The Unfathomable Sea of Awareness

Flower of Life

Human beings are unable to enter and remain for any extended length of time inside the realm of cosmic awareness – the state which Don Juan called ‘the third attention’. Either we leave it and forget, or we stay and melt into that unfathomable sea. But the power that governs us has found the way to get around this limitation, by creating organisms in which individual entities work as members. – Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

It is, in my experience, extremely difficult to put the abstract into words because in seeking words to describe an abstract experience we potentially dilute it as well as create the fixation of the assemblage point. The Eagle’s emanations, as written by Carlos Castaneda, are Fluid, forever in motion, and yet unchanged, eternal.

It is said that the Eagle bestows awareness and also devours awareness by making sentient beings relinquish it at the moment of death. In The Fire from Within Don Juan describes the eagle’s emanations as, A presence, almost a mass of sorts, a pressure that creates a dazzling sensation. One can catch only a glimpse of them, as one can catch only a glimpse of the Eagle itself and, there is nothing visual about the Eagle. The entire body of a seer senses the Eagle.

What is sensed are the emanations of the Eagle. And to me, the emanations of the Eagle are the universal flow of energy as it vibrates and continually expands. Its expansion is dependent upon the awareness it devours from sentient beings at the time of death. But, we don’t have to wait until the moment of death to dart past the eagle to be free. When we have enough personal power and are aligned with intent we are capable of doing it here and now. When our luminosity and energetic emanations are in balance with the filaments encased within us to the filaments that surround us, a merging of energy results which thereby provides us with the emanations necessary to match those of the Eagle. When this is achieved, we will not become food for the Eagle because the Eagle is unable to consume that which it already is.

We know that the luminous shell or cocoon of a human consists of energetic emanations. Our luminous shell consists of hardened emanations and fibers and it is the work of the warrior to free themselves from the shell by loosening and realigning the fibers in order to shift the assemblage point along the surface of the shell. When the luminous cocoon of sentient beings that was once intact becomes malleable, we are able to move along the shell without limitations. And then, with perseverance, we are able to unwind the shell completely by unfurling the hardened emanations that are plugged directly into the mystery. This is utter fluidity.

Metatron’s Cube

In The Fire from Within Don Juan said, Inside us we have only emanations trying to break the cocoon…only the new seers get around this and by means of the shifts of their assemblage points, they get to realize that the mystery is perceiving…not so much what we perceive but what makes us perceive. When the shell becomes less rigid and more malleable we are capable of realigning our perception with the unfathomable and indescribable mystery. Without the shell encasing our energy we are now continually undulating and flowing within the toroidal energy of existence. Once within the mystery, we weave it as it weaves us, within the flux of the universe. A direct co-creation with the mystery through total and complete alignment with intent. And it is here where all things become not only possible but come to fruition as reality.

To accomplish this feat provides us with the ability to move into a place of pure perception that simultaneously perceives us. There is no longer other, there is only the frequency of infinite emanations of awareness and we are free. Absulutely free. We have darted past the Eagle’s emanations prior to death and in so doing, connected to it and all of its emanations fully. We have entered third attention.

  • First attention = Hardened shell and fixated point.
  • Second attention = Fluid shell and fluid point.
  • Third attention = Filaments weaving new forms into existence. No shell, no point.

In third attention the flower of life and all its components becomes a fluid mass of energetic circles all morphing and pulsing and absorbing new seeds of life into it, forever expanding. The circles represent the feminine and when the lines of awareness, which represent the masculine, enter into the circles of the flower of life, Metatron’s cube can be witnessed. Metatron’s cube contains all five platonic solids representing air, fire, water, light, and ether and represents all things that exist in the known universe and the never ending flow of energy between everything in the universe.

At the core of these organisms a radically new kind of attention is generated, an intent oriented towards exploring the unknown, investigating in teams what we otherwise cannot know. Feelings of individuality are no longer their operative center, because they have been substituted by something much more intense: Living as part of the whole, an energy state that no ordinary man can even conceive of. There are no routines, there is no ego, there is no ignorance, there is no interpretation. That kind of organism is only one stage on the infinite path of awareness, but for us human beings, that stage is final. – Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

Keep Dancing!!!

