the art of stalking

The art of stalking is the riddle of the heart; the puzzlement sorcerers feel upon becoming aware of two things: first that the world appears to us to be unalterably objective and factual, because of peculiarities of our  awareness and perception; second, that if different peculiarities of perception come into play, the very things about the world that seem so unalterably objective and factual change. – Don Juan, The Power of Silence

The art of stalking has to do with gaining enough energy to drastically shift the position of the assemblage point. After years of practice with stalking, the warrior is able to have their emanations, their luminous fibers, match the emanations at large which are all of the lines of energy in the universe. The goal for committed warriors is to reach a state of total awareness – to be able to recognize the totality of the mold of man. The mold of man contains every human attribute that you can think of as well as those that you are unable to perceive until you have attained total awareness.

Stalking is not about manifesting something into your reality. Stalking is about eliminating the things within your humanness that define you as a human. Stalking is about cleaning all of your links – this is achieved by erasing personal history, constant recapitulation, and removing yourself from the mold of man. As you do this you will gain the energy that is necessary for accessing unique and new states of awareness and can begin your work on the mastery of intent.

Stalking yourself is the act of releasing all of your masks, the ones that you wear in order to fit in with the world or the mold of man. For this you need to be: ruthlessness without harshness, cunning without cruelty, patience without negligence, and sweetness without foolishness. So what do these mean?

  • Ruthless is having compassion without pity.
  • Cunning is to arrive at what you hope to achieve without self-importance.
  • Patience is to know that what you are cultivating has already happened but you don’t sit and wait for it to come to fruition, you continue to take action.
  • Sweetness is to be able to be coy and at the same time lethal in accomplishing your task.

Stalking is done by a warrior so that they are able to align with intent. Stalking is necessary for total freedom; without stalking ourselves in first and second attention we are unable to adequately shift the position of our assemblage points at will. What is happening is that you are basically stopping your own world consistently. Reminding yourself to release the thoughts, actions, and traits that align you with being a human being. It’s all about strengthening your connecting link to the spirit or with intent.

The art of stalking is an art! It is very complex and not easy. It is a discipline and takes constant practice and work. Everything else falls into the art of stalking including controlled folly, stopping the world, shifting your assemblage point, recapitulation, releasing self-reflection, etc.

So what are we stalking? We are stalking awareness and power. This power is the energetic power that flows through the universe and NOT power over others. We stalk ourselves first to release the patterns that we have upheld for our lifetime, the patterns that belong to others. We are essentially recapitulating our knowledge. While one begins to approach impeccability through their practice of stalking the tonal, the first attention, they become prepared to stalk in second attention, the nagual.

When the connecting link with spirit is made and your assemblage point has shifted you are able to perceive in a new way. Things that you could not identify previously begin to emerge for the first time. You are a witness as the mysteries of the universe reveal themselves. It would take a book to explain all of this and for some of it there are no words. There is no substitute for experience. You just have to make a commitment and do it!

Keep dancing!


11 thoughts on “the art of stalking

  1. Getting rid of personal history is not something we do for others, but what we do to become empty of our previous selves. Only when we empty a place in our being can we make room for what in some traditions is called Grace, in others, Mystery, and in Castaneda’s books, shifting the assemblage point. There are as many ways to look at this shift in awareness as there are traditions. Do you ever notice a persistent image trying to enter awareness during an ordinary day? Just there on the periphery of consciousness. You can almost see it, but it is not in front of you, it is within. That is an indication. How you translate it to bring a benefit to others may be more important than what it does for you. Carlos got that far rather late in life, when he began to teach Tengsegrity. The cult of personality that formed around him is another matter, as is what became of the Witches and how the Blue Scout wound up as scattered bones in the desert. Ideas have consequences, and every one of us has personal responsibility for the outcome of the ideas we promote. What we know, and what we promote may not always be the same thing. Don Juan insisted that Carlos test each and every proposition of the Toltecs, and take nothing as a given. Question, test, explore, compare, investigate, verify. And keep dancing in the light.


    • Indeed! We must question, test, explore, compare, investigate, and verify everything. And we must stand strong in our convictions while allowing others to have their own. We are each nuggets of awareness, individual seeds of consciousness, swimming in the great sea of awareness.


  2. #1 you should write a book. We need the new warriors of this wisdom to come forth and share now, Castaneda has been read and a refresh from a current perspective that honors the tradition would be beautiful.
    #2 Thank you.
    #3 What is your Facebook where you will be sharing?


  3. Something tells me you already have an understanding of this. 😉

    I don’t often talk about a warrior’s predilection in Castanedian terms because I believe that they are too limiting. When placing a definition upon a person by referring to them as a stalker, dreamer, eastern woman, courier, etc. has the tendency to set limitations upon them. And when someone attempts to identify with a Castandian predilection, it may only serve to stunt their growth, so to speak, as they attempt to live within the confines of that definition or worse, become the epitome of that definition.

    It would take a lot of writing to answer your question but here goes a brief summary. Keep in mind that stalking is not exclusive to stalkers and dreaming is not exclusive to dreamers.

    A stalker is extremely interested in attaining knowledge. They will stop at nothing to try to understand the infinite mysteries of being human, of awareness, and of the entire cosmos. When they arrive at a new point of knowledge they push themselves to know everything they possibly can about that particular point. Stalkers are on constant notice to not allow their assemblage points to become fixated on anything so that they may remain fluid enough to constantly receive new information. They will get rid of anything extraneous by recapitulating or just tossing it aside. They have to constantly stalk themselves with ruthless, cunning, patience and sweetness. They know that they have no time to waste and that diligence and fortitude must be used in every moment. They make the best of each moment and try to avoid conflict to ensure there is no loss of energy.

    Dreamers are able to follow a line of awareness to its point of origin with ease because unlike stalkers who want to know everything about that line energetically, the dreamer strives to simply observe it without much regard for the details. Most dreamers are exceptionally creative due to their ability to easily see other lines of awareness that exist in the unknown. Because of this they are able to access the unknown effortlessly because they are not trying to understand it, just witness it. And because of this they are able to dislodge the position of the assemblage point in others, allowing them access to the unknown, even if ever so briefly. Dreamers are typically more emotional, gentler, and kinder than stalkers who tend to be abrupt and detached.

    Stalkers and dreams complement each other when working together, especially when working with others. Stalkers sometimes try to accomplish too much at once and a dreamer will remind them to slow down so that they don’t become overwhelmed. Stalkers are adept at fixating the position of the assemblage point while dreamers are proficient at displacing the fixation of the assemblage point. A dreamer will displace the position of the assemblage point and a stalker will temporarily fixate it on something new so that the information can be fully integrated before moving on to the next point of awareness. Together they work in seeing the new information and it is, indeed, a dance along the lines of awareness while constantly riding each line with fluidity and ease.


    • Very beautiful response thank you. Yes I have seen that directly in a fellow warrior who became very limited and also used Castanedas terms to maintain patterns of addiction and limitation. I believe it is a source of deep reference and allows an opening to that source of wisdom yet it is still beyond any story as we are forever re-creating and evolving with those lines within the web. Thank you for your presence


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