becoming awareness

“Rare is the book that comes along that is both a pleasure to read, as well as serves as a treasure trove of insightful knowledge into personal and spiritual growth. Lorraine Voss’s Becoming Awareness is one such book.” – Amazon Review

Who were you before the world told you who you should be?

Lorraine Voss takes us on a powerful journey of awareness and perception that awakens us to natural beauty and the realization of authentic being.

In Becoming Awareness, Lorraine explores how our connection with the Earth facilitates the awakening of our vibrational frequencies, bringing us to states of higher consciousness and into realms of deeper awareness. Her insights motivate us to recognize ourselves as beings who are free to choose and create from the infinite possibilities that are available to us. She illuminates the patterns that prevent humanity from evolving and inspires us to feel, see, hear, and know our world from a place of stillness, a place of Spirit, a place of pure perception.

 “A Book of Power, clear in all directions, the author a portal and bodhisattva, providing examples of courage and pure intention to fellow travelers and seekers. A book which is medicine bundle and talisman to treasure, a blessing for which we thank the author for writing and revealing.” – Amazon Review

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Author endorsements:

“A profoundly beautiful and inspiring message for our modern world, filled with wonderful humor and profound insights. Lorraine Voss shares her story with integrity and openness, offering a subtle and engaging journey into the traditional lineage of ancient wisdom that will deepen any reader’s commitment to freedom.” – John Major Jenkins, author of The 2012 Story and Mayan Sacred Science

“I highly recommend this book, which comes from someone with a lifetime devotion to remaining awake and vitally alive by continually re-membering our human connection with the great Source of all life. Becoming Awareness will be of remarkable assistance to you if you wish to be nourished from the energetic connection with Earth; to keep your creative and supportive link with the wisdom of the universe; and to live in natural harmony with All-That-Is.” – Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance

“In the spirit of Carlos Castaneda, Lorraine Voss traces her own revealing journey of discovery through her deep relationship with Mexican Seer Nayeli, who holds up the mirror of the Universe to Lorraine. What is revealed is the incredible image of nothingness, the womb of creation, and the realization for the need to recapitulate the man-made stories that deceive nearly all of humanity. Readers searching for knowledge and freedom from the man-made illusion, in which we are embedded, will find Lorraine’s discoveries and reconnection to feminine energy very exciting.” – G. Hanson, author of Not Impossible!: How our Universe May Exist Inside of a Computer