Dancing through the Quagmire

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I haven’t written anything in a long time because I’m kind of afraid of saying the wrong thing and offending someone. Freedom of speech is a thing of the past. I’m not trying to be cynical, but the level of political correctness has escalated to ridiculous proportions and even the term “politically correct” is being changed to “socially acceptable” because it is apparently more neutral and somehow less offensive. Every word we speak is analyzed, judged, and evaluated. Whatever.

As people’s sense of self becomes more and more threatened they begin to fight against everyone and every word spoken in order to restore any sense of control to the loss of balance in their lives. Besides, there is really nothing to say anymore. I have been simply existing for the past year and half on this earthly realm as a mere observer, just watching and listening as everyone shares their stories – her stories, their stories, his stories…history – realizing that, as I’ve said countless times, there is no truth, there is only perception.

What I have come to realize is that stories have come to consume humanity. It doesn’t matter what the story, nearly everyone on the planet buys into one, or several. The stories can be of religion or any spiritual belief system, politics, activism, extraterrestrial life forms, fame, oil, terrorists, economy, divergence, evolution, equality, climate change, government, education, the next great or not so great social movement, or whose lives matter the most. In a nutshell, it feels to me as though all of these stories have taken on a completely competitive and warring nature. This comes as the result of those who feel that they have become the authority on their chosen story and are trying to win you over to their side. The one’s who say they know it are the ones who will impose it on you.

This sense of personal control and loss of balance comes from the massification of society; the dreary standardization and dull cultural homogenization of humanity. The massification of society, enforced by the social elite, promotes extreme standardization while presenting the illusion of having greater choice when no choice really exists at all. This standard of living is creating an existence of uniformity that threatens to take over, thereby minimizing the importance and uniqueness of each individual. As such, the majority of people tend to perceive themselves as insignificant or, in some way deficient, and attempt to take back their lost power by becoming part of some type of group-mind. Until they find the group-mind that best suits them, they suffer from identity crises and become motivated to align with anything in order to fit within the conceptual average. And sadly, today’s conceptual averages are so disconnected from what it means to be human and are, instead, measured by how many followers, likes, comments, and recognition or validation you can gather on social media.

Those in power, and we’re talking about the New World Order kind of power, while just another story, albeit a powerful one, espouses the agenda of creating total dependence upon that Order for survival. Those in power now control everyone, not by repressing them, but by feeding them their infinite desires; bringing them into a lobotomized sense of happiness. Throwing the entire planetary population into states of incomprehensible dependence has put the entire world in an unconscious tailspin. The result of this state of unconsciousness wreaks havoc on human behavior and emotions, putting people into a state of unknowing, as they are manipulated into being mere social units designed to fill the role of being managed by the social elite.

Don Juan taught me that the order of the world doesn’t have to be as we’ve been told; that I can toss it aside anytime. I am not obliged to uphold an image before others, or live in an inventory that doesn’t suit me. My battle field is the path of the warrior! – Carlos Castaneda

Is it any wonder that people are grasping to the farthest reaches of any story in order to somehow reconnect to any clear sense of self as their own self is constantly being diminished and stripped away? The global population is right where the New World Order wants them to be; distracted, unstable, and disconnected. As a result, the general public immerses themselves fully into any story that makes them feel as though they have some mediocre sense of power over themselves or others, no matter how disparaging that particular story may be to themselves and others.

How does one recover their sense of self from the multitude of stories that constantly spin around us threatening to depreciate our souls and minimize any modicum of our true joy? We must remove ourselves from the mayhem, from the overarching drive of consumption that has surreptitiously turned us into commodities – social units – that are being consumed by the social elite just as they have maniacally calculated and planned for decades upon decades. They work to enforce their power and control over the entire planet by cultivating, within each individual, the feelings of hate, anger, competitiveness, unworthiness, confusion, and fear, both towards oneself and others.

Within each and every one of us lie the answers that are free of illusion, free of consensus, and full of power. If you can find some time in each day to unplug from the ridiculous world of senseless banter and energetically depleting stories, you will come to realize that you are free to step off of the merry-go-round of constant bullshit. Test it for yourself, and don’t believe a word I say because, after all, mine is just another story.

Keep dancing!

26 thoughts on “Dancing through the Quagmire

  1. I hear you sister. Yesterday was cold but sunny. I was suffering from the mass story of how wonderful the dead monster was and how we will miss him. So i went outdoors and sat in the cold air and warm sun. A woodpecker came to the walnut tree and tapped out her rythm. A raven made that gurrgeling sound i like so much. The inside of my eyelids glowed a gentle red color. My mind settled down, and my heart came to rest. Sun and earth hold us for a little while, if we will only let them.


