The Knock of the Spirit

He reminded me of something he had told me often: that volunteers were not welcome in the sorcerers’ world, because they already had a purpose of their own, which made it particularly hard for them to relinquish their individuality. If the sorcerers’ world demanded ideas and actions contrary to the volunteers’ purpose, the volunteers simply refused to change. ~ Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence

As a warrior of freedom for many years, it seemed to me that anyone had the ability to become one, just as one might choose to become a Buddhist, and it would often frustrate me to find that people would not choose to walk this path of knowledge and awareness above all others.

Committed to walking my path and maturing as a seer has brought to know that there truly are no volunteers on the path of sorcery. I blogged about this a little over a year ago in my post Volunteers in the Sorcerer’s World and since then I have come to an even greater understanding of what this means.

Others have incorporated components of sorcery into their writings and works that are grounded in a salvationism framework that many refer to as the Toltec Path. This is not a bad thing because so many people are walking the world in which their volunteer’s purpose can be or is instrumental in this manner and as a result, people are indeed evolving and even releasing the stories that keep them in an endless cycle of samsara and suffering. Evolution for ordinary man is slow and if people choose to walk in such a way as to fulfill their life’s purpose, all we can do is be a witness to their path as it unfolds.

This past April a beautiful warrior woman arrived here from a land far away from America because she received the knock of the spirit, and walked through the doorway into intent. With fluidity, humility, and the ability to connect with silent knowledge she was able to align, and fully merge as a conduit for the spirit; to become the hollow bone through which all energy moves. Strong in her personal power, willing to ask questions, enthusiastic about recapitulating her individuality, and able to refine her own connecting link to intent, she has fully opened her wings to fly gracefully and beautifully as a sorcerer as intended by the spirit. An incredible dreamer who has stalked her ass off to align with her life’s purpose, she has connected so deeply with silent knowledge and will dance along the lines of awareness for the rest of her life as a seer/sorcerer.

After a lifetime of practice, don Juan explained, sorcerers, naguals in particular, know if the spirit is inviting them to enter the edifice being flaunted before them. They have learned to discipline their connecting links to intent. So they are always forewarned, always know what the spirit has in store for them.

The edifice is an incredible network that intent builds and places before a sorcerer. Don Juan refers to it as “the edifice of intent seen by a sorcerer. The knock of the spirit is the same edifice seen by the beginner who is invited, or rather forced, to enter.” When two of these networks of intent stand before one another, their emanations align and the doorways that they individually open, before one another, merge. As a result, the abstract reveals itself and the two who opened the network dance together within it.

This woman showed up, asked questions, took responsibility for her reality, cleaned her links with intent, recapitulated, and entered into silent knowledge. She was willing, and ready to revive her connecting link with the spirit. With intent and humility she asked directly, that which she wanted to know, without holding on to any pretenses that she already knew.  And when we stood before each other, we opened into a network of energy; we danced together, and witnessed the unknowable. And then after seven beautiful and impeccable days, with utmost efficiency, she was on her way back to her homeland.

The path of sorcery takes a lot of work, work that most people are not interested in undertaking. It takes direct experience, discipline, and practice and it require tons of personal power. One must become impeccable with their energy, be free of inorganic beings, clean their links and become humble before the earth and the spirit in order to truly align with intent and revive their connecting link.

And though I have said it often, perhaps I haven’t said it enough. A committed warrior works diligently to erase personal history and break free of the mold of man. They recapitulate and when they are done they recapitulate some more. The assemblage point must be loosened in order to relinquish individuality. And individuality must be relinquished in order to reside in the sorcerer’s world.

The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to himself. Perhaps you are chasing rainbows. You’re after the self-confidence of the average man, when you should be after the humbleness of a warrior. The difference between the two is remarkable. Self-confidence entails knowing something for sure; humbleness entails being impeccable in one’s actions and feelings. ~ Don Juan, Tales of Power

20 thoughts on “The Knock of the Spirit

  1. yes, even the “toltec” path is another “survivalism’…especially the way many of us are studying it and living it; however, the ancient seers were caught up in it (survivalism) and one could even say the Nagual’s dome is a form of survivalism. Why not just let go of it all anyway. Instead of continuing to explore the realms upon realms, why didn’t Don Juan and his cohorts just completely let go. On one hand we think they did, because of the “fire within” event, but on the other hand Carlos is talking about more rendezvous with other seers at the “dome”….or perhaps in other dream-worlds.

    From my seeing, the Eagle creates, sustains and destroys (kinda like Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva), worlds upon worlds, but there is an indescribable existence beyond the predatory Eagle.



    • the human energy body is on the way to making the energy lines that compose exsistence for our type of energy configuration, the understanding that is need to attain this level of knowledge was beyond don jauns party potential,they were also given a task to fulfill and the eagle is also the power that governs all human beings and beings.just because he has the strength doesn’t justify that the eagle will allow them to go by to freedom,to know this refer to the first steps a potential initiate undertakes,the appointment is with knowledge,the dreamer and the dreamed, secrets of the luminous beings, the law of the one.


  2. knock, knock…

    “I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons,
    knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside!” -Rumi


  3. *laughs* I,like Don Genaro, enjoy laughing so I do… *wink* Thank you for this post, the Teachings of Don Juan was a book I picked up almost 19 years ago at a crucial moment in my evolution and many of the tenets found within Castaneda’s works have formed the back bone of my personal philosophy. While I do not claim to be a Toltec warrior or a nagual or any such thing. I do practice impeccability daily, the wisdom of the warrior who knows the only adviser ever needed is death to my left, knowledge is the only experience to be sought, and awareness of my subtle being.

    I read this at just the right time, thank you.


  4. How Appropriate. This is the forty year mark of The Knock of the Spirit for me. I was a college student and had never heard of CC, but had discovered the first riddle. It began as an affair of honor but ended as a blood bath- an incomprehensible chain of events, and I had become involved with the Intent of this path. I escaped death at the hands of my assailants, and was hauled off for a short ER visit. It was a great night for the Spirit! My arrogance and illusions of invincibility removed and hung on the scars. three months later after great turmoil at having lost my old world, I was on an aisle of books at the library and was forced to reach up and to my right and snap up a book from the top shelf: A Separate Reality. I Knew I had found what I needed to solve the riddle- I’ll never forget that moment. I Have often wondered how you all experienced The Knock. Thank you all-The Messenger- Returned from The Dome Of Intent to fulfill a task.


  5. The knock of the spirit and omens which follow guide the seer to deeper relationship with intent. Sometimes this is with others, sometimes alone… As we mature (prefer this idea you use) often erasing personal history means erasing friends, family, acquaintances that hold us bound to an inventory already released. We truly become dead, or certainly mysterious to these other ways. Impeccability drives one towards emptiness… and while this at first may seem to be loneliness it is truly full for the seer who knows with humility that we are equal to all things in the face of intent…. We are dying everyday and opening to infinite possibilities! Thank you for these words, coalescing the infinite in the now. yes… dance…


  6. The abyss led me to the desert. There I locked eyes with the nagual woman.
    Three years before going to the desert I wrote:

    New experiences through the sensations of flame and earth
    Opening the sky
    No boundaries
    Energy and sensations

    In the desert
    Gazing into the sand…..
    the sky…..
    the stars….
    the Nahual’s eyes

    In the desert:
    “What is Time?” asked the Nahual
    In the desert everything radiates
    Energy calls and shifts

    In the desert:
    Filaments in the vast abyss….
    Filaments in the vast abyss….


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