12 thoughts on “The Unfathomable Sea of Awareness

  1. thanks. bring your face and screen close enough, and you can view this video without parrallax. thus you can see how perception unites the left and right fields of vision. this is a valuable way to gain insight into the synthetic nature of our experience of the normalized conditioned nature of ordinary reality.
    now imagine the platonic and Pythagorean insights that first realized the prime geometric solids. that could only have come from exploring non ordinary reality. to reintegrate this accomplishment into a higher order construct is wonderfully done here. again thanks.


    • I did as you suggested by gazing into the screen to witness the beautiful display of creation – energetically and eternal. Beautiful. The patterning sequence is essentially miraculous. To know that we are all a part of it brings the deepest gratitude and humility. Thank you, Jack, for just knowing and just being.


  2. “Last Sunday I was hiking through an old growth forest in Northern Arizona and when approaching a gigantic old ponderosa pine I just had to embrace it.
    I couldn’t wrap my arms around even half of her, she was so big. I pressed my ear against her rugged bark and listened. And then she spoke. She told me that :

    “we have to become “conduits” like them so we can bridge the energy of the earth as it moves up through our bodies and into the warmth and light of the sun. This allows us to merge with the abysmal void of infinity. Emptiness is form, form is emptiness.”

    This post you wrote about the Trees back in 2012, profoundly helped me understand your message today.

    And there is more:

    “As I lie down on my back looking upwards I began to notice many fine gossamer threads above and all around me. As I entered into a state of heightened awareness I saw how some of these luminous fibers were connected from tree to tree and how some were free floating in the subtle breeze, unanchored the way the bigger, thicker luminous fibers are. I knew that the ones that were free floating were new lines of awareness and that I could grab onto and dance along whichever one I chose.

    I chose one of the free floating gossamer threads and took hold of it with trust and surrender. I wasn’t intending to “go” anywhere, I was curious to see where it took me and slowly and innocently danced lightly upon it, careful not to impose my will. It carried me to see all the possibilities that exist within creating a new dream, a new band of awareness that resides beyond this tonal reality. “It’s just a jump to the left…”

    Thank you! Dancing with gossamer threads, in the Grove!


    • Hi Kara! I love your description of the tree experience and the message she shared with you. I had a similar message from the trees in the park in my neighborhood when I made clear my intention to hear them. They said for me to be “strong like tree, free like wind.” Isn’t that simple and profound?!

      I have read elsewhere that trees AND humans are antennae from Earth into the Galactic Core. It makes even more sense when pondering our individual tree messages!


  3. Thanks, Kara, for your kind words. The trees are so very powerful. It was the trees in the Pacific Northwest that I visited last week that brought me to the experience I shared today. It was from, as don Juan discussed in The Fire from Within, the boost of the earth.


  4. Thanks for the post, Lorraine. I find it easy to achieve third attention while in nature; the challenge is getting there when surrounded by people with low frequency. This is probably why I never cared for sporting events or concerts, and even large gatherings for celebrations. I need lots of solitude! Every time in my life that I “went with the crowd,” things did not go well for me, and I had to escape! My husband is similar.

    We recently visited Zion National Park and, being first-timers, we made the mistake of using the public shuttles to get around. Ugh. Also, the concrete trails definitely attract people invested in convenience. We went back at our campground and took our truck out on Kolob Terrace Road. We found the solace and connection with nature that we were seeking at Lamb’s Knoll Climbing Site. There was not another person in sight until we returned to the parking lot, and even then, it was only three people. It was truly magical, and is still our favorite outdoorsy moment as we’re on day 22 of a 38-day road trip across the country.

    I’m working on recapitulating that experience in everyday life!


    • Edward Abbey wrote a book called Desert Solitaire about the time he spent living in Arches National Park in Moab, UT. Back then, all the roads were unpaved. He offered an impressive rant on how people would drive up to a view point, get out of the car, snap a picture and then drive off to the next viewpoint without ever taking the time to appreciate the beauty of this magnificent earth for what it is. My favorite National Monument is Canyonlands, south of Arches and I find no greater joy than in hiking deep into the canyons to experience the silence and scenery. Enjoy your travels!


      • It’s truly amazing and sad how the CON-TROLL-ers have erected their illusions of safety, security, and convenience, and most people buy into it all, treating Nature like a porn queen instead of the magical mystery that She is!


  5. Thank you for this offering today. I particularly enjoyed the suggestion by jack-daws corwin. Nature affords us so many opportunities now. It has been a refuge for me to stay anchored. Thank you, Lorraine. Your blog posts are rarified air during these times. In gratitude, Lynda


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