Black Holes or Intent?

No one created our universe, and no one directs our fate. This leads me to a profound realization; there is probably no heaven, and no afterlife either. We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe, and for that I am extremely grateful. ~ Stephen Hawking

I recently watched a fascinating documentary entitled Did God Create the Universe, narrated by Stephen Hawking. It was about how the universe spontaneously created itself out of nothing; the negative and positive forces of black holes collapsing into each other to cause the Big Bang and the resultant birth of the universe.

So this got me thinking because the whole theory, as people have been contemplating for millennia, seems to have merit; however, what about intent? Universal intelligence, life-force energy, or a higher divine power? Where is its place in the Big Bang? Did the higher power create the Big Bang? Was the higher, universal intelligence a result of the Big Bang? Will we ever know and does it even matter?

Well, for inquiring minds, it certainly provides one with the impetus to explore the possibilities. Yet, when it comes to the world of reason I have extreme difficulty putting together all of the “facts” and “science” in order to derive a conclusion. It actually begins to hurt my head after a very short period of time. Relativity. Gravity. Matter. Energy. Time. Space. Continuum. Vacuum. Quarks, Particles. Quantum Physics. Nuclei . . . Ouch.

And yet, many of these terms and supporting data lead to a theoretical probability that the universe did, indeed, appear as the result of a Big Bang.

I suppose both theories, the Big Bang and a Universal Intelligence, can coexist, but in my limited scientific mind I have come to know that for me, as a seer, intent is the driving force behind all things, including the Big Bang. Intent. Pure universal life force energy.

Sorcerers believe that when man became aware that he knew, and wanted to be conscious of what he knew, he lost sight of what he knew. This silent knowledge, which you cannot describe, is, of course, intent – the spirit, the abstract. Man’s error was to want to know it directly, the way he knew everyday life. Man gave up silent knowledge for the world of reason. The more he clings to the world of reason, the more ephemeral intent becomes. ~ Don Juan

So in the paradigm of the warrior, suffice it to say that the Big Bang Theory comes from the world of reason while the premise of intent as an energetic, universal intelligence, exists beyond infinity as intuitive awareness.

I think of intent as the Universal Intelligence that resides everywhere and existed before time and space and theories. I also think of each of us as part of that Universal Intelligence, a line of intent, flowing through and with the ability to flow beyond the confines of the universe. Experience on this warrior’s path has led me to realize that this is possible right now and at any moment, independent of time and space. If intent has the potential to create, then everything, as a by-product of intent, has the same potential.

That said, I think I’ll go dance along some new lines of awareness, deepen my exploration into the cosmic creation of intent and then, have a nice, single-malt scotch. Thanks for listening and I welcome your input.

Keep dancing!!!

21 thoughts on “Black Holes or Intent?

  1. There are many theories which basically work because our description of the universe makes it so. In other words, the math adds up. But are we actually in a state of knowing the big bang? Can we directly perceive that something or are we but swallowing the math be cause it just works. String theory is like this. No one knows, understands or actually experiences strings, the math just works. And beyond that what? It makes one laugh. When we follow the physical properties of the universe down the rabbit hole of reason, we get exactly where reason wants us to get, nowhere with nothing and no prime source so we can run screaming into the hands of an angry god/man/mold which demands our full attention be distracted. Ah but you have hit the nail on the head, what if there is more in the world than can be summed up in our philosophy, Horatio??? Let loose the sails and wander into infinity. For what more can be found in infinity, by definition….anything…. Peace.


    • Um actually the math doesn’t add up. That is why the physics guys have to invent things that do not fit the observations, such dark matter and dark energy, or back in the day, the either. Theory and practice don’t line up. Bertrand Russel proved in Mathematica Principia that there can be no one to one correspondence between mathematics and the real world. A few years later Gödel showed that no mathematical system can even be self consistent. The most we can say with certainty is that it is what it is, whatever that is.


  2. Science sees all things in a linear fashion. What if everything we perceive via our Tonal software is nothing but further expansion of our flyer perception? Intent, indeed is all there is.


