balance through our double

You’re thinking that the double is what the word says; a double, or another you. I chose those words in order to describe it. The double is oneself and cannot be faced in any other way. – Don Juan, Tales of Power

When we exist in a state of balance, life-force energy moves through our bodies easily and unobstructed but when we are in states of imbalance, the energy within our chakras, the wheels of energy that reside within our bodies, become blocked which prevents us from vibrating in alignment with the universal life-force around us.

When one enters into a state of dream, or second attention, the double, also known as the astral body is accessed. It is when we enter into stillness and silence that we are able to make this connection, allowing us to see and become aware of the things that prevent us from moving forward with discovering or fully living our life’s purpose. When we become aligned with our double we become open to the energies that are essential for both effective action and manifestation of our goals and dreams because it is here that we are immersed within the entire body of conscious energy to which we are all directly connected. When we are able to focus our attention in this realm of existence we discover that our thoughts begin to take form. We are now aware that the entire creation of the cosmos is an act of creation and that we, ourselves, are creators.

Our double is pure, untainted by the illusory constructs in our physical lives and exists beyond space time. It is the ultimate teacher for each of us, it helps us remember. When we are able to gain enough energy we are able to access it and it will teach us when we are open to receive. When accessing our double, it is important to become a conduit, a hollow bone, or the empty vessel through which life-force energy can move freely. When this occurs the simplest maneuver of being in the breath allows us to maintain a healthy state of being as we are then able to become balanced with that ethereal part of being. Each and every cell in our body relies on pure life-force energy so we can revert to and then sustain our optimal state of health and well-being through our connection with our double.

When we allow ourselves to become still, we are able to gather the necessary energy to know ourselves more fully, specifically as a creative force within an extensive energy field of creative forces. This knowledge should bring about a sense of great joy which in turn releases an abundance of energy within our luminous body, which is our subtle energy body more commonly known as the aura. The double is the awareness of our state as luminous beings and can give us a boost of energy that revitalizes our entire sense of being and ultimately allows us to channel the new energy that has become available to us into beautiful acts of creation that benefits others as well as ourselves.

Over time, as our chakras become cleared and open due to the life-force energy flowing through us, the energy to which we have access is like an inexhaustible well. As we integrate our new and energized state of being that comes to us from the frequencies of the Earth and the Universe we may find that individual will becomes effortless and we function more often with ease and in a state of grace.

Connection with our double has been made. We are suddenly able to perceive in new ways. As our awareness increases, our energy increases and we become more conscious of our ability to move beyond our limited perceptions so that we can explore the vast and diverse realm of creation in order to return to our own unique and beautiful states of conscious creation.

Keep dancing!


7 thoughts on “balance through our double

  1. it in the synthesis of the works of anthropologists, esotericists, mystics and occultists as well as many other scientists and experiencers that emerges a new paradigm of making the astral body or the double more enriched and ligned consciously for many more human beings with the attributes of the third attention which the works of carlos castaneda only hinted on; if the double or second attention is the astrl body then third attention is the mental body enriched by the fourth-dimensionl buddhic vehicle or water of life plane for christin prlor; with all its partitioning within many planetary traditions yet all human experience makes sense in this process tha don hun with his peers showed as the kingly way to total freedom….


    • Yes – the human experience is incredible and when we begin to arrive at the state to which you speak we realize that there is no separation and come to realize how simple our existence truly is. If, of course, we can learn how to get out of our own way! Thank you.


  2. i am loving youre return to blogdom!

    im a student of 10 years of a course in miracles, who also used to read castanedas books, and when i read you posts now i can move beyond the words to recognising the experience don juan was pointing to. ive not come across any other expressions of the path to knowing our true selves and living within that reflection of eternity here in the temporary, though im sure they exist, but ive been having the time of my life in the last few weeks, as you and the acim mentor whos blog i also follow, synchronise the topics youre writing about, using these beautiful frameworks of ways of description!

    i just wanted to say thanks for returning to sharing your writing here 🙂


  3. I agree deeply with these words for the double. When I consider the assemblage point, the standard myopic focal point through which we perceive the world, often it looks like a layered onion. The layers are thick and static with bumps and valleys. This construction within our full energy is hard and limiting. As we recapitulate the stickiness goes away, the assemblage point begins to become more transparent and the energies around the AP are able to move fluidly through this evolving structure. You begin to see that the AP, first attention, is the inheritance of lifetimes of perceptual frameworks handed down to us wordlessly by our family, culture and mythologies. Not that these are wrong, but rather they are static and have a limiting affect on the energy body’s wholeness. Thus as we let go of this limited inherited self absorbed perceptual construct, we reach towards a self beyond self. It is easy to initially conceive of and trick ourselves into thinking of it as “the double” but in reality it is the single, integrated wholeness of who we really are capable of creating any assemblage point full of perceptual fields… thus for the practitioner, the double is the trick we give the rational, fixated AP to conceive of something that in the long run will dissolve its initial necessary dominance over our lives… we die to the AP and awaken in the double which is who we really have been all the time….. Peace.


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