What’s Up?

And so I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed just to get it all out what’s in my head and I am feeling a little peculiar. And so I wake in the morning and I step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high and I scream at the top of my lungs, What’s going on? – 4 Non-Blondes, What’s Up

I admit that my own advice for decades has been to unplug. To just attain as much solace and peace as possible from the predator, the machine, the man…whatever you would like to call it. As my frustration continues to grow I realize that my only choice is to speak out and so I shall.

Exactly what is going on? There is so much dissonance occurring globally that it’s almost impossible to keep up. I spoke with a long-time friend from Australia the other day for two and a half hours to find that they are also worried about the Great Reset, increasing Racism, censorship, and bad vaccines. She also spent decades unplugging and says now, “We have to fight fire with fire.”  I watch David Icke’s weekly video to find that Europe is in the same throes of chaos.

No one can solve all the world’s problems but it seems as though we, as Americans, must take a stand for the preservation of the freedoms on which our country is founded. The double standards that I have witnessed over the past year lack integrity on every level, and as a warrior, integrity is a key value to me. I am not okay with censorship of cartoons that don’t pose any threat at all. I am not okay with censoring classic movies that are period pieces representing a particular era. I am not okay with having to monitor every word that comes out of mouth at the risk of offending someone who is afraid to just be who they are regardless of receiving validation.

Many of you know that I travel frequently to Mexico – weekend getaways – and now I am unable to do so. Not because of the fake pandemic but because Biden decided, through his impetuous and childlike behavior to overturn effective safeguards that protected not only our nation but our citizens. With a casual stroke of a pen and without any forethought or a concrete plan he opened our borders to everyone who would come here under the guise of seeking asylum.

Every Mexican border crossing is suffering and this is not a right or left issue, it is a national issue with concerns coming from both democratic and republican mayors and governors.

Mayor Chris Riggs of Gila Bend, AZ – population 1,700 – had to declare a state of emergency because immigrants are being dropped off by busloads into their community where crime is increasing while foot-traffic and drug mules are rampant. So-called asylum seekers are arriving to Gila Bend and surrounding small communities from Cuba, Brazil, Africa, Haiti, Romania, Asia, and the Middle East. Gila Bend is one of the small towns I have to drive through to get to the Mexican border.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey hits Biden for poor communication on the border and pointed out the scale of Biden’s immigration campaign, which has so far sparked a 460% spike in “illegal apprehensions” and more than 100,000 migrants in custody, including 13,000 minors. Ducey said he believes Migrant Protection Protocols released under Trump was the right policy and was “working” to disincentive migrants from embarking on such a dangerous journey.

Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, AZ said, “In our county, we deal strictly with cartel trafficking. The Sinaloa cartel trafficking – they control all human smuggling in this county, they have control on drug smuggling in this county and we see it. It’s a very violent situation we have in our county when it comes to the cartels pushing people through. It’s a mess up here, it’s in disarray.” The sheriff indirectly addressed President Biden, pressing that he must get border personnel and immigration experts to the table to discuss what’s best for national security.

“The bottom line, Mr. President, is you and I share one thing – the citizens of this country,” Dannels said. “It’s almost like we’re not part of America anymore. … What I’m seeing down here is total opposite of what the CDC is recommending. … Are we part of this country or are we not?”

Dannels said border officials have been detecting up to 500 unaccompanied minors and 4,000 adults crossing the border per day. The sheriff said a majority of migrants coming over into Cochise County come dressed in camouflage – a dress code set up and sold by cartels.

Because of the influx of illegals entering our country (and yes, they are illegals until they acquire the legal documentation that is required to enter this country) numerous check-points in AZ have had to close down so the border patrol agents could assist at the border. The check-points are in place to further confirm that those who are driving into Arizona are either American or have the necessary documentation. The guards are armed and have canines in order to prevent human trafficking and drug smuggling. And it’s a big deal that they had to shut down.

So what is the Biden administration doing about this? Nothing. Nothing at all. The pleas for financial support to care for the immigrants coming from governors and mayors are falling on deaf ears because the administration doesn’t have any integrity to offer assistance for the crisis they have created. They refuse to call it a crisis and instead refer to it as a “huge problem.” When Harris was asked if she would be visiting the border, she laughed it off saying, “Not today.” So sad.


