The Mastery of Stalking

The very first principle of stalking is that a warrior stalks himself, don Juan said. He stalks himself ruthlessly, cunningly, patiently, and sweetly. There are four steps to learning it: Ruthlessness should not be harshness, cunning should not be cruelty, patience should not be negligence, and sweetness should not be foolishness. These four steps have to be practiced and perfected until they are so smooth they are unnoticeable. ~ Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence

All warriors who are interested in strengthening their link with intent must practice this. Stalking is not limited to those with a predilection of stalking, it is applicable to dreamers as well. Don Juan said, A warrior needs focus. Heightened awareness is like a springboard. From it one could jump into infinity. He stressed, over and over, that when the assemblage point was dislodged, it either became lodged again at a position very near its customary one or continued moving on into infinity.

As committed warriors we must diligently stalk the dream into infinity. When Silvio Manual screamed Intent!! Intent!! Intent!! he was able to move himself and others into a state of heightened awareness; to open the portal of intent. This was not because he screamed the words, anyone can scream the words. It was because he had become a master of stalking and intent and could move his assemblage point at will. Don Juan explained the two masteries of stalking and intent to Carlos as the crowning glory of sorcerers old and new, the very thing sorcerers were concerned with today, just as sorcerers had been thousands of years before. He asserted that stalking was the beginning, and that before anything could be attempted on the warrior’s path, warriors must learn to stalk; next they must learn to intend, and only then could they move their assemblage point at will.

Sorcerers must constantly stalk themselves. I know dreamers who stalk diligently. They take the time to implement the necessary discipline to momentarily “ground” themselves in second attention as a way of aligning with intent which leads to greater seeing. This alignment allows them to hone their fluidity and increases their impeccability. A dreamer who is not interested in stalking first and/or second attention cannot and will not align with intent. If the dreamer is not utilizing the practice of stalking then they are unfocused and will float around aimlessly without energetic efficiency, without any reference points or possibility for integration, without the possibility of aligning with intent, and without coming to know deeper levels of awareness/knowledge.

Likewise, a stalker who doesn’t stalk second attention will fixate her assemblage there with the potential of repeating patterns over and over again. A stalker must stalk dream in the same manner she stalks first attention and in so doing, recapitulate the entire journey in the process.  Sorcery becomes an attempt to reestablish our knowledge of intent and regain use of it without succumbing to it. And the abstract cores of the sorcery stories are shades of realization, degrees of our being aware of intent. Discipline, determination, strategy, and humility. Without these it is not possible to move beyond human limitations and explore all the possibilities of perception.

We’re warriors, and warriors have only one thing in mind – their freedom. To die and be eaten by the Eagle is no challenge. On the other hand, to sneak around the Eagle and be free is the ultimate audacity. ~ Florinda Donner, The Eagle’s Gift

17 thoughts on “The Mastery of Stalking

  1. Beautiful words!

    If I may, I wish to add something as a stalker following the Toltec path, something which may be helpful to those out there attempting to understand people with a predilection for stalking, or things to be aware of when working with stalkers, and how stalking applies to dreaming…

    As Don Juan said, “Stalkers deal with people, with the world of ordinary affairs.” The stalker’s realm frequently has everything to do with society and people. There are many stalkers out there, walking impeccably among us, and many times unbeknownst to us.

    For those people with the energetic propensity for stalking, the inclination to stalking is indeed a wonderful gift, but has limitations that every stalker should be aware of. Likewise dreamers working with stalkers should be aware, too…

    Firstly: a statement for those with the energetic configuration for stalking, but who have not made the leap to committing to a path of awareness. The roadmap of exercises toward awareness is especially appealing to stalkers, as it matches a stalker’s appreciation for structure sets and clear definition – an attribute many stalkers have cultivated in the hunting ground of everyday affairs and dealing with people. For this reason, you will find many people out there with a stalker’s energy who serve as excellent businesspeople, salesmen, deal makers, politicians and the like.

    Alas, for those stalkers who either have not dis-covered life beyond their sphere of awareness, or who have chosen not to follow such a path, these stalkers sadly fall short of a life that can only be complimented by the flexibility and leeway that an utterly loving and dedicated effort toward art of dreaming can offer.

    Secondly for those stalkers who have recently taken up the path of awareness, keep going! While Castaneda’s books and the Toltec path is not the only system you will find out there as a systemic way of developing awareness, the Toltec path is an impeccable tool to work with. As a well-defined roadmap to the cultivation of awareness, the Toltec path is an excellent tool for “dusting the link,” as Don Juan used to say.

    Challenges for a stalker in the early stages include traps that arise from the stalkers hunting ground of everyday affairs and dealings with people. Social norms are especially cumbersome, with a sense of guilt being one of the larger phantoms with which a stalker must contend. Along with this possibly is a sense of oppressive self-judgment.

