Fusion With the Emanations at Large

Seers maintain, naturally, that awareness always comes from outside ourselves, that the real mystery is not inside us. Since by nature the emanations at large are made to fixate what is inside the cocoon, the trick of awareness is to let the fixating emanations merge with what is inside us. Seers believe that if we let that happen we become what we really are – fluid, forever in motion, eternal. ~ Carlos Castaneda, The Fire from Within

The degree of awareness of every individual sentient being depends on the degree to which it is capable of letting the pressure of the emanations at large carry it.

As human beings accumulate experience, the band of emanations inside their cocoon begins to glow. In some instances, the glow of this band of emanations increases so dramatically that it fuses with the emanations from the outside. Seers, witnessing an enhancement of this kind, had to surmise that awareness is the raw material, and attention, the end product of maturation.

Attention is the harnessing and enhancing of awareness through the process of being alive. To examine what seers see in the first attention is essential for the warrior-traveler dedicated to freedom. It allows the first attention the only opportunity it will ever have to realize its own workings as well as the machinations of the mold of man.

When the totality of awareness of this human species is recognized in its entirely, it must all be recapitulated, not only from the moment of personal conception into this present human form; all of the lines of the insanity of humanity whose assemblage points are rigidly fixated upon the stories of the mold of man need to be recapitulated as well.

The second attention is a more complex and specialized state of the glow of awareness. It has to do with the unknown. It comes about when unused emanations inside man’s cocoon are utilized. The second attention is powerful and has its own lures and trappings, just as the first attention does but in a way that appears to be magical when in truth it is the level of attention in which the eagle resides. The task of the eagle is to fixate the assemblage point of man because in so doing, the eagle still owns him. Second attention can become a trap for the warrior.

The third attention is attained when the glow of awareness turns into the fire from within: a glow that kindles not one band at a time but all the Eagle’s emanations inside man’s cocoon. The supreme accomplishment of human beings is to attain that level of attention while retaining the life force, without becoming a disembodied awareness moving like a flicker of light up to the Eagle’s beak to be devoured.

The eagle watches and sits on the precipice of third attention in wait, hoping to find a flaw within the warrior so that it can entice the warrior to grasp, once again, onto the hideous mold of man. If this happens, the warrior’s assemblage point becomes fixated again, either in first or second attention. But the warrior-traveler, being impeccable with his energy and with unbending intent, laughs in the face of that insanity vowing to never return and thus, will bypass the eagle. This results in freedom attained before the moment of death.

As energy has been restored once the recapitulation has been done, life force energy turns into personal power and it is because of this abundant energy that the unused emanations begin to glow and vibrate within the same harmonics of the emanations at large. Fusion occurs. Aligned with intent, the warrior flows congruently within and with the energy of the universe.

Keep Dancing!!!


16 thoughts on “Fusion With the Emanations at Large

  1. at a higher consciousness we perceive higher states of vibration past normal human residential frequencies, to fixate its kinda necessary for the tonal since the totality is at stake unless your ready to leave the 3rd dimensional reality ,we modern seers have a new path which is in full manifestation ,at the beginning stages u could even see this stage of growth nuture enhancement as the percepts of the dreaming body as a 3 dimensional being becoming full anther cool under taking is to study the structures of sacred geometry such as trion rays and compression members of the structure of the tonal a grand undertaking, this is all good dreaming content.


  2. the 5th state of matter is the tonals new residential exploration with the awesome possibility of perceiving the higher states as well, residential as in our new roof and sometimes our new floor, attention is stacked like layers in an concentric circle with the innermost part of us we vibrate at a higher rate of cohesion and perceive the emanations at large.


    • The emanations at large are the energetic emanations that comprise the entire natural flow of an intelligent universe. Once you have merged with the emanations (intent, God, universal life force) you have no choice but to fuse with all of it. It is a moment of utter surrender, to completely merge. In physical form you can pick and choose because you are working from the ego-mind. When aligning with the emanations at large you are infused with the universal life force energy/intelligence, the all that is. This is what it truly means to be in the flow.


  3. Just finished re-reading all of Carlos’s books. These books have interested me for a long time because some of the kinds of events he relates, such as getting out of bed, only to look back and see myself asleep have happened to me. I am not at all sure that the explanations in the books are all accurate, but the descriptions of events and many of the ideas are often in accord with other systems of belief. for instance, the three pillars of Zen, or the fourth way, or the tibetan book of the great liberation all point at similar latent aspects of human cognition, and I could go on with dozens of other titles. On the other hand I tend to make a distinction between Carlos the character in the books, and Carlos the author of the books. Don Juan I think of as more of a composite character because he is a Senex who relates the view point of the guru, having much in common with such real people as the Zen patriarchs, Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, Muktananda and even Black Elk. What I guess I mean to say is that Carlitos was as much a Sufi mystic as a showman, and his books must be taken with a grain of salt, but that does not mean they are not mines capable of yielding much of value. So I am not a devotee, but a searcher.


