conscious communication

Communications are a transmission of energy, the giving and receiving of information. When we receive information from others we either energetically vibe with or reject what they are saying. If we are aligned with their words we have become responsible for energizing those words and thoughts. This gives those words the power to become manifest in a small band of awareness held by few or by a much larger band of awareness held by many.

What we are experiencing now is a major shift in conscious awareness, mostly through our communications with each other and with the world. As more and more people discuss positive, pro-active, consciousness raising topics they are transforming collective consciousness to a higher frequency of awareness which decreases the fear and despair of the predatory realm. This is why it is so important to be impeccable with your word, as both don Juan and Don Miguel Ruiz explained. Words create thought forms and the energy of those thought forms will increase as those thought forms are acknowledged and accepted by others. If we are energizing a positive thought form we are increasing the energetic frequency of that concept. Likewise, if we place our energy on a negative thought form, we are providing it the power it needs to increase.

Even though many people ask me to write more about the workings of the predator, this is the reason why I don’t like to discuss it. I know that by even discussing it we give it power. It is a dance on the edge of a double-edged sword. People need to recognize the predator for what it is so they may understand it and become free of it but we have to be careful not to give it the energy that will increase its food source and help it to thrive. Conquering the predator is an individual battle and once it’s done, it’s done. I have had my battles with it and I have unplugged. It still exists but now I just dance past it with the hopes that it will continue to lose power as more and more people stop giving it energy and new bands of awareness are created.

In discussing the Predator with Castaneda, Don Juan says, the only alternative left for mankind is discipline, Discipline is the only deterrent. But by discipline I don’t mean harsh routines. I don’t mean waking up every morning at five-thirty and throwing cold water on yourself until you’re blue. Sorcerers understand discipline as the capacity to face with serenity odds that are not included in our expectations. For them, discipline is an art: the art of facing infinity without flinching, not because they are strong and tough but because they are filled with awe.

You know how our biggest challenges occur when we decide that we are ready to release the ego? A sort of battle ensues as the ego continuously encourages us to uphold the safety net of familiarity. A process of psycho-spiritual integration begins to occur as the ego and center of consciousness within us stand to face each other. The ego, wanting to maintain the patterns and stories that have served as the foundation of our existence becomes threatened as the universal life-force essence and spiritual wholeness begin to embody our human form.

The same thing happens when we seek to be free from the predator. Think of the predator as a big, bad-ass ego that so many of us are trying to become free of. We, who are standing in the center of our consciousness and awareness, are facing the predator head-on. Like the ego, the predator feels threatened and wants us to maintain its destructive and consumptive behaviors from the band of density consciousness in order that it may prevail.

This is where the discipline comes in. We have to remain committed to traveling along the lines of awareness that move us towards higher consciousness knowing that we are uniting with our own self (the double) and in the process we remember ourselves as a manifestation of conscious awareness. We are able to see the beauty of this universe with utter clarity, our energy becomes renewed, and we vibrationally emanate our ability to be in a state of stillness and presence as the world continues to move without us.

This is the awe that don Juan speaks of, to stand in a state utter awe at the immensity of infinity, of the beauty and the potential that we are capable of as creator beings. It is this state of conscious awareness, and stillness that completely balances our energy and makes us invisible to the predator. The predator will lose its power as we each diffuse and disable its energy source.

(Here is an old post from 2009 that I wrote about the enormity of the predator, a time when I was recognizing how huge it is. Other related posts can be found through the search bar.)

Keep dancing!


16 thoughts on “conscious communication

  1. u are still off , u think ur energy body just obeys u, the inner dialogue is not yours( Maya) you are not I, u plan to swoosh past the predator and go where, can u tell me about next year? why would a predator just let you go? you could hear before why are you so cocky now,maya


    • Like most of your comments I was going to delete this one. Why are all of your comments always so negative and what are you so angry about? Your presence on this particular post is indicative to the predatory energy that attacks to suck the life force out of all that’s positive and transformative so I am posting it as an example.

      We don’t swoosh past the predator and it doesn’t just let us go. The path of a warrior is a daily battle. We battle the predator, we make death an advisor. This is preparation for darting past the eagle to be free. Those who wait until the moment of death to do it are consumed again into the karmic wheel of death and rebirth as the world continues to spin for them in the same manner it always has – attached to all of the illusions that challenge one’s freedom. Recapitulate it all!


      • You have to learn to differentiate between interference coming from inorganic beings and negative vibes caused by pain in the world. The above comment is inorganic interference, but not personalized — it merely doesn’t belong to any persona like don Juan described. It is more a compilation of energy temporarily reaching to you to express some disturbance in the soul. To personalize it would attach it to you.

        But do you know what happens when everybody moves away from the pain in the world? The heart of the whole soul dies.

        I’ve already experienced this. It may lead to a Dark Age because no one had any compassion or understanding.


  2. The technique of focussing on the positive was already tried and failed in the 60s with ashrams. It’s like ignoring that I misspelled a word in the prior sentence to try to “raise the vibration:” of bad spelling.

    What’s needed is action to transform the negative aspects of the world into positive ones. US Law, for example, is the best petty tyrant you could every hope for, with nearly unlimited power at it’s disposal. Warriors have missed it, otherwise shit would have gotten done.


    • Quite the contrary. The hippie movement was instrumental in raising the vibration and the ripple effects are astounding. The “fight” is in removing oneself from the negativity, to pull out all of the energy that allows that illusion to exist in the first place. It took a long time, tens of thousands of years, for the world to arrive at the state it is in. It will take a long time to move it into a positive state and that’s what the warriors are committed to. Changing the band of awareness one bit of consciousness at a time.


  3. “…if we place our energy on a negative thought form, we are providing it the power it needs to increase.”
    Yes, unfortunately it is not always easy to let go and release some stuff that keeps calling our attention, negative, provoking …. we can fight it, give it power by spending lots of time and energy on them. Or …try to release. Turn toward the positive. Increase that energy.


  4. I have discovered three distinct phases in life with the battle of the predator. The first is the broad recapitulative phase where warriors start the inventory, progress through it and find the source of the programming that was the root of the foreign installation (fear). The second is the daily battle with self importance after the warrior has enough energy from recapitulating the greater movements. As we shatter the mirror of self reflection the predator goes into overdrive (clarity).
    The last one in life is within the head, our own thought-forms and creations. The random scatterings of our internal dialog. This deeply imbedded predator is the hardest to defeat and the best way to know you are getting somewhere cause it truly is “all inside your head.” (power)
    Of course, old age brings facing our final leap… as we walk through the first three, we can leap easily, breathlessly, and dart past the eagle to be free….
    Yes discipline!!! is the art…Peace


  5. This post gives me so much hope. I have been feeling like people are doomed and that we can’t ever be free because of the negative energy that is everywhere. I know how much I do to be positive but I never know if its making a difference. But now I know it does. I can feel a shift occurring through your words and I thank you for it.


  6. I know how you feel Emily. It is sometimes so difficult to see past the destructive forces. There were many times when I would feel so much despair. What has helped me is in knowing that people respond better to positive energy than negative energy and then they are compelled to add to that positive force which gives it power and makes it strong. Thanks for your comment and keep dancing!


  7. Thank you so much for this post sister, it is just exactly what I needed to hear today. And the discussion that follows is real enough too.


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