  2. Thanks Lorraine. Good to see you posting again. The social elites only have power because we’re playing their game. Don’t play it, step out of it and disengage. Much like the dollar bill only having value because we agree upon it. These in power operate in the same way.


  3. We are perceivers. We can perceive this realm through numerous lenses. The ego/flyer. Heightened awareness. The dreamer. The nahual. The ego/flyer is the only lense that can be offended. Heightened awareness is a curious AP that absorbs.The dreamer can perceive causes, sources, truth, lies, and Intentions. The nahual simply consumes discord and friction…, transforming them into power.

    I agree that there is little to say. So many take words as knowledge and lose the motivation to experience. In these times, spoken and written information can be detrimental to growth.

    But you don’t need words to dance!


  4. Your journal entry couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time for me. I’ve just uninstalled Whatsapp and FB Messenger from my phone in an attempt to free myself from digital incarceration and emotionally convoluted habits that as you say, were becoming soul-eroding. Conformity or being PC have never been an issue for me (more a millennial trait?) but a dependence on constant connectivity and emotional reliance on receiving messages was becoming deeply addictive and very damaging. It’s a tough adjustment but there is something so ultimately freeing about not needing or wanting to be liked or popular. A certain sovereignty of spirit. And the time can be better spent reading books, trying to meditate or wait for it… HAVING REAL CONVERSATIONS. I’m now of the opinion that I want to absolutely minimise digital conversions in digital realms where individuals are able to craft who they are / want to be, thus feeding and reinforcing their false sense of self. But that’s a whole other topic.

    Lorraine given the tone of your post, which is a refreshing sledgehammer of truth but also a bit gloomy and dystopian I found your rather chipper “Keep Dancing!” very funny.

    It’s totally at odds with the words that precede it and really at odds with the way the world is going. But hey.. that’s called hope.


    • Yes, Joel, hope. And maybe having a tiny bit of hope in an otherwise hopeless world is the cause for the words that I write. George Orwell was the father of dystopia and guess what? Everything he saw and wrote about in the form of novels – a great way to disguise the truth – has come to fruition, and he probably had no attachment to any of it either.


  5. I’m a bit puzzled at the immersive focus on a reality which is no less messed up when it comes to common beliefs and perceptions than it was in the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans who similarly railed against the masses and their distorted ignorance. It certainly does not seem to be an Appropriate emphasis for a Warrior.

    We can live in the World and not be a part of it. We have other matters to attend to, other realities which affect us. The issue is not what is, but what we *extract* from what exists, including the doings-of-man. Not to mention accepting full Responsibility for our choice to remain alive in a messed up world. There’s so so so much power to be hunted in and amongst all that nincompoopery, but, of course, connecting to that Power is a function of our Impeccability. To complain about folly is decidedly not a means for controlling our own.


    • Syl, it all seems so simple to see the world for what it is and not able to understand why so few others cannot recognize it for what it is. Every now and then I am compelled to attempt to point out the lines, fibers, and gossamer threads that entangle the human race with the slightest bit of hope that others will see. And perhaps that’s where I err as a warrior, that I even attempt to help others to see.

      A seer must be a paragon in order to override the nearly invincible laxness of our human condition. More important than seeing itself is what seers do with what they see. ~ Don Juan, The Fire from Within

      Perhaps I’m not modeling impeccable warrior protocol in this particular article (which, incidentally is the point of this article) but simply writing for the sake of one person that might be paying attention – on the verge of getting it, seeing it – I continue to write.


      • 🙂 Perspective-Shifting is a powerful exercise. most useful for connecting to what’s pertinent and relevant, especially in the larger context, and the Abstract. Valuable for re-polishing that connection to Spirit. ❤ That pull can be strong indeed. especially if we're deeply connected to the Point-of-Caring. hard to let go, but, what a powerful reminder!

        I am relieved to hear your response. Was a touch disheartened, in that there are so few I know of who Share and connect from such Places-of-Being, and I selfishly was concerned the world's folly might have caused you to disconnect and stop Sharing what is so precious and rare: a fellow voice in the wilderness. Lol, at least from my Perspective. 🙂 ❤

        So interesting also, just so happens I wrote a review of A Separate Reality today. And that's really it, I feel we have to aknowledge the reality of our venture into the Separate Reality, which we have long ago made our reality, with the fullness of our being and accept the reality that we actually ARE in A Separate Reality!


