mother earth – the essential mirror

Only if one loves this earth with unbending passion can one release one’s sadness. A warrior is always joyful because his love is unalterable and his beloved, the earth, embraces him and bestows upon him inconceivable gifts. The sadness belongs only to those who hate the very thing that gives shelter to their beings. – Don Juan, Tales of Power

Do you pay attentions to omens? I do. Yesterday I came across two images that I adore, posted by fellow warriors. The one at the top of this post is an image I have used on and off as my cover and avatar for many years. The picture below is from an eye-opening article entitled The Greening of the Self: The Most Important Development of Modern Times.

As a warrior I identify with the earth, with all of her beings. Other warriors have urged me to release my attachment to the earth telling me that I am losing energy to her and that the earth is an illusion. I do not agree. The earth is not an illusion, the stories that encircle the earth are the illusions. It is impossible to lose energy to her because it is she, who energizes us. I do not know of any pain greater than that of the destruction of the earth and have tried to shield myself from the atrocities that occur upon her. But the truth is that the ability to shield oneself from the daily devastation of earth and her inhabitants is impossible when you honor her and love her; when you have merged and become one with her.

The earth is the ultimate mirror, the mirror that unconditionally reflects to us the horrors that we are imposing upon each other, upon every being to dwell upon her lush and sensuous body. She is doing her best to magnify the senseless destruction so that we may be able to recognize the error of our ways and transform them. The warriors who are paying attention are magnifying her reflection; it’s happening but we’re not there yet. Without going into the politics of it all, which you already know anyway, we must to align with the awareness of the earth being a sentient being that hosts life upon her body of soil, stone, and water.

When we align with her reflection of beauty and grace and wholeness, we arrive at a state of humility, gratitude, respect, and conservation for not only the earth but each other and all earthly beings. As more and more people resonate with that reflection or hologram it will become more and more magnified and the destructive forces will lose energy and become overshadowed by her radiance. We have to acknowledge that we are that radiance and reflect that out into the world.

To fully comprehend the totality of this amazing planet, it becomes necessary to get to know the Earth on an intimate level. Sitting upon Mother Earth is the most powerful teacher and catalyst but unfortunately, in current times, the connection to nature has become vastly diminished. The connection with the Earth was such an integral part of spiritual, emotional and physical vitality to our ancestors; it teaches us to learn how to listen to inner voices and truths. It is within our connection with the Earth that we come to know the pulse of the Earth and through this pulse we can align with the universal life-force energy. Within the vibrational energy of the Earth, we find ourselves to be in the moment without the distractions of the past or the future which allows us to begin to perceive things in a most incredible and new way. It is at this moment that we are completely aligned with the power of creation and the silent knowledge that allows us to know that we already know.

The Earth is the planet on which we, as pure consciousness, decided to take form. We wanted to explore life in human form and we chose this beautiful Earth on which to do it. We must pay homage to the Earth for her stately beauty, her selfless giving, and her constant acts of creation. She energizes us, soothes and heals us, and assists us in raising our levels of awareness and consciousness. In order to attain states of heightened awareness and higher levels of consciousness, we must be sure to embrace our opportunity to build a strong foundation on stable ground. Like trees, the more deeply rooted we become in the Earth, the more support we have for expansion.

The Earth is a witness to us all. As we deepen our connection to her we become free of the illusions that are the essential components of the man-made matrix. Fear, scarcity, dread, worthlessness, negativity, victimization, oppression, manipulation and domination all fall away and taking its place is abundance, creativity, harmony, beauty, equality, unity, peace and freedom. Thank you mother earth, for providing the energy that is necessary for us, as warriors, to attain total freedom.

We are children of the Earth, it is our ultimate source. The option of sorcerers is to unite with the awareness of the Earth, for as long as the Earth will live. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

Keep dancing!


19 thoughts on “mother earth – the essential mirror

  1. Before many of us were even born, the earth cried out into the universe with pains unimaginable. The raw power of the sun not only beat down upon her protected beauty but was unleashed from within in a flash from the evolutionary path of one of her children. Those tears, as we interpret them, are still falling in fear of the changes we are making to her being. Those of us who are listening know that these times are critical, more than any in our human band before.

    This article goes directly to the essence of all of us who have listened to her tears, but more importantly, listened to her joy… for joy contains tears of sadness to tears of happiness… Joy is the link beyond this and that to the heart of any matter. I agree she is our ultimate mirror… I believe we will head in the right direction. And we need constant reminders like this to maintain our connections.

    Thank you.


  2. Goddess knows I have been guilty of crimes in my life, but not honouring and loving The Great Mother is not 1 of them. She is closer to me than my own mother ever was and I have felt her breathing. Feeling her pain becomes my pain and I have to try to remove myself from this. I am very lucky to be able to live on a beautiful, wild property and thank her for her bounty every day.
    She showed me many years ago that because most people were oblivious of her that she would unleash awesome forces of Nature to ensure that she would be reckoned with and exact her dues.


