Sorcery is the Art of Silence

Sorcerers abide by their experience. They have changed ‘believing’ for seeing. They speak of the spirit, not because they believe in its existence, but because they have seen it. Silence is a passageway between worlds. When our mind stays silent, incredible aspects of our being emerge. Starting from that moment, a person becomes a vehicle of intent, and all his acts begin to ooze power. Don Juan recommended intending inner silence directly. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

And so it was, an ordinary weekend just like any other. The weather was perfect and the warriors gathered together, some meeting each other for the first time. A combined intention to dance awake a new dream had been created months earlier and we each knew by connecting with intent that we were not creating a new dream, we were simply opening ourselves in our connecting link with intent to allow a new dream to emerge.

We engaged in a lot of not-doings. We ate delicious, healthy and wholesome food. We talked and laughed and created music and meals together. We napped and read and wandered as one felt called to do so. Happy to be in each other’s company, and not caring if we weren’t, we connected with silence.

We did sweat lodges together, the first a very hot one in honor of the Jaguar. The Jaguar sees with her whole being…with her eyes, nose, tail, mouth, whiskers, pads of her feet and through her spots. Perceiving from all positions of the assemblage point, collectively and in awe, we were seeing in silence.

We hiked through the beauty and splendor of forests, meadows and over rocky crevices. We saw hawks and vultures and hummingbirds and the largest flock of ravens any of us had ever seen at once, hundreds of them, some mating in flight. We sat beside a refreshing waterfall and its tiny pool, fortunate to witness this wonder before the mountain spring that feeds it dries up for the summer. At the top of the mountain’s rocky peak we entered the second attention lodge (formless and non-physical) spontaneously and without words and soared through silence.

We crawled four feet down into the earth, her circular womb surrounding us on all sides with a small open portal open above us that allowed us to view the stars as we drummed and chanted. Without words and in our deepening connection with intent we honored the creator, creation, created. We knew that we were each the creator, creation, created and a deep sense of mutual respect circled within the womb as we were aware of our oneness in silence.

Sitting by the fire the coyotes howled and yipped all around us and we were listening in the dark as our assemblage points continued to shift. Inorganic beings dared to feed off of that which they could not penetrate. The recapitulation of any lingering internal dialogue fueled the fire, further displacing our assemblage points and we collectively arrived at the threshold of silence.

Intent. Intent! INTENT! Not words, not thoughts; simply knowing, simply being, simply connected within silent knowledge.

Then we entered the sweat lodge, brought in hot stones to heat it and began a rhythmic drumbeat until we were all drumming together. If we had recorded our chanting I would include it here yet there are no words to describe what unfolded in that melodic and harmonious canción de la tierra. Our attention shifted and we were no longer bound to our physical form. Our combined energies began to expand and we created an energized hub of awareness that allowed the frequency of our energy to pulsate with the ambient energy until we had established a clean bond with infinity, a new hub of awareness with silence, in silence and because of silence. And we danced and danced and we continue to dance, in the silence; dancing awake a new dream. Keep Dancing!

In spite of its indefinable nature, we can measure silence through its results. It’s final effect, the one that sorcerers look for with avidity, is that it brings us in tune with a magnificent dimension of our being, where we have access to an instantaneous and total knowledge that is not composed of reasons, but of certainties. Sorcerers call it silent knowledge. ~ Carlos Castaneda

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