    • Vast expanses of plastic the size of continents and high concentrations of industrial chemicals and heavy metals taint the planets oceans and all life in it. It is now not possible to consume large predatory fish without being poisoned. Certain micro plastics which taint our food supply break down to the cellular level and can pass though cell membranes, the full effects of which are yet to be determined.

      Anthropogenic global warming is spiralling out of control and the 1.5C global average increase set out by the IPCC as means to avert disaster is now a pipe dream. The average increase is likely to reach 2C or above causing the near total die off or coral reefs, extreme droughts, floods, food shortages and the accelerated melting of ice caps meaning coastal cities will likely be under water in the decades to come. Of particular concern is Greenland which is losing landmass and ice at an ever increasing rate. It currently acts as a reflector for the sun’s heat but if it loses all it’s top ice and the dark substrate is exposed it becomes a heat absorber. This could have potentially apocalyptic effects.

      Add the above to rapid loss of remaining old growth forests to make way for an ever increasing human population (heading towards 10 billion) and a 6th mass fauna extinction (currently underway) and the future of the biosphere and all life in it is deeply imperiled.

      This is not just a “narrative” or a “story” I have subscribed to nor is it folly. This is as real as reality gets. Both impeccable warriors an ordinary souls alike need to breath air and eat food to live do they not? If memory serves, when the warriors of yore attained total freedom were they still not energetically tied to the earth?

      As a species we collectively have the capacity to irreparably decimate the earth. The process is currently underway and the more people that are cognizant of this harsh truth the better.

      The above doesn’t even take into consideration some of the points Lorraine raises about the general state of humanity on a spiritual, social and political level. Overall it is a grim picture.

      Lorraine speaking of Orwelian…have you heard of the new social credit system in China? It’s the stuff of my worst nightmares. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.abc.net.au/article/10200278


  6. It’s not only what we do but HOW we do. A Warrior does not do by talking about what they’re going to do, or thinking about what they should do, but by doing. We can rail against the machine, act, or not be in this world. Those are our options. If we’re doing whatever we can, and doing so impeccably, what else is there to do? Nothing!. Anything else is a waste of time, energy and power and not the acts of a Warrior.

    My point is not only one of impeccability and thus the best use of our energy, but about Strategic-Living. We can be a joyful energised empowered Warrior partaking in solution, dealing with whatever is put on our Path, or we can complain about the reality. We always have the choice to choose to be nincompoops ofc, but there are other options. Just because we are free to make such choices does not mean we have to actually do so.

    If there’s nothing we can do about the prevailing forces, we adapt, we shift, we Stalk, and of course we Leverage out Intent. Today the issues are dire, overwhelming, and yes, our lives are at risk. Back in the day, those Warriors of old also had their lives constantly at risk. A more immediate and direct threat, but a threat nonetheless. Our task as Warriors is always to live Strategically, everything for a Warrior is Strategy, and that means making the best of the situation as best we can. If there’s nothing we can do, well, then we accept our fate and that’s that.

    But, we are not yet in that situation, and there’s much we CAN do, including raising Awareness of the problems and issues. However, again, it’s not what we do but HOW we do. To proclaim imminent doom and gloom and complain about the apparent inevitability of chaos has not been an effective strategy since time immemorial. Applying a Warrior’s Strategy to the problem has us disseminating solutions, potential and possible options, spreading awareness of how to participate in solution and so on.

    there’s much which can be done which is more Strategic and with the shift of attitude, mindset, perspective and perception, also a much much more effective and efficient use of our energy and power, and do so in alignment with the assuming of Responsibility for our choice to remain alive in this screwed up world.

    The issue thus is about dealing with it all as a Warrior, not a worrier.


  7. I’m not sure who your response is directed to, Syl, but suffice it to say that I was simply offering my perspective at a time when so few are inclined to do so for fear of being judged and attacked. I have made death an advisor.

    The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive. – Carlos Castaneda


  8. Syl, I for the most part agree with you. My tirade about problems the earth faces was in response to your previous statement: “We can live in the World and not be a part of it. We have other matters to attend to, other realities which affect us. The issue is not what is, but what we *extract* from what exists, including the doings-of-man”. Poisoned air, water and food along with an uninhabitable planet demands the attention of everyone. The sleeping masses have ultimately allowed this to happen and it’s of the utmost importance everyone wakes up! As for warrior / worrier…agree. I Have strategically planned for the worst, which includes relocating to a country that is least affected by extreme weather events and has a strong independent food supply. I plan to take a comprehesive survival course so if the systems that we are rely on fail (imagine empty supermarket shelves or totally inaccessible pricing) I will prevail. I suppose you can say that as a warrior I have a strategic plan for my own survival if the worst comes to pass. In the meantime I do my bit by trying to raise awareness (fear can be a motivator).

