If we were able to transcend interpretation and face pure perception without prejudice, the impression of a world of objects would vanish. In its place, we would witness energy as it flows in the universe. Under such conditions, the chain of other people’s thoughts would no longer have the smallest effect on us and we would not feel obliged to be or do anything. Then our senses would have no limits. That’s seeing. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

I have more questions than answers when it comes to this. And I am discovering that there really are no answers when dealing with silent knowledge, at least none that come close to what it means to be in a state of seeing from a point of pure perception. What I do know is that when the assemblage point radically shifts from its fixated location and we are forced to perceive in a new manner it takes a lot of energy to stabilize again. And for warrior travelers it is even more difficult because where the average man attempts to rebuild and reconstruct their reality exactly as it was, the warrior recognizes the radical shift as the very gift they’ve been striving for. To reconstruct their “reality” as it was, would be a repetition of a pattern instead of an act of creation.

Circumstances of late have provided me with the intense opportunity to perceive from a completely new location of the assemblage point and from a place that is pure seeing. Though I’ve seen and cut through the lines of the matrix of the world for many years, what I see now in a state of renewed clarity is that there are no new lines to grab onto, every line that exists is a line that has been created by someone else. The lines are luminous and the ones that have hooked the attention of the masses are quite bright and even thick while others are lightly glowing like fine gossamer threads. It is an overwhelming sight, to say the least, and has provided me with an understanding on a deeper level of how stories are maintained and energized, even those that most people claim that they do not like nor care to be a part of and yet, maintain a connection to which subsequently makes it brighter and more attractive to those lacking the personal power to see beyond it. In other words, don’t go to the light.

Floating in the beautiful cosmos without a single attachment to any line is downright scary, in fact, it is terrifying! The vast emptiness of silent knowledge provided the awareness that if I grabbed onto any of the lines I was seeing that I would instantly be repeating a pattern. I sat quietly in the abyss considering releasing my house, my job, my things because I was seeing them as anchors. In fact, I saw that I was tethered to this world only by these things. That was the word I used. Tethered. By one tiny and very weak line that I could extinguish in the blink of an eye. The temptation was great, but the timing was impossible. I didn’t come back for my things, it was my loved ones that I came back for. So I stalked my way back down the tether in order to resume in the place that I had left off and it has been with great difficulty that I carry on so to speak.

My beautiful home is my refuge. In order to keep the house I must keep the job which subsequently anchors me to a million other lines that do not belong to me and are certainly not of my choosing. Increasing my personal power now consists of learning how to connect with intent in a different way, to hold onto the beauty of the incredulous freedom I experienced and not feel too overwhelmed by the artificial matrix that the dominant paradigm has labeled as reality and to strive to be in a fluid act of seeing in each and every moment regardless of my surroundings. Busy times!

Sitting in the abyss of silent knowledge allowed me the opportunity to see that every line belongs to someone else. Even the lines of our own creation still vibrate and glow with life if someone, even just one person, has hooked into it despite the fact that we have recapitulated and cleaned the links. Our only choice, as warrior travelers, is to be impeccable with our energy, increase our personal power, keep our assemblage points loose and prevent them from becoming fixated and to be in a constant act of creation without attachment to any single line, even our own.

Most modern sorcerers are the heirs of the old seers. By ignoring the warrior’s principles, they have devaluated the knowledge. They have become storytellers, herbalists, healers, or dancers; they have lost control of the assemblage point. In many cases, they do not even remember that the point exists. The new seers tried to stop all this; they took what they could use from the vision of the ancients, but they were wiser and more moderate. They cultivated an unbending intent and turned all their attention towards the way of the warrior. In that way they changed the entire intent of the practices. Upon completing their energy, some of them glimpsed a higher goal than the adventure of the second attention and pondered the possibility of being free. ~ Carlos Castaneda

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