warrior-seers of a new era

According to Don Juan, massive changes in energy are happening at the present time, which will inevitably cause the emergence of a new cycle of warriors. To differentiate them from their predecessors, I have called them modern seers, or seers of the new era. ~ Carlos Castaneda

As more and more of these warriors-seers emerge, the teachings of Castaneda are undergoing a wonderful transformation. As Castaneda said to Armando Torres, the most remarkable thing about them (modern seers) is their capacity of revision. At this time, seekers of knowledge are forced to thoroughly examine everything that has been said in the past, adapting traditional knowledge to the modality of the time, in order for the warrior’s way to be truly and finally understood by people.

The old seers had a tendency to become trapped by self-importance. They allowed their assemblage points to become fixated upon the monumental feats that they were able to achieve once they had amassed the energy necessary to perceive things outside of the man-made matrix. This trap prevented them from immersing themselves into the necessary and deeper states of dreaming and kept them bound to the second attention.

The warrior-seers of this new era recognize that there is strength in numbers and because of that they are committed to shared success. Each of them uphold great resolve and work diligently at deepening their connection to intent knowing that it is through this connection that they will attain total freedom. They are able to see the cooperative intertwining of a system of energy as it flows through the universe and have no attachments to the calculated strategies that come from those who aspire to achieve fame, influence or authority. In addition, they are beyond the inert practices of convention, obsolete rhetoric, and stereotypical tradition.

The warriors of this new era are doing what they love to do on their path with heart. They are passionately and creatively aligning with intent, awareness, and freedom so that they may return, unfettered, to eternity. Often working in silence, they have become energetically united to tell a story of truth because of their commitment, because of their inherent bond with intent and freedom. They have come to discover that no one single person can do it alone. That no one person ever has and never will. They are dancing together along all of the lines of awareness, liberating whoever they meet by allowing them the very freedom of creation.

The goal of modern seers is, more than ever, total freedom; but to achieve it, it is important that the strategies are continually refined. – Carlos Castaneda

Keep dancing!


6 thoughts on “warrior-seers of a new era

  1. Words can drag us down with loaded energy. They are loaded with programming that needs to be recapitulated. Just recently I considered the word “Joy”… not as loaded as some others but one worth looking at for recapitulation and the warrior’s path… you are so right, we are revisionists!!! We can through revision of our assumptions about even the old words create a new bands of awareness… together.

    The ancient seers needed few words. The old seers used words to construct realities, The seers of a hundred years ago were steeped in secrets and techniques… The world has blown the socks off of all those secrets… now we need to blow the socks off of our assumptions about what we think we know, challenge our words, especially the ones we hold so near and dear to our path…

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    • So true! When we can admit that we know nothing is when we are able to perceive the fullness of creation. Then we come to realize how very little we actually know and the only thing left to do is to seek to know something new in the never-ending and fulfilling battle for awareness. And this is the ultimate gift, to keep dancing the dance of emptiness, of fluidity, of eternal evolution!


  2. Yes, there is much accord with this conversation. Imagine you are lying in bed, listening and relaxing. A small sound in your ears, much like a hearing test. You focus on it. It grows louder. You go into your breath, find a rhythm with your heart, and then a small pulse begins in the small of your back. The sound grows louder, by your intent, your attention to it. Eventually it over flows, turns to a stream of white light, runs down your spine to the small of your back, and explodes into the entire universe. Your awareness is no longer in your head, but in every atom of your being. You are the universe. Every atom a star. Every star a mote of consciousness. After an eternity in the no time of pure awareness, you find yourself floating above a lake of pure obsidian water, and next, find yourself floating in the air three feet above your body that is still in bed waiting for your return. Like a leaf drifting down, you waft back into your body, full of wonder and amazement. No teacher you ever ask about this later can tell you anything to further illuminate the experience. Truly you know nothing. For the next several weeks, a feeling of fire having passed through you, and a feeling of emptiness behind the eyes, and then all this passes, except the memory, and you take this to mean a great something is looking over you, and letting you know that things are just not what they seem to be most of the time. But you never get back to that place again. A ;peek into the reality that hides just next door to the ordinary.

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  3. I agree with what you are saying here! I love the Castaneda books but it seems as though so many people are bogged down by the way Carlos and don Juan did things. It is nice to see how we can be warriors of awareness from a point of freedom instead of working with protocols that are already threatening to fixate the position of the assemblage point.

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    • Hello New Seer! What a great name. I agree with you. I think it is important to not dilute the original teachings but I also agree that it is necessary to work from a point of vision, of seeing, and to not get so fixated on the words or techniques from the books. If the “Castaneda purists” continue to push people into doing it the way the books say then ancient Toltec knowledge will turn into a dogmatic, protocol driven religion. The last thing we need are Castaneda thumpers. Keep dancing!


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