Mastery: Preparation for the Definitive Journey

A level of practical knowledge was included as part of teaching the mastery of awareness. On that practical level don Juan taught the procedures necessary to move the assemblage point. The two great systems devised by the sorcerer seers of ancient times to accomplish this were: dreaming, the control and utilization of dreams; and stalking, the control of behavior. ~ Carlos Castaneda,  The Power of Silence

Warriors know that it is necessary to modify the foundation of our perception from that of reason to that of the abstract; the ultimate foundation of a warrior’s perception rests on the certainty that energy is all there is.

When a warrior makes a commitment to total freedom the only thing that is required is to hone their mastery. Mastery of dreaming and mastery of stalking. Warriors know that they need energy in order to face the unknown and when arriving at the point of facing the pure abstract they must be impeccable.  If they are not, they will not dart past the eagle and will, instead, remain caught within the emanations that recycles them back into the karmic loop of reincarnation.

Toltec Warrior-Travelers are ready for the definitive journey, to face the unknown. Ready to exist within the very fabric of the luminous universe and to become the energetic essence of everything. Filaments and luminous fibers in the vast abyss.

These lines and fibers of energy that are the essential construct of the universe are the filaments that ultimately connect us all. They have been around since the beginning of time and they are that from which we have become human beings. Human beings made up of these luminescent fibers that are pure energy that have been around forever. These luminescent fibers carry and hold the memories of all of creation and if one is open enough to perceive they will have access to more than they would have ever imagined. Don Juan even said that these luminous fibers are conscious of themselves and never touch each other when they are not encased in luminous eggs. There are an incalculable number of fibers in the void. Filaments in the vast abyss. Dancing along the lines of awareness. Such beauty!

I’m not interested in those who call themselves warriors in order to fit within a paradigm that they find interesting. It’s rather boring.  I am interested, however, in the very small percentage of people who have come to recognize that human form has become a prison that prevents one from aligning with the majesty and awe of an infinite universe. A warrior-traveler doesn’t talk…they undergo rigid disciplinary measures in order to come into their mastery and then they act.

Warriors recognize that they must apply themselves fully and without doubt and thus derive full benefit from their mastery. There’s an Eastern saying: When the student is ready the teacher will come. The big misinterpretation here is in looking for a “don Juan” to shift your assemblage point and give you a boost into total freedom. Stop looking for the teacher; for the master; it is within you. The master is your double and has been with you since you first departed from pure consciousness. And it waits for you to acknowledge it and embrace it. All you need to do is increase your personal power. The double is your line to freedom and it will pull you through to freedom as the boost of the earth propels you off of her planetary orbit. But, in order for this to occur, you must take responsibility through your mastery and act.

Mastery of Dreaming and Stalking. Connecting with the pulse of the earth. Recapitulation. Erasing personal history. Releasing the mold of man. Aligning with Intent. Sitting within Silent Knowledge. All necessary practices for the warrior-traveler to ensure their departure into infinity.

Silent knowledge is something that all of us have. Something that has complete mastery, complete knowledge of everything. But it cannot think, therefore, it cannot speak of what it knows. ~ Don Juan, The Power of Silence

Dancing through infinity!

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  1. May I suggest ‘energy body’ rather than ‘double’

    Double sounds as if it is a copy of ourselves, when nothing could be further from the truth. That word arises from the feeling that we ‘create’ or ‘manifest’ a double through dreaming.

    While actually our life is a breathless quest, practically a treasure hunt for the energy-body. Where any action, event, location, situation, person, anything tangible can be a portal where the energy body moves us directly.

    The old seers of every land lost out because they fixated on ‘their’ magic…not the true magic coming from beyond them, from their inner world. And today we all experience the echoes of that fixation. When I say today, I mean this very day, this very moment!



    • Something of great interest to me – practices, rituals, and concrete methods can also connect you with the energy body. But only something a little bit above and beyond can take you to the totality of your energy body – an explosive nucleus of energy that destroys every fixation in the space around you.

