What Plants Talk About

They don’t have eyes or ears but they can find their own food. They lack a brain but some scientists think that they can collaborate, communicate and even wage war. From nurturing their young to eavesdropping on their neighbors, it seems plants are doing and saying quite a bit. We just need to listen. ~ What Plants Talk About – PBS Documentary

This is such an amazing documentary! They discuss how tests have confirmed that tree/plant systems create hubs of awareness and recognize family members. Plants are able to integrate and organize information without a brain or nervous system. They can shape-shift and transform in order to attract different pollinators.

Raising livestock is a major threat to the environment – greenhouse gasses, cattle water consumption, methane gas, clear-cutting and deforestation, destroying necessary rain forests, acid rain, pollution of earth’s already diminishing fresh water supply, land erosion, biodiversity loss in marine ecosystems, increased heart disease in human consumption – the list goes on and on and can be a whole blog in and of itself.

Are so-called invasive species of plants really invasive or are they a life-form of higher intelligence waging war, as the movie lead-in states, in their attempt to bring the earth back into balance? One such plant from Europe known as spotted knapweed is referred to in this documentary as an invasive species and has been killing the grasses that livestock grazes upon in Canada and the western US.

So, are the plants – being one of the oldest living things on earth – recognize this livestock destruction and are they waging war in an attempt to choke out the food source for the livestock so it can die or be removed thereby eliminating the threat to the planet?

Having used plant remedies instead of synthetic medications for nearly 30 years I looked up the medicinal properties of the pretty, purple spotted knapweed to find that it is used to treat wounds and skin infections. Does the spotted knapweed perceive the livestock as a skin infection on the earth? Are invasive species perhaps not invasive at all and merely trying help restore earth to her natural beauty and health? I feel, sense, that this is viable.

The plants are ancient and are known to many to be the “teachers”. A study by Penn State shows that plants most likely had evolved on Earth by about 700 million years ago and land fungi by about 1,300 million years ago — much earlier than previous estimates of around 480 million years ago, which were based on the earliest fossils of those organisms.

Years ago while engaging in ceremonies with psilocybin mushrooms (to move the fixation of my assemblage point and expand my awareness) these sacred little plants would always take me (and others from what I’ve been told) through a magical realm of plant-life exploration, stunningly beautiful humble beginnings, vast wells of knowledge and ancient wisdom. To me, the plants have their own consciousness and awareness and ancient ancestral lineage – no brain or central nervous system necessary. Pure energetic conscious awareness. Ah, the things to aspire to as we keep on recapitulating and keep on dancing!

Maybe we’re not quite as smart as we thought we were and perhaps plants are a lot more intelligent than we ever imagined.

8 thoughts on “What Plants Talk About

  1. I find the plant kingdom the most fascinating.

    Trees are the ultimate translators of Energy on Earth! In my opinion that puts them higher up the food chain than humans. There is so much we could learn from trees!

    Fungi are the ultimate remitters of biotoxins of bio-toxins!

    Men will have to change the way the view other beings. For example, is it really important to have a brain to exist? To associate intelligence with the brain isn’t limiting.
    Trees deal with sunlight directly, the may be able to perceive light in a way we could only imagine. Do you need a sensory organ such as the eye to perceive light? What about the pineal gland’s sensitivity to light?

    I reckon most plant species are social, they thrive in guilds and communities.
    It was plants that taught shamans about poisons and how to use them in hunting.

    If a plant specie is invasive, its probably doing its bid to fix the soil! When local species are wiped out, someone has to step in to deal with the problem of healing the soil.

    Do you see weeds growing? They are a sign of structure and/or mineral deficiency in the soil, They step into to heal the soil, when their job is done, they die and let someone else take over. There’s so much we humans could learn from weeds.

    Clearing forest to raise live stock is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, What we need to remember is the forest thats cleared to grow food, pumping water from aquifers that have been around for eons.

    There was a time when whole of the planet was covered with forests, even humans were green. That time has gone and we are much different now, we have come a long way but its not to late to cover this planet once again with forests!

    The plants, water, air, animals and soil are our ancestors. We must honor our ancestors!


    • Yes, and the entire universe is our ancestor, our point of origin is the same. We must honor it all and hold it all in the highest regard. Until such a time as that we will continue to exist in chaos.


  2. I have been thinking about the gifts of invasive species since reading this yesterday. Thanks for offering that perspective. Saw the first of our spotted knapweed this morning and honored it.


  3. The plants are the neurons of the Earth, Gaia, our Mother. They send out chemicals from leaves bark roots just as in our brains we send chemicals called neurotransmitters across synapses. The second time I ever entered the realm of higher awareness I entered into relation with a pond where algae were living in ecstatic bliss. The plants don’t just communicate with one another, they communicate with us as well, or would if we were only a little more open. And it is not just the plants, but the Elephants and Whales, great Buddhas of the land and sea that enter into the dreams and visions that some of the plants enable. If only we were open to see and hear, and could stay open, not just in moments of peak awareness, but every day, every night, how our world would be illuminated.


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