    • Reading Carlo’s books has the effect of causing the AP to shift. I feel it was CC’s intention to make the reader more fluid, to get them to act with extreme abandon, return to the child-like innocence and merge with the flow. Dancing the dance as FW describes it.
      But taking everything in the literal sense is a trap. Perhaps Carlos liked it like that. He knew sooner or later the reader will come to realize it is- keeping the reader from turning his work into another belief for fixation.
      There are many paths and many methods. What is important is to get the dormant serpent to rise and reach the place of the eagle up in the tree with the pine. access to two perceptions-totality? And then the third and beyond to the primordial-all-encompassing attention that you are… Freedom?


    • This is one of the most obscure comments in any of the text by CC. I don’t get it. I do sitting, and can sometimes end the internal dialog for a few minutes, but have never “seen” the luminous egg thing that seems to have been Carlos’ pet idea. On the other hand, I have had lucid dreams, and they can be as vivid as anything he details in his many compilations of short stories about Don Johnny. Then again, I also remember the first time I saw the Gorilla Basketball video and did not see the Gorilla suited guy. We see what we are ready to see or expect to see. Even in dreams we see what we expect to see. Carlos did not seem to address the question of expectations but danced around it with the division between the normal view and the view of heightened awareness. In each book he seemed to mostly just change the names of the same items of awareness he covered in the first three books, but Being in Dreaming did get a bit strange.


    • As recapitulation occurs and we gain more and more personal power, we are able to choose which energy lines we would like to dance along while in human form; whether we are in first or second attention. With our life force energy restored, through the practice of recapitulation, we find ourselves in a space of equilibrium; our energy inside our physical form is perfectly aligned and balanced with the energy of the universe. We become conduits, hollow bones, through which the energy of the universe can flow. As long as we remain open and balanced in this manner while in human form (to be truly in the breath), we are able to flow harmoniously within and with the energy of the entire universe.


    • Dear Hannah,
      power to choose is a kind of power that is available to us always, and it’s only one of the by products of recapitulation and of the increase in energy. I do not want to sound like a bookie but it is true. Once the energy level increases, a lot of things become available that seemed like a door shut before. Cannot underestimate: to make a choice to recapitulate.
      good in your search.


  4. These emanations can be perceived in normal states of awareness, isn’t it?
    They appear as infinite fine filaments of light like strands of silk from a spiders web, not static but in motion, as if they are vibrating or are in a constant flow.
    Are these strands aware? Do they posses the same sentient awareness like man or do they possess awareness like the mineral kingdom?
    You can see them pressing against your energy bubble. The Energy bubble/luminous egg is in constant motion with golf-ball size ripples.
    The energy bubble can been seen in the dark but not these emanations. They can be perceived with a silent mind, by gazing.

    Does any of this make sense?

    Where does Karma or Karmic memory reside? Inside or outside the luminous egg?

    Can stalking and dreaming be described as different tools used to keep the AP from getting fixated, ensuring one is fluid?


  5. Depending on how the seer perceives will determine how they see the energy body. I don’t see it as a “luminescent egg”. Here are a couple of pictures; I see energy more like the one with the Chopra quote; the only difference in how I see is that some of the lines are not fixated solely around the body; some people’s energy lines, particularly in the case of a warrior, may go off towards infinity, as though seeking. I like how MP put it, not static in motion, but as if they are vibrating or are in a constant flow.
    Energy Body 1Chopra Energy Body


  6. Few thoughts…
    Karma, the heaping up of repetitive actions such that we get caught in the act without thinking. Recapitulation frees this energy to do something else with the energy that feeds those actions.
    Emanations at large, infinity as active awareness in the universe, commands for creation and awareness.
    Emanations within those infinite lines which the universe bundles up and separates from the universe at large to induce greater awareness.
    The assemblage point, an illusionary concept that keeps the emanations within from moving freely and linking with those at large.
    The drive of life is to reconnect with awareness to the emanations at large. The ancients saw that if one could connect one line, why not all… they left in a blaze leaving nothing. The Old seers were afraid of this so heaped up concepts to stabilize the assemblage point and then doubled it as an attempt at immortality.
    The new seers disciplined themselves to examine shifting the assemblage point in a steady method so as to explore the connection with the emanations at large connecting with the emanations within… and then blazed with freedom… the ultimate dissolution of the AP and merging with the active side of infinity.
    As to CC… brilliant. Both in the library and in the field. Carlos, the invention of CC, is a literary means to explain the abstract cores of the lineages of seers. A way for us to connect to a very interesting set of maneuvers.
    One can, if one desires, find toltecs in every culture, mythology, mystic discipline and path. This is why the abstract approach leads the warrior to realize that awareness manifest in all times and all places with unique variations to the culture, climate and period.
    We are the map makers, and map destroyers… it all depends on which side of the paper we are searching for answers.
    Just random thoughts… Peace.


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