      Dare I say ‘Cloud Atlas’….


    • Hi J5,
      Thanks for your comment. I don’t perceive the “double” as being a manifestation we create of ourselves for “out there”. In dreaming, we don’t manifest a double, we enter into second attention and merge with that point of origin, the double, that is us.

      I see the double as the part of our pure energetic consciousness that resides in infinity and awaits our return from this ephemeral passage on earth. Our life force on earth is an extension from our particular luminescent fiber of pure consciousness.

      Our double is not another human type of body residing in the cosmos as a replica of this human form we are living within while on earth. This earth body is our creation, our manifestation, from the place of pure awareness and silent knowledge. When we re-connect with our double, which is the pure conscious energetic emanation from which this human form was created, that reconnection allows us to burn with the fire from within, drop our form and return to the emanations at large.
      Keep dancing!


      • We are in agreement there 🙂

        Precisely why the double is such a silly and confusing name for something which is both vast and special, our own connecting link with the spirit in fact.

        So a suggestion that we call it the ‘energy body’ – or anything else to remind us all of its true nature. Words are so powerful when it comes to fixating our attention, the right words helps all flow free 🙂



    • There is a definite or definitional difficulty with “double” and “energy body”… The double is a dream body to which warriors reconnect… I feign away from energy body due to the matrix of perceptions around this term in the new age etc…. Prefer double… and FW has it accurate that the double is more akin to where we came from before form, and where we can return to after form. As we gather personal power through recapitulation and removing our links to control and form, we energize the double and this allows us to move along avenues of awareness and lines of intent. This discipline is dreaming and a practice for the formless embodiment of our awareness when we make our final maneuver.

      The trouble with “double” is it is not another form nor a second assemblage point. This was the trap of the old seers (not the ancients) who became obsessed with a singular shift of the assemblage point at death and a doubling of the world (mythologically called the City of God, Xibulba, Mt. Meru, or Shambala, etc)… and they invested this shift with the energy of their culture to create a mid ground for awareness to grow beyond form, but still have it. They got caught in the idea that their creation was infinity… and not just a stepping stone to infinity. Thus their dreaming was their downfall and destruction.

      The new seers returned the discipline of the double to a position of silence rather than creation of form. They drew upon the ancient seers talent for moving with their double to places abstract and distant… and they gave to the modern world a practice that allows us to see, not just create, the universe as it is. They too became trapped by secrecy and strange maneuvers, which the modern seers are currently working out, each in their own way and talent.

      This is why modern toltec warriors recapitulate religion and mythology and invest the double with an abstract energy, not a concrete energy of form… to which we may practice traveling along the lines of intent on the active side of infinity…..


  2. I so appreciate this dialogue! I like what you said, Don, about how “we energize the double and this allows us to move along avenues of awareness and lines of intent”. I think that we energize the double when we “merge” back into our own unification and then power is and power moves!

    Don Juan said about seeing and the incalculable power at our fingertips: “And then we begin to know without having to use words.” Precisely why it is becoming more and more difficult to write a blog. It’s very arduous to attempt to find explanations because the journey towards total freedom is filled with so many things that are beyond words, things that can only be experienced and then applied for further deepening. What reveals itself from silent knowledge is occurring in the realm of the nagual. To attempt to define it forces a warrior into the world of reason/tonal and as a result, loses its power.

    The words get in the way and barely begin to define that which is indefinable. Energy body, double; I suppose they can be one in the same but when I think of the energy body I think of the work of Robert Monroe, sending the energy body out from ones physical form to have OBE’s.

    There is definitely a clear distinction, however, between the double and the double-being, at least from the point of seeing energetically. That can be a whole blog in and of itself and I’m hoping to hearing what you two think about those distinctions! 🙂

    Thank you!


    • Don, FW

      Nice to hear what you feel 🙂

      This is actually the point at which I personally favour the description ‘luminous cocoon’. We are a luminous cocoon with an assemblage point (no second one ;)). Our physical body in this realm is just a vehicle for part of the awareness that we possess as luminous cocoons (i.e one end of a duality).

