Dancing Past the Predator

The Predator consumes our awareness through our emotions, properly directed by the internal dialogue. They have designed our social environment in such a way that we are constantly shooting off waves of emotions, which are immediately absorbed. Best of all, they like attacks of ego; for them, that is an exquisite mouthful. Such emotions are the same anywhere in the universe where they occur, and they have learned how to metabolize them. ~ Encounters with the Nagual

Perceiving and witnessing the Predator (flyers, inorganic beings) from a predilection of stalking is quite incredible. With a predilection to stalking I perceive the predator in various situations or aligned with people and slash at its impositions with my warrior sword or vajra dagger…cutting through the illusion one line at a time; well sometimes multiple lines!

Perceiving and witnessing the Predator from the realm of dream is another whole story for me. Living in dream is a relatively new experience. Sure, I’ve been in dream many times but residing here has been challenging. I am learning to stalk in dream. What I’m learning about witnessing the predator in dream is that bringing out the vajra dagger isn’t always efficient. What seems to be the most effective method of dealing with the predator in dream is silence. Utter impeccability. Invisibility. Sorry Predator…you have no power here!

Silently observing the predator in dream has allowed me to increase my energetic efficiency. I am working on merging the dreamtime with ordinary time (transcending even this duality). In spite of my yearning to slash away the masterful control and hold that the predator has over humanity, I have become aware that the only flyers that can be annihilated are the ones that attempt to have a direct link to me or those that affect me directly through their link with others. Since the flyers control us through traditions, customs and history; through newspapers, radio and the internet, the only option that exists for each individual warrior is to recapitulate and unplug. No one can do it for you and you can’t do it for someone else.

Since last week’s full moon and summer solstice it has become evident that a lot of people have experienced a major purge complete with emotional outpouring. My own was the result of some heavy duty recapitulation. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship of human emotion while synchronized with the magnitude of a gravitational shift such as that of the full moon, especially when piggybacking the solstice. When the moon is full, the ocean tides surge forcefully to the shore often rising above normal height. When this gravitational pull occurs it seems likely that the predatory energies from the depths of the cosmos can “ride” in easier, kind of like going with the flow.

The Predator consumes our energy by aligning with ours, most typically by feeding off of our emotions. While the expression of emotion is healthy and often accompanies the recapitulation, as long as we no longer have an attachment to the story then the predator is not attracted to the emotions because there is nothing for them to take when there is no attachment.

If we allow ourselves to be “the hollow bone”, to keep “our chakras open”, to “stay in the breath” then our energetic frequency is vibrating at the same frequency as the universal life-force energy. We become equalized with the ambient pressure so to speak. We become impeccable and energetically efficient. When we are functioning in this manner we are invisible from the predator. Dream has shown me that the vajra dagger is a tangible representation of what an efficient warrior strives to become which fundamentally represents the impenetrable, unmovable, immutable, indivisible, and indestructible state of awareness.

~Keep Dancing!

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