I Have No Thoughts So I Will See

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I will see.
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
Detached and at ease,
I will dart past the Eagle to be free.
~ Carlos Castaneda, The Eagle’s Gift

I am already given to the power that rules my fate. Power is and power moves. This power, this energy, is an incomprehensible aspect of the eagle’s emanations which, when surrendered to, ensures our existence within this vital flow of energy while simultaneously enhancing our overall awareness. It is nearly imperative to live within a constant state of gratitude for the precious life-force energy/emanations that flow to us continuously from the eagle.

Don Juan reminds us that we must do more than just appreciate this energy flow. We must assume responsibility for it by going to war with ourselves in a fierce and endless battle to conserve and preserve this energy. Ever struggling against the monster of self-importance is what leads to a warrior’s impeccability. Clinging to nothing; defending nothing.

I have no thoughts so I will see because if we allow ourselves to become consumed by our own thoughts, or the thoughts of another (all thoughts, in fact, no matter where they come from), we run the risk of allowing the location of our assemblage points to become fixated upon those thoughts/words. Then, our minds become full, trying to reason everything out, and seeing becomes impossible.

A warrior knows that if they are committed to their path that they will invariably succeed in reaching the goals they set for themselves. Self-doubt plays into the predatory realm of unworthiness and not-enoughness. A warrior fears nothing, so they will remember themselves.

To attach importance to another’s words, perceptions, explanations, etc. compromises fluidity. The point of being aligned with intent allows the warrior to be detached and at ease in all aspects in their lives and in all dealings with others.

There is no doubt, for a warrior who is committed to their path, that they will achieve total freedom. In fact, if one can get out of their own way, they will come to realize that they are already free and that they will dart past the Eagle to be free. GRATITUDE. INTENT. SILENCE. AWARENESS. IMPECCABILITY. SEEING.

Surrender to the life-force energy, aligned with intent and connected with silence. The awareness you require in order to be in a continual state of fluidity will emerge. Power is and power moves.

Further reading:  Question the Answers – originally published November 2009

18 thoughts on “I Have No Thoughts So I Will See

  1. Saw you had a discussion. Very illuminating~

    Somewhere I think in the wheel of time it is written as I have no thoughts so I “can” see.

    Thanks for the discussion.


  2. Springtime in the Rockies ─ aka No Circle Ever Broken

    Nothing was ever purer
    Than just being free of
    All dogmas, conditioning
    Seeking for explication

    Relaxing and dropping
    Into just this reveals
    The already cleansed
    Never needed saving As-Is

    Karmic tendencies proclaim
    Territorial solid state beings
    Intent on proving something
    Or another to someone

    All that strife and striving
    Is meaningless in the grand
    Finale of simply releasing
    One’s stranglehold on reality


  3. True.

    Humans though are part of Earth, an organ just like other animals, plants, minerals and elements. I’m not sure about the so called ho mo ca p en sis who control the banks and the vatican. In the grand scheme of things we are no more than cattle- raised with the same intent. The total output of green houses gases produced by the meat & dairy industries far exceeds that of all the automobiles on Earth. The problem isn’t the livestock, it lies with those who raise them. It’s the same with humans.
    Humans would have to wake up from this stupid collective dream in order for Earth Mother to align with her intent of darting past the Eagle.
    As warriors of awareness what good is it if we dart past the Eagle and leave Earth behind for these bunch of idiots? We’d be like average men and women- they come and go.


  4. I will merge with the dark sea of awareness to be free, and that merger is consummated every moment of my life that I let go, and even most moments where I cling…so it is a merger in the now.

    The ‘universe’ demands that we perpetually be hunted and evade the forces around us, subject to the onslaughts from the unknown. That is not the mood of infinity.

    Time to make a stand and refuse to run. Refuse to dart past anybody or anything – because as much as the issue is outside our cocoon – just as much is it within the cocoon. The emanations inside are what we can change. To burn with the fire from within is to enter the totality of the here-and-now.

    As FW says, the warrior is free in the now. Because freedom is a merger that is happening *now*. Spinning us into the inconceivable.

    Ironic: The less tangible the topic, the fewer the comments.


  5. Their last task, after they had regained the totality of themselves, was to get a new pair of double beings and transform them into a new Nagual man and a new Nagual woman by virtue of revealing the rule to them. And just as the first Nagual man and Nagual woman had been provided with a minimal party, they had to supply the new pair of Naguals with four female warriors who were stalkers, three male warriors, and one male courier.
    When the first Nagual and his party were ready to go through the passageway, the first Nagual woman was waiting to guide them. They were ordered then to take the new Nagual woman with them to the other world to serve as a beacon for her people, leaving the new Nagual man in the world to repeat the cycle.
    While in the world, the minimal number under a Nagual’s leadership is sixteen: eight female warriors, four male warriors, counting the Nagual, and four couriers. At the moment of leaving the world, when the new Nagual woman is with them, the Nagual’s number is seventeen. If his personal power permits him to have more warriors, then more must be added in multiples of four.


    • Thanks for your dissertation Tony. I’m not posting the other eight responses that you made because they are just too long.

      It is not possible to “transform” anyone into a Nagual. Either you enter into the realm of the nagual or you don’t. Likewise, the “rule”, like any set of protocols, is a trap of attention and not necessary for attaining total freedom. It sure makes for a good story though! There is a fine line, in Carlos’ writings, of what is real and what is a trap of attention. Connect to the energy behind the words and you may come to find that you no longer need the words.

      Keep dancing!


    • This is a beautiful summary of the Eagle’s Gift and the rule therein… but what of other matrices? There are more than a 4×4 structure to the Rule. What is interesting is, once its in words, people feel that it gospel. Its not. Carlos was a three part nagual, so where are the others that he did not move towards freedom? Interesting question. Spirit, INTENT, is much more creative than our words can allow… or are we just later day catholic toltecs?


    • Everyone and everything is the projection of a single Totality.
      To self-integrate would mean returning to this Totality.
      For our lot, it is a moment by moment decision- such an intent turns into unbending intent becoming a vehicle to reclaim the power of that single Totality within ourselves – darting past the Eagle(whatever it is, also a part of the Totality).

      Self-integration is the act of reclaiming your heritage as a child of Earth.


      • the recapitulation of cosmic history is the effect of changing that intent, the intent of beings before us who had the own interest as the original divine thought manifested in the this universe. ive seen the wings of intent change by a few degrees when we as a whole get together for tasks like this we did already and reached that point 4 years ago. our aware of totality and the origin of the intent of these other beings, it can change because they set the intent at a higher level stacked on ours .if you remove a lower block the top changes and herein lies our chance to align the intent of the beings of earth, im not just answering your question im intersted in making our mark in the nagual, in fact i know it can happen it was done a few years ago,


  6. i understand not everyone is a nagual but many visit your page it is a web for us to move across the lines of awareness, and the true map to totality and freedom have the same requirements its the warriors duty to know there own personal limits but the story is still manifestation.


  7. Is the Eagle silence in the final end ? – 🙂 niks

    let’s see if this gets posted. I have no thoughts so I will see. 🙂


  8. the energy bodies of humans are like cells in the universe they are separate from the other cells and yet they are connected to all the other cells in the universe,humans need know and the warriors of the third attention now need true universal knowledge and true galactic knowledge to raise there awareness of where we are in the vastness of this universe we just reached they planetary but we need to know the passage of time origin to end and take it to heart. only an unbending intent can connect with the infinite.


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