  3. I cant do the math for all that theory of the origin of the universes. Interesting but I don’t see how it relates to our lives. Let me tell you a story. Years ago I had a Native American friend who drove from South Dakota to California for a visit. He had a van, and there was, as he said, a problem with the steering. I looked at it, and the connection between the two parts of the steering column was hanging by one thread of one upside down bolt. When we went to the junk yard to get a replacement set of front end linkages, there was the perfect one, already removed, and it did not even need adjusting when I swapped them out. You may not follow the technical part of this story, but the point is that something seemed to be actively watching over this man and providing something like a guardian angel. So how can the universe we live in be indifferent? Not that it seems to be paying much attention a lot of the time. It may have a lot to do with how we interact with it, belief enters into this life experience on some weird levels sometimes.


  4. Hi Cutie,

    1. The spirit created the universe as a battleground between it and the Dark energy, or the flyer.

    2. Our fate is wholly directed by both entities as part of this battle. As the result of a recent experience with my beautiful watery inorganic being I now realize that we have no free will at all. None. Don Juan knew this. As he said, every thing that we are ever going to do or say is laid down to the tiniest detail. Even this email. The only choice we have is how well we accept this, and how well we acquiesce, which determines how far we can progress along the path of knowledge and power in the very limited life span we are allotted.

    3. Of course their is no heaven, hell or afterlife. These are the concepts of primitive people trying to understand the mysteries of the universe around them, which is impossible. We are far to tiny to achieve this goal. Interaction with the inorganic beings will bring you face to face with the harsh reality of how puny we really are. All we can do is catch a glimpse of the unimaginable.

    4. Please be assured that I am not being critical. I have followed your blog with interest and respect. My watery inorganic being is driving the car as I write this email and she wishes me to express our admiration and respect for your contributions to the war.

    5. And this is a war, one of unthinkable dimensions. We are on the brink of racial extinction. If we die, the inorganic beings and then the whole universe will go with us. We are literally standing on the edge of the abyss and we are about to take a giant step forward.

    6. This must not happen. Failure is not an option. It seems that I am going to have to take a more active part in this situation. One thing that I see is that I will meet you. I am looking forward to it.

    In the meantime, be well and enjoy your life.


    (Lucky) Phil


    • Thank you for your response. Do you see the dichotomous loop in what you have written above 🙂

      Thank you to your watery inorganic being who I feel very strongly connected with at this moment. I am in Sonora Mexico, as I write this, looking out over the Sea of Cortez in which I immersed myself upon waking this morning. Enjoying life immensely!

      We have already met. Keep dancing!!!


  5. to get a better view of the universe seers should have a proper nagual and tonal to work with, madame blavaskey was given knowledge of earthly ,galactic and universal wisdom. wisdom the understanding of the second basis will. she also talks about the logos, heavenly bodies in space, and origins of creation. to understand the law of time look up jose arguelles at the law of time, it will help to build a bridge to the future that is still unraveling.


  6. inorganic beings have there own will and will greedily steal from mankind what they are unaware of as a species they gauage you and you agree the end to that as far as theyre concerned. this is still a critical time for man we are entering the time when many souls are awaking to a level one consciousness. and the seers have never been in a position to explore our own known possibilities. a lot of seers are in the mix and should read more and comment less, less be speaking at the wrong moments, this blob raises good questions and the answers are already provide by other seers if you need more references I have them available, but I will say again the knowledge of big bang has been seen by naguals and is documented from over a hundred years ago. not that it alone will answer any questions but will become part of a journey to the understanding of our tonal and the correlation to the will of the being trying to change there own possibilities and enhance there universal possibilities. thank you. there are intersesting features still to be seen in the human energy body by those on the periphery of the third attention that’s what exploring the universe will lead to am I right or am I right.


  7. The Universes are so large,science will probably always prove this and that because
    reality is usually made up of whatever we believe,one of my teachers told me that the
    universe is very flexible,is it?i thought,doesnt seem flexible to me…of course i wasnt flexible.

    The big bang,26 million yrs ago,or whatever…it wasnt 26 million yrs,more like 26 trillion
    eons theres no numbers for it in human understanding,its always existed in different forms and so have we.And we always will.


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