the dangers of cultural homogenization

When we do not take the time to enter into silence we cannot know the mysteries of life. Instead we only come to know what lies on the surface. – Lorraine Voss

Cultural homogenization is an aspect of cultural globalization and refers to the reduction in cultural diversity through the popularization and diffusion of a wide array of cultural symbols — not only physical objects but customs, ideas and values. Cultural homogenization in theory could lead to the development of a single global culture and the elimination of all other, local cultures becoming the same. ~ Wikipedia

It appears that there is a strong push and incentive towards cultural homogenization or sameness in our current culture. This is sad because it eliminates cultural diversity as it seeks to eliminate differences between people and instead, coerces them into maintaining a one-mind, one-voice, one-world myopic view through hearsay. In spite of the notion that this is an all-inclusive route for conjectural cultural uniformity, it is instead a course that is detrimental, regressive, and fails to incorporate individual evolutionary progress.

There are many people advocating for equality. What this has sadly come to mean for most is that we all chant the same mantra, share the same ideas, and agree on virtually everything. As warriors on a path of freedom it is important to avoid creating such limitations. The natural diversity of human experience far exceeds identical ideologies with one correct way of living. Cultural homogenization can only be achieved through brainwashing (meme after meme of the same thing) or by exerting force through a sense of guilt or shame to those who are non-compliant to a standardized method of doing things.

A path of freedom provides one with the potential to organically arrive at connecting with others through mutually beneficial and necessary diversity. It is when we are given the opportunity to strongly disagree with others that we come to recognize our own individual strengths for attaining new levels of awareness and evolutionary growth. If we were to merely agree with one another on everything presented to us, we eliminate our capacity for vision, revision, and ultimately a new way to view our humanity and our world.

While all spiritual and metaphysical paths ultimately lead to knowing universal source energy or God, the way in which one arrives to that knowing is as diverse and different as there are species upon the planet earth. Cultural homogenization causes the trailblazers or dissenters who are opposed to the dominant paradigm to seem rebellious as they refuse to conform to the sometimes mindless membership into the popular culture of what is most tasteful or acceptable to the masses.

Even when done with the intention of the highest good, coercing people into following a single mode of conduct prevents them from the wonder of arriving at their own conclusion founded upon their own unique and individual experiences. When a society comes together in agreement without true knowledge they function in a manner that lacks common sense, intuition, and pure perception. This is the very thing that creates the blind leading the blind, even when it is presented under the guise of doing what is best for the world.

When did we, as human beings, decide that it is better for one person to hold a vision and recruit everyone else on the planet to support and maintain that vision? Oddly, and what few people seem to remember, is that it has already been done. Indigenous people across the entire planet have been stripped of their customs while missionaries and conquerors imposed their beliefs upon them to the point of killing those who chose not to comply. Pagans and healers were burned at the stake. Do we really want to repeat that destructive pattern? Do warriors of freedom stand to have their personal visions maligned and slandered if they do not buy into the shallow theory of one-mindedness? It sometimes seems as though they already are if they are not in complete alignment with the visions of another.

More important than “becoming one” is the need to come together in our uniqueness so that we can coexist in a state of respect, balance, and peace. What occurs in a state of diverse coexistence is our ability to confront a greater scope of difficulties that can be creatively solved from multiple perspectives for the benefit of all.

Dancing in freedom!

8 thoughts on “the dangers of cultural homogenization

  1. Becoming one is a hoax, at least for me. Everyone is unique as you said. I see it in oneness only in consciousness. (reading some spiritual stuff) Of course the other moment the assemblage point will be into a different position, so …heh


  2. Not all spiritual paths lead to the same idea of one creator. Some are into poly-spiritual diversity recognizing that the manifest is the result of many individual entities that are self created. But there are some semi-universals in human perception, such as outlined in “Hero with a thousand faces”. That every human being is unique is however true on the most basic level, and culture is an answer to that diversity that makes communication between unique individuals possible. As much as I for one enjoy a good deal of solitude, I find that social contact is the requisite spice that stimulates my feeling, sensation, and efforts for spiritual self transformation. I do agree that when our search for paths to greater awareness devolve into collecting intellectual artifacts that are the heritage of distant communities with no bearing on our particular case, homogeneity will drag our world into the pits. This demand we receive from some parts of the social order to conform or else, is totalitarian, not Toltecan. Lately I am reading an interesting investigation of Meso-American Myth, titled “The Flayed God:”. Carlos’ use of some terms from the region are at long odds from the somewhat paltry but authentic records, but that does not have to detract from what he was getting at, if we take into account that his borrowed terms were used in an effort to formulate ideas that are very difficult to arrive at, and by no means easy to articulate. To borrow terms such as Tonal, Nagual, Toltec, and infuse them with new meanings is not the same kind of thing as building a new Trump tower in Mexico City on top of say the pyramid of the sun, if you follow my metaphor. So keep dancing the dance of creativity with the materials that come to hand.