    I think we need a forum. 🙂


  9. Ah, I was thinking about my Response actually, in terms of its anomalousness to me directly. I’d say I’m responding to the World, to Spirit, to Intent, and to myself. I noticed when I wrote them, both, the difference for me, in the writing, in the mood, in the energy, all of it. My first Response started as a Response to the original post, but soon morphed into that More I love so much. And indeed Lorraine, my Responses fall into the category of us doing our bit to raise Awareness. For me, it’s through Sharing-Without-Agenda, an Application for me of Acting-Without-Agenda.

    I write much, on Awareness, and all it’s various Applications and forms, but seldom do I write with the warrior language and context. Simply the Application of my central theme of Appropriateness. Doing so here is a joy, and refreshing, in more ways than I can easily articulate. So perhaps it just communication for me, an opportunity to do so, induced by the prompts of energy from the post and the comments. I responded yes, bt capital r respond, to energy, to the Universe, to my central Application of Attunement, and it’s that I Responded, as I feel is all I can do.

    Part of that Attunement was me earlier in the day writing a review on A Separate Reality, which moved me more than I thought it would, but again, I acted via Aligning to the forces in my life, however small, and acted from that point of no-agenda, and as is so often the case, magic results in unexpected ways, which for me is this discussion, the Responding.


  10. Joel, to honour your energy sharing more directly; my responses often are condensations o what to me is massive complexity into a connecting point, which is the particular expression. Thus there’s much More to this:

    “We can live in the World and not be a part of it. We have other matters to attend to, other realities which affect us. The issue is not what is, but what we *extract* from what exists, including the doings-of-man”

    The key part, those first few words, they frame the rest. We *can*… that’s the key. What follows is the also, in addition, simultaneously. When we live in the world-of-man, we do its doings, control our folly, and engage as we are called, as we are directed by the forces impacting on our lives, *all* of them., the known and the unknown, those from the world-of-man *and* those from the world of Spirit. We do if we are shown to do, and not-do if that’s how our Path goes. It’s not really a warrior’s personal choice.

    Yes, we can make a Gesture of we so choose, or if it happens to coincide with our predilections, but, other than that, we can only do what is our Path, Thus, we do whatever is Appropriate within all of the contexts we find ourselves in, what’s relevant to the world-of-man and what pertinent to our Warrior’s Path. We do both. depends where we are at, how we are called, or guided, or directed. Depends on Intent.

    However, I’m also touching on the key issue, for a Warrior, and that’s choosing a Path With Heart. It is to this I also connected in my Responses, coming at it from the puzzlement of that Path With Heart *not* seeming to be chosen or connected to. This is that Extracting. When we choose a Path With heart, that’s exactly what we are doing. Our choice is to set ourselves Strategically as a Warrior to connect to that Heart. No matter what we do, we can extract that Heart. That’s our Responsibility to ourselves as Warriors.

    Where and in what we find ourselves matters not, We can find Heart in the most dire of circumstances. Mother Teresa comes to mind. Many see her as a saint and assume what she did in those untoward circumstances was a suffering, stress and travail for her, but it wasn’t at all. She *loved* what she did. her work fulfilled her gave her life purpose and meaning. She had indeed chosen a Path With Heart and followed it like a Warrior. A reminder to me Warriors are to be found where we might not expect them.

    The More of my comment lies in the Acting, and the Responsibilities we have to our Overall Path, that of our Journey to Freedom. When we go visit Death to ask for advice on what to do about the World going to shit in a hurry, Death is laughing even before it answers our knock on its door. On seeing us Death is uncontrollable in its mirth, unable to respond. The obviousness is too overwhelming. “Exactly…Exactly,” is all we can make out through its effusive cackles. As we’re leaving we barely hear Death manage to get out; “Hurry the fuck up! How much more clear do you want me to be?”


  11. Hello…I just finished reading don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements” and then thought to Google “Toltec Art, which lead me to “Freedom Artist” who had a link to your page. Technology is a double edged sword…full of wonders and full of traps. In your opening paragraph you state “I haven’t written anything in a long time because I’m kind of afraid of saying the wrong thing and offending someone.” Please keep writing, there are ones like myself that have just awoken and has just began on the warrior path and are in need of wisdom and revelations from those who are further down the path. I am listening, as are others with our whole selves.


  12. hi lorraine, where are you ….. i miss your posts !!!

    ps . i love your great book, halfway through now since i bought it last month

    regards , marchel


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