Even worse, the day after her giggling comment Biden has tasked Harris with the responsibility of leading the crisis at the border. What? I’m sorry but I cannot imagine her engaging with leaders in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. All I have to say to Joe Biden who refuses to take responsibility for this mess that he created all the while consistently blaming the border crisis on the previous administration is, “C’mon man, have some integrity and take your job seriously.”

Keep dancing!

17 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. well, so far as it goes….but this mess was started by the likes of george h w bush, ollie north, israel, negroponte, kashoggie, epstein, and the cia, walking in the footsteps of united fruit co. aka rockerfeller, back in the 1980s. thats when us arms where flowing into central america to create failed terrorist states in salvador, honduras, guatamala and so on under cover of iran contra. sparking civil wars and narco corruption that continues to this very day, and which the us has done zippidy do dah to fix, cure, or help them revover from. because theythem want low wage crapjob workers who are easy to control and will do work theythem dont want to pay a decent wage for. in addition, calif. created the ms13 gang, and then shipped them all back to central america where they are ruining life for everyone. so people from the poor up to the middle class are being terrorized into fleeing for their lives. where else are they going to go. it is the same thing europe is getting from the middle east, south central asia, and africa, based again on the terror destruction and poverty generated by us wars of aggression. if you were living in any of those places, you would be doing the same thing. the hallmarks of wisdom are compassion, modesty and thrift. or alternatively, kindness and empathy and sharing. us policy has not even paid lip service to these values in my 70+ years of life, and the history before my time was not exactly all sweetness and light. Don Juan was pretty clear about this, and Carlitos was too. the sorcer’s way was once driven underground by the conquest and the priests. it is now once again under assault by the temporal powers. but remember the difference between the way of the warrior, and the world of the ordinary man. the borders of the space between the worlds, are not drawn in the sand, nor are they obstructed by worldly walls or fences. that is why we keep on dancing, that is why we live in the spirit.


    • Oh Jack, I’m so happy to hear from you of all people. While I read your response I remembered a quote from Castaneda from Journey to Ixtlan, one of my favorite books. He said, “When a man decides to do something he must go all the way, but he must take responsibility for what he does. No matter what he does, he must know first why he is doing it, and then he must proceed with his actions without having doubts or remorse about them.” That quote is the best I can think of to describe the situation we’re in. Biden has not taken responsibility for it and basically said, “Our borders are open, please come and join us.” And so they did. And continue to do so. And now, he is overwhelmed by not only the bombardment of immigrants and the influx he did not anticipate. And his only recourse is to consistently blame it on the Trump administration. He is not taking responsibility for what he did and he has passed the buck to Harris who is unqualified to handle the crisis. The only reason he did it in the first place was because of his hate for Trump – to overturn the policies that were in place for the greater good of the whole, to discontinue the last few hundred yards of wall. And now it is backfiring and he has no idea how to deal with it. I understand about compassion. I have been in the stone people’s lodge a dozen times over the past two months trying to get my mind clear and my heart balanced and the takeaway is always the same. Defend your rights, your freedom, your country. I love Mexico and that is why I have gone there every year for the past 36 consecutive years without missing a year. But there is a process for entry into the US, the same one that my ancestors followed for entry into this great country. If I wanted to move to another country outside of the US I would have to enter through a legal process and prove that I have the financial ability to care for myself. My vision has always considered not what was good for the moment but what was ultimately good for the greater good of the whole. And in this border crisis, no one is winning. Those who are arriving are being dropped off in the middle of nowhere without family, financial support, or the resources necessary to live in a situation better than that which they are fleeing. And in the end, who pays for it? We do. I have to pay a fortune for health care so the less financially stable can get it for free. This does not make sense to me who has been working steadily since I was 16 years old. It’s unfair and I will not become a victim to an unjust system.


      • As fas as I am concerned the system has to fall. The Federal government needs to be abolished. The anti-federal were correct in their fears that is would just grow and consume power until it eventually becomes tyrannical. They pose a great threat to freedoms and our children will suffer the most. If the warriors path was about anything, it was about freedom and they are trying to pin us down and take that freedom. What is the best course of action? I’m not sure.


