldn’t prove, or off the deep-end, I would have been hurt. If the responses carried hate to the level that I witnessed I would have been beside myself with grief. I knew I put myself out on a limb by talking about Rush Limbaugh on my blog from a point of compassion but isn’t that the point? To overcome hatred we must reject hatred, not jump on the bandwagon in support of it. What it all comes down to are stories. Everybody has one. Some people walk alone in their story while other people latch on to a plethora of other people’s stories no matter how farfetched, simply because they do not possess the personal power to create their own. And that is what has become glaringly obvious now as we’ve talked about. Look at the amount of people buying into the covid story. And the hate story. And the violence story. It’s getting out of control and try as I may, it is right there in front of us each and every day. My favorite John Trudell quote is, “I am just a human being trying to make it in a world that is rapidly losing its understanding of being human.” Thanks again.

      • Dear Lorraine,
        thank you for this in depth response to your personal journey, and your experiences. My heart goes out to you and big hugs!
        Yea, sadly, we get caught up in the emotions of the moment and never stop to really think about the impact of our own behavior, or how it would feel to be in someone else’s shoes.
        Yes covid certainly has put so many people in a combative and fearful defensive state. On both sides of the issue, those who believe it is very real and those that are very skeptical, or know and understand the real agenda.
        I know when someone disregards my plea to them to not take the jab, my thoughtless reaction is to be angry with them, when I see someone wearing the mask alone, taking a walk, I want to scream at them “Idiot”, these are my own issues with fear reflecting back at me.
        After reading this post, I wondered, what if instead of reacting in fear I acted in love, offered a hug, or just smiled back at someone? The planners have even managed to get in the way of these humane and caring acts. Social distancing, hiding of the facial emotions.
        Remember when a fun little trend started and quickly went around the world.. a group of people would hold up signs offering Free Hugs?
        I had only seen this on videos..Then I took a trip to Spain and while there I saw a group, they came up to me personally and I accepted the hugs, It made me cry, It was very emotional, very beautiful. I will never forget it.

  3. When I got/get bored with (Vancouver, B.C.’s) CBC and annoyed at CKNW’s ad infestation, I sometimes turn(ed) the radio to KGMI (Bellingham, Washington).

    On occasion I would happen upon Limbaugh’s radio talk show (nationalized and heavily advertisement laden) as he was giving his morning political sermon, mostly on the atrocities being committed against Trump and his presidency. The ideas he’d go on about were bewildering.

    I’d often wonder how he got himself to say some of the absurdities (to me, at least) he’d preach: irately paranoid political theories plentifully interspersed with business promotions big and small, as though straight out of a capitalist manifesto, the pages of which I think I could actually hear him shuffling beneath his microphone.

    Now, some anti-Limbaugh posters say he must be somewhere in Dante’s Inferno’s political section. I, however, wonder whether his spirit or consciousness may now finally be 100 percent free of the purely cerebrally based agitation and contempt that may have blighted much of his life. Therefore, he may be wondering, ‘Why was I so angry, so much of the time? Oh, God, the things I said!… I really hope I didn’t do too much damage while I was there.’

    • Thanks for participating in the conversation. I just go back to the Martin Luther King quote from my last post, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Challenging but not impossible!

  4. Could it be that very young america has overgrown technology and this has much meaning regarding your disposition … ?

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