We’re Called Seers Because We See

Don Juan explained that, like everything in this universe, the path of sorcerers is evolutionary. For that reason, a nagual is always forced to refer to the teachings in new ways. As a consequence of that strategy, nagualism as a total system of practices is divided into breeds or cycles. ~ CC, Encounters with the Nagual

According to Don Juan, there were ancient seers, old seers, and new seers and he believed that massive changes in energy are happening now that inevitably cause the emergence of a new cycle of warriors. Carlos referred to these current day warriors as Modern Seers or The Seers of the New Era. I like the term New Seers of a New Era and as this term too shall evolve, I find myself drawn to simply Warriors of Freedom or even more simply, Seers. When all is said and done, it all comes down to seeing. When we align with intent there is no reason anymore, there is only seeing. Hence the word Seers.

A point of clarification to the previous post on puppet masters. As warriors of freedom, we cannot allow our assemblage points to become fixated to the way things were done in the past because then we wind up repeating patterns and compromising ourselves in our attempts to achieve freedom by emulating the old seers. We must be open to evolving yet remain diligent and honor the incredible value in the warrior’s principles. As Carlos noted, a warrior who devaluates and dilutes the knowledge will wind up becoming a storyteller, herbalist, healer or dancer who has lost control of their assemblage point (New Age vs. New Seer).

The old seers were not all successful in their quest towards freedom, they became trapped by self-importance. They were master magicians and creators who had insight to external knowledge, forces and portals and became a little too proud of their accomplishments by trying to give them form in second attention. They allowed their assemblage points to become fixated upon the monumental feats that they were able to achieve once they had amassed the energy necessary to perceive things outside of the man-made matrix and became trapped by the external side of knowledge. This trap prevented them from immersing themselves into the necessary and deeper states of dreaming and kept them bound to the second attention.

Operating and functioning from second attention is an incredibly marvelous place to be but has the propensity to provide the false impression that one has achieved freedom since they are living comfortably beyond the boundaries of first attention. However, second attention can become as big a trap as first attention as the warrior of freedom exercises the ability to align with intent while in a constant state of creation. We must remain diligent to ensure that self-importance does not lure us in as it did the old seers or we will run into the same pitfalls that will ultimately prevent us from further creation, and additional journeys into the abstract, third attention and total freedom.

What is necessary in second attention is to remind ourselves constantly that we have become the abstract centers of perception; a matrix of intent. We have arrived but we’re not there yet. Another paradox. This means that there is nothing more to strive for except total freedom and to do that we must remain diligent in the daily tasks of recapitulation and further loss of human form while amassing more and more energy, clarity, sobriety and awareness. Warriors of freedom cannot become complacent and must remind themselves that concepts of sorcery are completely senseless in order to remain devoted to knowledge with the commitment of a warrior and not as a slave of reason.

As abstract centers of perception within a beautiful matrix of intent we recognize that we are our assemblage points and we move with fluidity and ease devoid of self-importance and from a place of no-pity. I recognize the commitment of you fellow warriors because you are here reading these posts and your commitment is most respected and valued. It is because of your commitment to freedom that I am very careful to not trap your attention or fixate your assemblage points by my words or my personal experiences. We have to keep each other in check to make sure that none of us are repeating patterns that would hinder us from achieving our mutual goal of freedom from the social order or other imposed limitations to awareness and what I write comes from what I see and not always from what I know. Our freedom is driven by intellectual preparation and the ensuing knowledge that allows us to avoid the pitfalls of the past by following the signs of the spirit to ensure that we can collectively break free of the ridiculous patterns that house empty promises of freedom and spiritually motivated, though limited, salvation. Thank you, have fun and Keep Dancing!

The idea that being good or complying with certain commandments will facilitate things is a fallacy which has been transmitted to us by the social order. The only preparation that is worthwhile is to take on the rigors of the way of the warrior, which teaches us how to save energy and be impeccable. The most remarkable thing about New Seers is their capacity of revision. At this time, seekers of knowledge are forced to thoroughly examine everything that has been said in the past, adapting traditional knowledge to the modality of the time, in order for the warrior’s way to be truly and finally understood by people. ~ CC

One thought on “We’re Called Seers Because We See

  1. I tip my hat in recognition and appreciation for the words with which you have so clearly shed light on an often not easily communicated way of living.. of seeing.. of stalking… of dreaming… of being. My thanks.


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