the challenges of facebook for a warrior

We the luminous beings are born with two rings of power, but we use only one to create the world. That ring which is hooked very soon after we are born is ‘reason’, and its companion is ‘talking’. Between the two they concoct and maintain the world. So, in essence, the world that your ‘reason’ wants to sustain is the world created by a description, and its dogmatic and inviolable rules; a description which ‘reason’ learns to accept and defend. – Don Juan, Tales of Power

Facebook is the constant bombardment of words and descriptions consisting of perpetual talking backed by individual reasoning and justification. Everyone on Facebook takes the opportunity to express their viewpoint from the fixated position of their assemblage point with the hopes of solidifying that position for themselves and for others. Whether it’s the constant flow of activism, self-aggrandizement, journeys into the past, or the constant flow of memes for Buddha, Jesus, or any other kind of spirituality, the attempt is basically the same, to coerce other people into aligning with their position of the assemblage point.

So how does the warrior-traveler who frequents Facebook keep the position of their assemblage point fluid? By observing the insanity of the monkey-mind as it unfolds, becoming attached to none of it. By laughing at the mania while steadily maintaining our own knowledge and awareness that has come from our experience and commitment to freedom. By not buying in to the sometimes ridiculous concepts and beliefs of others without first testing it for ourselves. By recognizing that whatever we say, whatever we choose to share, is shared in freedom and that we have no points to defend.

Everything is energy. The massive buy-in to online concepts broadens, expands, and ultimately solidifies those concepts. In some cases this may be a good thing. There are informative pages on FB that have high numbers of followers, in the millions, and are serving to raise the awareness of the planet, of humanity. The amount of energy given to those causes is improving the way the world functions while unwriting the stories of the man-made matrix and reinvigorating the natural flow of life.

The important thing for a warrior is to not allow their attention to be hooked. I have witnessed in some groups that when a question is raised, twenty people or so will respond, each with their own interpretation based on the fixation of their assemblage point. The person who has asked the question in the first place obviously allows the position of their assemblage point to align with the response that they understand or that they desire the most and then they become fixated to a description through a state of reason. They are content, briefly, because they are given the opportunity to maintain their world.

The warrior, however, recognizes that all points of awareness need to be recapitulated in order to remain fluid. Once the description that brought you deeper understanding has been integrated into your awareness, it needs to be released. Through recapitulation, the lines of energy from your luminous cocoon that became attached to the description begin to dissolve from your body and the position of your assemblage point is free to shift again and perceive something new.

The challenge lies in stabilizing the assemblage point ever so briefly in order to remain fluid. This allows us to remain aligned with intent, Source energy, recognizing that everything we witness is an illusion, a man-made description, a concept that only serves to make us dense and weigh us down. A warrior chooses to create, co-create and recreate in freedom and with carefree abandon knowing that this existence is ephemeral.

Don’t listen to anything I say, test it for yourself! Keep moving, keep shifting, and keep dancing!


3 thoughts on “the challenges of facebook for a warrior

  1. What a thoughtful essay. Facebook can be so challenging to many of us. I especially liked your paragraph about how a warrior might stay fluid among so many fixed assemblage points. It has taken a long time for me to feel comfortable there, and some of your suggestions have worked. When it’s most difficult I can often see that my assemblage point has fixated in a perspective of “self” and “other” rather than the field of totality.

    It has also been possible to use it as an exercise in fluidity and compassion. To briefly touch deeply into each viewpoint until compassion arises, then to move onto the next viewpoint until it’s fully met, and then on and on. When “I” get stuck in a viewpoint or the heart doesn’t open, then seeing that I’ve fixated trying to push away part of the totality and then recapitulating that. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Then sometimes the exercise itself is realized as another fixation and it’s time to flow on from that…

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    • Wonderful insights Kathy! An expression that I like that summarizes what you said about becoming fixated in a perspective of self and other is, “don’t get lost in the finger” – to indeed see beyond into the field of totality. Thank you!


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