Knowledge and Language are Separate

The nagual Elias used to tell me that the whole of humanity has moved away from the abstract, although at one time we must have been close to it. It must have been our sustaining force. And then something happened and pulled us away from the abstract. Now we can’t get back to it. He used to say that it takes years for an apprentice to be able to go back to the abstract, that is, to know that knowledge and language can exist independent of each other. ~ Don Juan, The Power of Silence

Don Juan goes on to tell Carlos, knowledge and language are separate; for a sorcerer an abstract is something with no parallel in the human condition. Sorcerers meet the abstract without thinking about it or seeing it or touching it or feeling its presence.

This is what I refer to as aligning with intent; merging with the abstract and no words to explain it. It’s like being a witness, an observer, to an unfolding of abstractions of incomparable proportion. To attempt to find words to describe that which cannot be described would be to attempt to reason something out instead of just accepting it for what it is. That’s why it is referred to as being in the abstract, it exists without reference to a specific thing or instance. To try to define the abstract minimizes and greatly diminishes that which is purely magical and sublime.

Like everything else, when one who has experienced the abstract attempts to define it for another by putting it into words, they have no choice but to compare it to events or instances from a state of reason. Someone who is receiving this information then endeavors to understand it and make sense of it by formulating a perceptual base through their own filters and obviously their own different experiences which immediately diminishes the initial experience and removes it from the abstract thereby placing the experience into a quasi-definable distinction in an attempt to give form or meaning to it.

The person who is now attempting to understand the abstract experience of another may even go as far as trying to duplicate and encounter the exact same experience (impossible!) and will either fail which may cause them to waste precious energy by attempting to experience something they cannot; or, they may assert to have achieved their goal in claiming to have had the exact same experience. They have taken that which came from emptiness and gave it form. Now others may attempt to reach the goal of experiencing this particular “abstract” through the definitions and the methodologies provided; and thus, a new myth is born.

The abstract is abstract and is unique to the perception of each individual. It’s an awesome thing to witness the abstract unfolding. There is no guide-book, no how-to guide. Carlos presented concepts, abstract cores, and philosophies for the path of freedom but those who attempt to hold you accountable to any path by imposing their will upon you have yet to experience the silent knowledge that resides in the abstract.  Don Juan didn’t tell Carlos that he had to move towards freedom through reason, protocols or dogma. He instructed Carlos on what he needed to remove from his “inventory” so he could become empty and connected with the power of silence. No two journeys for a warrior of freedom will ever be the same, cannot be the same.

The bottom line is and personal power and the resulting usable energy. Power is and power moves.

Keep dancing!

21 thoughts on “Knowledge and Language are Separate

  1. “Someone endeavors… to … make sense of it … which immediately diminishes the initial experience and removes it from the abstract…”

    When the above happens, beware! It’s the first step in the deadening process of ritualization!

    Recapitulation frees up the entrapment of personal energetic tendencies, and allows impeccability to blossom when witnessing the abstract. It also allows the warrior to see and travel through that which is utterly magical and sublime!

    See the abstract for what it is, yes!

    Fly free!


  2. Everything is the abstract when the conceptualizing, categorizing reasonable comparison to the inventory seases. When we can tap into the unknown again that was veiled with our superimposition of the known.

    Reason we needed to be able to fix our focus, to select our perceptions from an infinite range, in order to share a world, but it becomes stuck when we start to believe.

    Without reason we need sobriety to balance. Or else the warrior is no more than a madman who’s lost his reasoning capabilities, rampant without any refinement. Or at best an artist or poet swept by their perceptions, without a talent for integrating the abstract in the center of their understanding, of their immediate life.
    Love, Albert


  3. Knowledge and Language are Separate only in the world of duality. Knowledge and Language are, or can be, totally fluid and without obstruction in the world of non-duality. Separation is caused by mind, and non-separation occurs in the presence of no-mind. There are no barriers whatsover in the mind of no-mind


    • It seems that people often attempt to get validation for their experiences instead of just being in the oneness of the moment unfolding. When we are impeccable with our energy we have the fluidity to move easily between moments without allowing our assemblage points to become fixated.


  4. Moving with power:
    Give me a lake, river or the sea and I will plunge into like an eagle.
    Give me a mountain: i will climb it.
    Give me the desert: I’ll be one with the silence gazing at the stars.
    Bring me a thunderstorm: I will dance with the roaring laughter of the sky in the rain.
    I am moving with power!


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