        • Thanks for your comment Zachary. The only course of action that I can see is that Americans need to band together to stand up for their rights of what it means to be an American. The current administration is Anti-American and as such, has no place in this country. We will take a stand, the time is now.


  2. Thanks as always Lorraine. In my opinion we’re seeing the intentional destruction of the US, similar to what happened 100 years ago in Russia. Not to mention the COVID plandemic and all its implications. We’re in the end game with the Archon-possessed soulless machine people.


    • The covid hoax was the impetus necessary to begin this war on humanity. The technocrats and global elitists are ensuring that humanity falls apart in order to put them back together again to their own liking. They are solely responsible for creating division while they cry for unity. They created this level of racism that did not previously exist in order to cultivate hate. It’s disgusting and I’m sick and tired of it. People need to step back, put their unfounded fears aside and rise up to take their power back. If they don’t do it soon, humanity will cease to exist in the way we have always known it.


  3. as a child growing uo in a border city, i saw the braceros working on the japanese american truck farms. also my sister was best friends with gloria alercon, who’s family also had a small farm where they stabled horses, and raised corn. it was an open border and everyone benefited. but in 1992 93 bill clinton and neut gingrich, at the behest of the big money bankers, clamped down on the border with operation gatekeeper. this turned the open boarder into a one way trap. if you coukd get in, you couldnt get back out. and they have been escalating this plan ever since. just another part of the war on little brown people. in the same way, they are letting violent offenders out of prison early to stir up crime and racist backlash. but no one seems to worry too much about us citezens comming and going to and from mexico. and no one is building a wall on the canadien border. i agree its a terrible mess, but i also know that the idiots in washington who have set this up by implementing moronic, vile, brutal policies dont have the brains to think up those policies. they carry water for the money power. politicians are servants to the international banking cartels. in the same way cortez was just after the gold. biden is a senile old man, who is being used by others. he is not any more responsable that raygun was when ghwbush was running the whitehouse. kamala is a gold digger and a hillary clone who will turn any trick with a cackle and a smile for the usual rewards. bunch of narcissistic, egomaniacle, sadistic, sociopaths in the govt. put there by soulless money junkies in new york and london. same peoole who brought you covid19, the war on seria, afghanistan, iraq, lybia, etc. persons of knowledge do well to focus their intent on the second attention, and seek the wonder of being. the worldly powers have their own petty tyranical rewards, but they do not enter into the wonder of the eternal endlessness. the warriors unbending intent is not the intent of ordinary life. ordinary life happens within the bounds of money, propriety, and sex. the intent of the warrior is to journey to innassessable places. those places are the heart of tbe dance. they are interrior, transcendant, of a world deeper and more meaningfull than the ordinary reality. take time now to make your own drum. decorate it with your own visions. gather your group together and drum into the dance. let the spirit descend.


    • I hear all of what you are saying and appreciate you taking the time to express it. I call them all wolves in sheep’s clothing. My journey as a warrior has taken me to inaccessible places, places that I hold dear. I know they are “out there” while simultaneously being at the center of consciousness within myself. I understand your metaphor and I have made my own drum and I dance to that beat. What is happening in the country is happening to all of us, and will affect us whether we live in 2nd attention or the tonal. I’ve lived in 2nd attention for a long time and have transcended the trivialities of ordinary man. As a warrior I am drawing my sword to cut through the illusion because if I don’t, I too will become a victim of mediocrity in an oppressive and tyrannical enforced existence and my drums and visions won’t be of assistance anymore.


  4. when we studied with grandfather Wallace we were catipillars. now we are the butterflies. butterfly cannot go back to being caterpillar.


  5. Lorain, this is their plan to break the back of America so they can usher socialism into this country. It’s amazing that they could want to do this when many countries are distancing themselves from socialism. I am worried that this is only the beginning and we have to vote the right way in the midterm elections.


    • Hi Philip and yes, that’s exactly what’s happening. And it’s heart-breaking to be a witness to our beautiful, free nation get torn apart from within. When a person is incapable of carrying out their duties in a job they get fired. We need to impeach Joe Biden and then deal with the mess left in his awake appropriately. Mid-term seems a long way away and so much destruction can occur before then but I’m happy to see the left is beginning to take a stand against the Biden administration as they awaken to the atrocities and wrongful measures being taken.


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