Bottom Feeders

This predator not only feeds off of human awareness; it also manipulates humans. Don Juan said that there are a lot of outside forces controlling people in every moment and that this control is something that exists outside of the domain of language because these experiences lie so far beyond syntax. ~ Don Juan

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had to deal with the predator. In fact, I thought the predatory energies were a thing of the past, could no longer touch me, that I had elevated myself to a state of existence that I had become impeccable and immune to the poison of it. It seemed that no matter what, I was able to dance past the predator in freedom and when people asked me to write more about it, I refused, deluding myself into believing that it no longer exists in my “separate reality”.

Where do they come from, these horrible bottom feeders, who have not one iota of self-worth or respect for others? It’s infuriating to me that they exist at all but even worse that they appear in my small and simple humble reality. Really? I mean what of all the work I’ve done my entire life to take the higher ground and rise above the petty bullshit?

The worst of these are not the low lives that steal and thieve. They are the self-important people who have a modicum of intelligence; the manipulators, deceivers and tragic beings with the constant need to attempt to destroy another and consume them in their pathetic plight to make themselves appear to be bigger or better than they are. They have no personal power so they suck the life force out of anyone in their attempts to survive and to assume a sense of self, rallying and pitting anyone they can against others in order to get their energy quota for the day. They are dangerous because they stop at nothing so that they may elevate themselves to a position of false authority and control.

As warriors, we try to rise above these petty tyrants who are imprisoned by the predator. We scratch our heads wondering why we become adversaries when all we want to do is go through our lives as creative beings with a full immersion of doing that which we love to do in this world. We might get momentarily caught up in the drama as they attempt to consciously or unconsciously hook our attention into their world of madness and insecurity but the bottom line for the warrior is to always take the high ground, to rise above the nonsense and unplug.

We may find that the ego wants so badly to “take control”, to put this type of idiot of the monkey mind in their place, to alert others as to the enormity and danger of the game. But we know we cannot; most unconscious beings won’t understand because they are they incapable of seeing the lines of energy that attempt to disrupt because it is often candy-coated in intelligence, degrees, and inauthentic mumbo-jumbo as they lie their way through each situation and even operate from a place of pity to receive the food of compassion and support from others. Without an ounce of humility or even humanity, they successfully make most believe in them as a “model humans”.

Take the high road and become the observer from a place of silence. To discuss it with others will serve as a loss of energy because it’s difficult to make another see what they are unable to perceive. While you may lose some energy to these situations, through the thought processes spinning around in your mind while trying to reason out what makes a person act so pitifully and simultaneously mean, try instead to breath the positive life-force energy of the universe into the center of your being with the knowing that these types of people are being held prisoner within the dark world of the predator. As warriors, that’s not a place where we are interested in dancing.

So, the dance continues around the predator, above the predator and in spite of the predator. When you encounter these beings, even if you thought, as I had, that this energetic disturbance was a thing of the past, they can materialize at any moment. I remain diligent.

Keep Dancing!!!!

10 thoughts on “Bottom Feeders

  1. sometime in my life I experience the power of “not to talk about it” …to think and to talk about it sometimes gives more power and importance then it really have….its a very “subdol” game system…everyone has to find his “trick” to “know without knowing”…i am sure you understand me if we are connected….laugh and dance and play and be creative on some “inner mission”,,,that build real “impeccability”…i mean “doing something really FOR LOVE and BECAUSE OF LOVE”….As i go on I see the big limits of Castaneda’s legacy meanwhile I am fully grateful to them….everything is the opposite of everything…and this is dancing…capoeira…axè! With Love


  2. I remember sitting in the boulders high above the desert in south California back in the 70s, with three other guys late one night. down below a truck was moving around with a bright spot light, shining it on the boulder hills. It came to rest on us, and we just sat there. we didn’t know if it was hunters or the migre, but my friend said, “Nagual warriors have to always remember that there are tonal warriors too.”
    Even Don Juan told Carlitos that when dealing with the Tonal world, there was no time to devote to Naugual things, and when dealing with the Naugual there was not time to waste on Tonal crap.
    Refuse all injury. Hold to your inner truth. enter the silence. Stay strong sister.


  3. The Universal Intent is three-fold. Consumption. Expansion. Transformation. Everything has its own frequency. A frequency is a filament. Everything consumes. This is because it is the Eagle’s Command. Consume. Expand your awareness. Transform that which you consume into finer life. The Eagle’s Command.

    Certain species have found ways to avoid being consumed by predator species/energies. They develop natural defenses against their main enemy. It is no different for humans. To be useless to our flier predators, we need to know what they seek! ……they seek Emotional energy.

    Thus, a person that has healed their personal history, stopped their inner dialog and stopped the world offers nothing to those predators.

    Likewise, a person that has embraced death and has ‘died to this world ’ offers nothing for the flier and has the chance to slip beyond at the time of death! A person must have the ability to empty himself. Nothing feeds on an empty morsel. Does anything upset you? Do you have anything to defend? Are you really empty?


  4. I think there’s a battle going on, by that I don’t mean the one between good and evil.

    You have the choice to merge the animal awareness that you are with the awareness of the animal planet Mother or feed it to the predator.
    We are being fed upon whether you like it or not. We could learn from our brothers and sisters- the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. We have violated their existence, just as the predators have violated ours. Have you seen animals being trucked to the slaughterhouse? Don’t you think they know whats coming? We could learn something from them. Its called humility by that I don’t mean surrender, I mean going with the flow- merging with this great Drama at large. We are awareness participating in life and death.
    A warrior is someone who takes in the insanity called existence at its face value and yet finds it in his/her heart to love! Who better to love than the great Goddess? At any point, a warrior has the ability to throw everything away and embrace the great vibration that is the Earth! And there is only this moment to do so, who knows, in the next moment, death will decide to deal you a blow? This is freedom, the ultimate freedom to live and die being the essence you are. This is the only way of dropping your personal drama- that little niche that the inorganics occupy within you, feeding off you.
    Nature- the spirit of the Universe governs this great Drama. She has a way of correcting everything in her time. What is important is we learn from her and align with her. You are a sovereign being, use your sovereign heritage. You may not win every battle with the inorganics, you may have not a single victory. Use the feeders to evolve, once you evolve you have the tenacity to change this drama, you become a conduit for Nature.
    We are all sound vibrations. Everything is connected to everything else. You are that part of Earth that must reclaim its freedom. Don’t worry about the rest, blend in. Let Nature do what shes does best.


  5. I just had exactly this,5 yrs of peace and balance as my energy moved further into oneness,then all of a sudden im confronted by the most powerfull.persistent predator
    energy ive ever come accross,i learned to take myself to higher levels of oneness…three
    yrs later the enegies and those around me are clear,but i would have never believed i could be affected by those levels,i was three days fom the hospital a couple of times.

    Ive learned a lot,this experience pushed me to find inner resources i would never have found,and while the predator in whatever form is a pain,it is also damaged and in trouble.

    The dance goes on…


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