I Liberated My Dirt Today

I am going to disclose to you a warrior’s secret. Perhaps you can call it a warrior’s predilection. The life of a warrior cannot possibly be cold and lonely and without feelings because it is based on his affection, his devotion, his dedication to his beloved. And who, you ask, is his beloved? I will show you now. His love is the world. He embraces this enormous earth. The earth knows that he loves it and it bestows on him its care. That’s why his life is filled to the brim and his state, wherever he’ll be, will be plentiful. He roams on the paths of his love and, wherever he is, he is complete. This is the predilection of a warrior. This earth, this world. For a warrior there can be no greater love. Only if one loves this earth with unbending passion can one release one’s sadness. A warrior is always joyful because his love is unalterable and his beloved, the earth, embraces him and bestows upon him inconceivable gifts. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

This beautiful earth is so amazing and every time I take a hike or drive through an area resplendent with beauty, including my own backyard, my affection and love for her deepens.

Driving, this weekend, through twisty canyons and hiking down steep, rocky trails to the river in a thunder and lightning storm no less I arrived at the river. From the recent monsoons the river was rushing and silty from so much runoff. Stately cottonwood and sycamore trees lined the river while two bald eagles soared above. Lizards of all types skittered about. Bird calls were constant. The earth is so alive, so beautiful.

Booming thunder and lightning all around and a light mist falling. Headed out and got trapped at a wash that was flowing heavily with a pick-up truck bogged down on the side of it. Threw all caution to the wind and gunned my little Honda CRV and made it through while the Nissan Armada and Jeep Cherokee chose to be cautious. 🙂

Went home and watched Dirt! The Movie. I highly recommend it. In any event, living in the desert of Arizona most people become mindful to xeriscape their yards and not waste water. As a result many of us have gravel in place of grass and under the gravel is plastic! Yuck! I’ve been meaning to remove it for some time and as of about one hour ago, it’s gone!!! My dirt has been liberated and it can breathe again. Now, we can all breathe easier. Yay!

Keep dancing!

5 thoughts on “I Liberated My Dirt Today

  1. A fine quote from Tales of Power, and thank you for sharing your camera-projections. What a view! You’re lucky to live in such a unique area. Just had some of that thunder over in my neck of the woods, myself. Magnificent!


    • Yes, quite the task when you consider pavement, asphalt, concrete, plastic, massive underground pipeline systems, buildings, poisons and every other unnatural element which constricts it.
      The dirt is alive.


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