Extraordinary Exploration

You need to have patience. You are learning to do something extraordinary. Sorcerers intelligently redeploy their energy by cutting down anything they consider superfluous in their lives. They call this method the sorcerers’ way. In essence, the sorcerers’ way, is a chain of behavioral choices for dealing with the world, choices much more intelligent than those our progenitors taught us. These sorcerers’ choices are designed to revamp our lives by altering our basic reactions about being alive. ~ Don Juan, The Art of Dreaming

You need to have patience. Spending time with a Nagual helped me learn how to see and connect with infinity by simply witnessing her being who she was, authentically, in each and every moment while she encouraged me to connect with the earth, the mystery and to just be myself. “Patience, my girl, patience,” she would say over and over.

Our society cultivates us to have expectations of instant gratification. How can we evolve into new areas of consciousness when we hold expectations of instant gratification? We didn’t learn out to walk and talk and eat with a fork overnight, it takes time. Evolution takes time. And recapitulation. And unplugging. And patience.

You are learning to do something extraordinary!

Ex-traor-di-nar-y [ik-strawr-dn-er-ee]

1.    unusually excellent or strange: very unusual and deserving attention and comment because of being wonderful, excellent, strange, or shocking

2.    additional: additional and having a special purpose

Sorcerers must constantly strive to evolve beyond repeating the patterns by becoming fully engaged with the act of being alive. Don Juan talks about molding one’s awareness of being alive and that through shaping this awareness we can obtain the energy necessary to reach and sustain the energy body, the double, thereby influencing the total direction and consequences of our lives (aligning with intent).

The act of being alive, of living and shaping our lives is an extraordinary act of creation. When we shape our awareness we are freeing ourselves from the grasp and mindset of the predator and the foreign installation that has become more powerful and more predominant than ever. It is not enough for a warrior to fight the predator by battling it to the end; one must remove themselves completely and this takes patience, fortitude and extreme courage. In order to touch the double we must have tons of energy, massive quantities, attainable through recapitulation and connection with the earth (the act of being alive) and we must be able to stalk ourselves in dream! A tall order but not impossible and not without reward.

Extraordinary indeed. The sorcerer’s path is a lifetime commitment and there are no shortcuts. The answers come from within and from direct experience. There are no handbooks or manuals or how-to guides. There are not even any naguals who can tell you what to do. The best that a nagual can do is listen to your experiences without imposing an agenda, remind you of the practices, turn your world upside down when necessary and pull the rug out from under you from time to time but other than that, you are the one who has to do the work.

A warrior of freedom must be completely committed to having direct experience by constantly becoming engaged in the act of being alive, of creating and recapitulating, and creating some more and in connecting with the earth and silent knowledge; all of which provides the warrior with the necessary energy to see. And when you see you will know. Yes, there are more questions than answers. Sorry, no instant gratification here! ~ Keep dancing!!!

Don Juan stated that as we tighten the control over our dreams, we tighten the mastery over our dreaming attention. He was right in saying that the dreaming attention comes into play when it is called, when it is given a purpose. It’s coming into play is not really a process, as one would normally understand a process: an ongoing system of operations or a series of actions or functions that bring about an end result. It is rather an awakening. Something dormant becomes suddenly functional. ~ Carlos Castaneda

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