FW-GlyphAn energy worker and ceremonialist for over two decades, Lorraine is an Earth wisdom carrier who had the extreme honor and privilege of receiving pure and authentic traditional knowledge from a Lakota Holy Man. For over seven years, until his return to the infinite, he showed her how to hold ceremonial space for others by connecting to the pulse of the earth through sweat lodge ceremony and vision quest. His greatest gift to her was to align with her own vision and to walk it into the world. He explained to her that people are unable to touch the center of consciousness within themselves if they rely solely upon imitating others. Her Toltec benefactors, of twenty-five years, live in Mexico and continue to guide her in connecting to higher levels of conscious awareness through a deep connection with silence while immersed in the limitless energies of the sea and earth. It is within silence where the clarity and wisdom of infinity unravels.

Always in the pursuit of knowledge, Lorraine was certified as a Reiki Master in 1998 and earned her Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, and her PhD in Philosophy with an emphasis in holistic life counseling. She admits that we find true knowledge through our connection with the earth and the energy practices that we apply for entering into heightened states of awareness. There are incalculable lines of energy flowing through eternity and she finds herself on a constant pursuit to discover them while aligning with the primal energy of creation.

When not traveling throughout the American Southwest and Mexico, Lorraine lives with her husband Don, an accomplished artist, in the beautiful Verde Valley of Arizona which lies in perfect balance between the Sonoran Desert and the magical red rocks of Sedona.

Keep dancing!

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