    • You are fortunate to live as you do, so many people don’t have that opportunity. Yes, it is very difficult to remove myself from her pain too. I know that she appreciates the daily gratitude that she receives from so many of us. Thank you, herongrace, and keep dancing!


  3. For those who walk the path, it isn’t enough to love Earth Mother.
    One must be in love with Earth Mother.
    One must have a romance with Earth as one must have a romance with Knowledge.

    You as a human represent one single cell in the human species which in turn represents one organ of this beautiful Planet. There are other organs, others cells. Nature works with Patterns. When you align with this Planet and all of your relations, you align with the Cosmic Forces that conspire to bring about change on this wonderful Being.

    Its is love that makes you impeccable. It is being in love that makes you fearless even in the face of insurmountable odds. When you intend to become impeccably aligned with this beautiful Being- Earth, you have the opportunity to serve as a medium of leverage for Her, and for the Universe as a whole.

    It is this Sun that has turn purging, it wasn’t always so. This is the time of the Fifth Sun? Ra, the Planets and this Solar System are going through a metamorphosis as we speak. The Sun’s magnetism is increasing, Earth Mother’s magnetism is diminishing and her Electricity is on the rise. Magnetism represents feminine, we have entered the age of the feminine ushered in by Ra.

    “Other warriors have urged me to release my attachment to the earth telling me that I am losing energy to her and that the earth is an illusion.”
    These other warriors you speak of remind of paper-tigers, scripture quoting, bible bashing Christians. They have found a God in a book and now they feel they can short Creation and reach a creator. Good luck to them.

    Study Nature, study the patterns in Nature. When you make a sincere study of such thesis, then you begin to notice the dominant anti-thesis that’s been drummed into you and the synthesis resulting from all of this is. Nature works with patterns. You are a pattern within a pattern. For example, you have your biological parents, then you have your parents before them- Earth Mother & the Sun, and even beyond that the ones of your spirit. For you are spirit being that got here from somewhere and you entered here through the Sun. You are also a micro pattern which represents the macro-pattern- the Cosmos.
    Without aligning yourself with the Cosmos, I don’t see how you could regain your Totality within matter and anti-matter, let alone leaping into infinity.

    Love Earth Mother, with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength.
    Such an intent will help you become organic again:) You are a feeling, what else would matter?

    My 3 cents.


    • Thank you, warrior, for your beautiful comment. There is no separation, we are all one. But we can only come to recognize that when we sit on the earth, embrace her, and become one with her. If we do not do that we fail to recognize the totality of life, of living, and ultimately of Source energy. It’s all one! Keep dancing!!!


  4. I spent over three years without a habitation. The rock shelter and cave were nice, as was the gamble oak I slept beneath with a fine chorus of crickets. I had nothing and wanted little, but my condition was always plentiful. It was part of my preparation and the Earth always took great care of me!


  5. The wonder of being is miraculous. I love this post, and agree that the Buddhist and Christian takes on both the illusions and the Creator, are far from comprehending the inner truth of this miracle. Creator works through all her beings, and all her matter, to bring us here, for her purposes. If there are illusions, they are of our making, our wish to not be subject to her wishes, our denial of the reality of our being as part of her expression.
    I really like your pictures, and your comprehension of them. Thank you for this fine dance music.


  6. I love what you said: We have to acknowledge that we are that radiance and reflect that out into the world.
    This helps us recognize that we are all one, all connected through the same breath, all eyes windows to the soul. Thank you!!!


    • Thank you earth spirit. Yes, when we can look into the eyes of another being and acknowledge their radiance, even if they keep it hidden, we can feel the connection of all things with the pulse of the earth, the pulse of the cosmos, the heartbeat of the universe in a perfect harmonic rhythm.


  7. this has been a lovely and interesting read 🙂

    my own experience has led me to know that the earth is a part of the illusion of separate, individual beingness. but to deny the experience of the earth as real to our current awareness of self… to deny, or not be a part of and share, the love that flows between all seemingly separate points of awareness, is not helpful! but eventually, to love without the attachment allows the next .. level/layer.. experiences of oneness to come into awareness. first we start dropping the smaller pictures/stories, until eventually we are ready to start dropping the bigger frameworks. this cant be forced but happens naturally once we have let go of enough separate-self-belief energy.

    i dont mean to annoy anyone, but this feels like a safe expression place.. and i just thought id share the perceptions which my own experiences have led me to. i am so interested to see where ‘my’ perception will have led me to in another year or so 😉


    • Thank you Hannah, I love your dance. And I completely understand what you are sharing. My strongest attachment in human form is, indeed, this earth. My pain and my solace comes simultaneously through the oneness of Universal compassion.


      • that is very beautiful 🙂 it is such a strange experience, to be aware of the meeting place of the true and the not-true. (love and peace and acceptance/allowance, meeting with pain and sorrow and the wish for things to be different)

        i love your dance too, thanks for shining xxxx


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