    In the early years of a stalker following the path, a stalker’s energy is very much like a switch, either turned on or off. This said, budding stalkers are prone to extremes of exertion (or lack of). Because the stalking energy is associated with fixation with an alignment of awareness, stalkers can be excellent taskmasters, getting practical things done well in an otherwise difficult or impossible environment. They can push obstacles away with their sheer will, but they need to be mindful of others in their path, and the consequences that their actions may bring to bear.

    On the notion of extremism, a stalker new to the path, or one who has not committed to a path of awareness, the consequences of a stalker’s actions can be dire and proportionately extreme to their effort. Such fixation may turn into obsession, and thus bring all the wrath that this

    On the other side of extremism, when a stalker’s attention is not affixed to any one alignment or narrow set of alignments, the stalker can lapse into the opposite extreme. Affixed to nothing, a stalker may languish in the abysmal doldrums of inactivity.

    Best advice for such extremism, seek the pressure relief valve of dreaming, for dreaming’s complementarily to stalking is the cap on the top of an otherwise unfinished project. Be the be mindful of the adage Female Warrior quotes already: “Ruthlessness should not be harshness, cunning should not be cruelty, patience should not be negligence, and sweetness should not be foolishness. These four steps have to be practiced and perfected until they are so smooth they are unnoticeable.”

    So much for the ups and downs of stalking. One goal is to get beyond stalking, and thus get beyond yourself.

    Finally, by its very nature dreaming is an ultimate challenge to stalking. For some stalkers, perhaps dreaming starts off as an unattainable goal. For other stalkers, dreaming is “too soft”, a difficult and untenable state of being for beginning stalkers to bear, especially for stalkers in the grips of their battle with clarity.

    At a time of reckoning, a stalker gazes into the mirror and sees the perfect match of a dreamer on the other side. The dreamer gazes into the mirror and sees her complementary mate looking back at her in the form of a stalker. Indeed, dreaming is a perfect mate for stalking, but remember always to look beyond. In this scene, there is a dreamer, a stalker, a mirror, and the perception (or illusion?) that each of these components renders. What about the rest of the universe beyond the microcosm of these few things? Remember, this is only a starting point.

    Because Freedom, the chance to dance off into infinity is a great goal, remember always to look beyond. Become more than a stalker, more than a dreamer – something unthinkable and beyond comprehension…

    Dance on… Dance on!!!


    • Thank you for these wise words Seacrowe! The subject of stalking is so vast it is hard to encapsulate it in a mere blog. I hope everyone who reads this post takes the time to read your comment. Further discussion on stalking can be found in The Power of Silence. The Eagle’s Gift offers a fantastic overview from Florinda’s perspective.
      Dream on, stalk on, dance on!


  2. Thank you Sister, and thank you John!

    I find that I, being a dreamer, often have used the strategy of attaching myself to a stalker to be able to work and handle other mundane matters… It is not until now, with many years of recapitulation and therapy behind me, that I start to feel able to really start to stalk by myself. It took a lot of patience to get here… But now I am on it!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. By stalking ourselves we in fact do a favor for not only ourselves, but for our fellow man. As with other organisms in nature, there is a coevolutionary process that takes place through gaining more personal power. To shift the assemblage point of the planet, we must continue to diligently hone our focus towards the intent of dancing awake this unimaginable dream called life. It’s already here, we just have yet to remember it together!


    • Indeed.Dancing awake a new dream. A dream where we allow the force of intent to emerge and then riding those lines of awareness into infinity rather than attempting to control the unknown. Co-creation.


  4. Serenely and calmly walking around infinity together, we share the awareness of the intricate beauty of the unknowable, and laugh as one at its magnificent completeness. Through realizing the process of intent has already emerged we see that this new dream is simply a spectrum, a continuum of the past, which is merely an illusion. The force of intent is already a working process within the lives of all living beings, whether the awareness of it’s power is there or not. Rock on.


  5. After going through all the motions, the discussions, the battles, the fireworks, the stoic reflections and musings, the oooo’s and ahh’s, the jaw-dropping, after all this talk, even a pre-loaded effort towards a “silence with a statement”, the only thing left is the silence and the knowledge that brings.


  6. I am a novice but ultimate aim of stalking is moving the assemblage point (correct me if I am wrong), and also removing self-importance?


  7. uh we all love Castaneda bashing, most of what he wrote was his own experience and everyone is tired of the fact that we only have one good source from the new seers,but the modern seers cant forget what just took place a short while ago.because when u find yourself in a new reality you need to remember where you started if castanedas books were your opening to the finding of the new seers and there views. we seers now still share those views only we know we have the tasks of building the next 52000 yrs. and the fact that aliens the makers of the toltecs will reveal them selves all to soon probably in the next 20 yrs. means we need to know our own origins so we can remain rooted in origins .theres plenty of work to be done. Dreaming, stalking, intent. everyone should acquaint themselves with the premises of knowledge.this has to be done in the right side awareness and remember in the normal left side. and remember that the spirit doesn’t enjoy our reason. reason has to go. the eagle has it own commands only those that control there own will can direct intent. outy peace. this is a new time a new line on the downward spiral and new commands are being revealed.


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