      As I _see_ it, we as biological entities possess part of the volition of the entire being that we truly are. Rather than merely restoring ‘energy’ to that totality, on the warriors path we end up restoring ‘volition’ to that totality, and allowing it to guide the biological being. This allows for maneuvers of perception that the biological being is incapable of.

      Everything that we recapitulate or disentangle as persons is ultimately a fixation of our awareness / consciousness, engendered by our immersion in this dream that we call reality. When we are conceived, ‘we’ are fixated into a groove of life where we must be helpless babies at birth, subject to the whims of those around us, dependent for survival. Thats a fixation that supercedes most others 🙂 And yet we pick up so many others at that point itself (as embryos connected to our parents’ energy moulds and their DNA chains, their ancestral trauma), and once born, the really concrete ones begin – ideologies, religion, etc, our ‘personality’ takes shape, and we even form a concrete identity.

      Seen as energy fields, our biological body ends up with contorted energy fields that make it impossible for us to perceive the luminous cocoon. The entire focus is on compressing our energy and creating a narrow line in front of us that is the only opening for the free flow of energy from the universe – everything that impacts us is only processed as its impact on that line. Only our connection to the cocoon through transferring attention to our double/energy body allows us to break this linear (in terms of emanations) mode of perception. The energy body is blocked from us by every single fixation – they ensure we interpret energy as the same reality (‘groundhog day’) by blocking out the dynamic element of energy coming to us. An inferior version of the old seers method of ‘closing the gap’ by making it into a line instead of a bowl, but with the same motivation – to maintain our continuity of perception.

      FW/Don – here is where I believe that while words can confuse and entangle us, the basic problem tends to be the baggage we carry when using those words. For instance, I havent read Monroe (though I have heard about him). So the words ‘energy body’ simply dont have the associations that they have for somebody who has read Monroe.

      The energy of the modern era insists that we describe what we experience, at least for our own benefit. I have found that selecting the words that truly carry the consciousness of the luminous-cocoon allows one to create a simpler web of words that helps us describe perception to ourselves. They dont really explain anything, but they break the linear explanations which are implicit in the words that we otherwise use. (e.g double is a copy of ourselves ‘generate’ – this is a linear explanation). Words are so critical in this era that we must struggle to find the right words to un-fixate all flows of energy – merely going beyond words doesn’t fully accomplish that. Hence the letting-g of obscuranticism, mysticism and mythology that you both seem to embody (the letting-go that is) 🙂

      As far as double-beings go (another phrase that I prefer to reinvent ;)). Double-beings inherently have a luminous cocoon which is vaster and less emphatic in nature than other beings. There are simply put, more emanations to potentially align. Yet, because of the vastness of the cocoon, the force of their attention does not feel so ‘specific’ or ‘concentrated’ in nature to other beings.

      Obviously there is no way to become a double-being. Either you are one, or you aren’t one. The quest for a party and reunification is perhaps merely a quest for that level at which you and other beings are the same, whether your cocoon is regular or extra-large ;))

      In the old lineages, double-beings traditionally were given extra training due to their specific nature, responsibilities, and ability to influence other beings (simplistic description). This led to an emphasis on them, and a feeling that they are true leaders – this has created a new mythology among CC-readers and ‘warriors’, everybody likes to claim they are a double-being, and everybody else likes to debunk other double-beings.

      Fundamentally though, to return to the root is the only way to be a double-being, or whatever energetic configuration you possess. At the start, we’re all puppets 🙂 Only through dissolving the fixations generated by the world around us do we begin to become conscious of what we really are.

      In this era, I believe double-beings have an extra edge, as they have an extra impetus to dissolve such fixations (the more specific and tangible the era, the worse off double-beings are, and when that happens, they automatically begin to look inside themselves for answers rather than outside themselves for fulfilment).

      Stopping here so this can be a dialogue 🙂


      • