power is and power moves

The Equinox brings the balance of light and dark, when we have 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. It ushers in a geometrical alignment between the sun and Earth and returns us to a state of balance. When we align with the energies of the earth and with the cosmos in a state of balance, universal life-force energy moves easily through our bodies and aligns us with the universal energy.

Utilizing the energies of the earth and the universe we find that individual will becomes effortless and we function with ease and in a state of grace. Offering our gratitude for our successes, challenges and failures of the past year, we are able to recapitulate and release them all, just as the trees release their leaves and the plants release their harvest.

It is during the autumn equinox that the energies of the earth and sky return us to a place of stillness, bringing us once again into harmony and realigning us while raising our vibrational frequencies. This helps us to move forward in a state of emptiness and presence.

The fall equinox reminds us that transformation is a natural state of being and that we should celebrate our existence within this great sea of awareness. Enjoy this time of transformative energy and connect to the stillness at the center as this alignment occurs.

Power is and power moves.

Keep dancing!


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