  3. I agree there is a cultural pull toward homogenization and that sameness can water down and dilute the multitude of possibilities. This may come from the brain’s tendency to take wide and disparate facts and scenarios and reduce them into a simplistic belief for possible ego and body survival.

    Language itself takes Mystery and limits it into words which then can be communicated. But at such possible peril. One person assumes a word means one thing; another holds a different set of meanings. Language may be necessary, but it also map shape and hold the assemblage point in preconceived positions.

    It seems that within the Silence paradox reveals itself to be a true quality of the Mystery. Relaxing into the paradox allows for it all to exist. Oneness is not seen as separate from diversity. Limitation and freedom dance together. There is no longer any need for fighting over words and concepts because everything is seen to be what it is. And, because the Universe is amazingly creative, everything is allowed.

    I am always interested to see how different spiritual folks (even myself at times) uphold certain ways of traveling this maze of being. How what shifts the assemblage point for one person can be totally different for another. (And can be totally different for the person in each new moment.) How impossible it really is to assess the intent behind a person’s actions. That humbles me again and again. The journey of watching all beliefs–especially subtle ones–release themselves into the unknown.


  4. Somewhat surprising reading about this topic on a warrior page.
    As it was put in Armando Torres’ book, what we see and hear on the media reflects the plans of the hopping predators. ‘Globalization, ‘Global Governance’, Baaaaal, Baaaaaal.
    We also can see these plans in the yellow ‘minions’ being sold everywhere, and the according two (three meanwhile?) movies.
    The plan of killing people before becoming too experienced, the final step to total slavery, was displayed in the movie ‘Logan’s Run’, where people are prevented living beyond age 31 (and as well in ‘Soylent Green’). The testing field for the early kill
    agenda seems to be Belgium in Europe, where ‘laws’ ahve been and are are being put in place, one by one, allowing people to be killed for any pretext, like old age, sickness, and whatever pretext will follow.
    While for now one has to apply for early death currently by filling some form, “Im so unhappy and depressed i prefer to die”, next and last ‘law’ step there will be no document required anymore, and then the real fun will begin. It’s their cunning method to test pieces of the new tyranny in all controlled countries worldwide, so hardly anyone realizes, to be put together later everywhere.

    It’s a conspiracy to dumb down mankind even further, done by Bobby and their ‘elite’ minions. As put in the essay above, there seems to be no evolutionary potential in total sameness, but very well the opposite.
    Some naive people expect a new improved age by earth coming into new energy fields, the supposed 26.000 year-cycle. Put that way, it could be true that ‘Lucifer’ is running out of time, increasing pressure on average people.
    But unfortunately ‘The New Age’ is a phrase invented by the conspiracy, meaning
    their golden saturn age of tyranny. Therefore such hope of evolution by sit and wait may be silly delusion, fostered by Bobby.


  5. The underlying needs to be mentioned- i.e. Urbanization:)
    Entire generations and masses hoodwinked into believing progress and prosperity are the ingredients for happiness and a life fullness worth living.
    Take the people away from the land and they lose their connection with Nature, with the wisdom of Old, with their own true essence and their personal awareness of their connection to the Cosmos.

    Its called social engineering and they have been well ahead of the curve, we are waking up to these facts but these instruments of subversion have been in the pipeline for centuries.. that shows how far ahead they are in their scheming.

    People in developed countries- the West in particular have no connection with the wisdom of their own ancestors. Their ancestors were the first to be hoodwinked.
    Then have a look at Japan’s own plight inspite of having a rigid society. My point- when you are taken out of the sphere of Earth’s own natural vibrations, you are terra-formed into something synthetic. Now comes the turn of the emerging countries.

    Welcome to the synthetic matrix:)
    Good news: We are here for a short time not a long time.
    Bad news: Our minds have been colonized, we are all mutants…


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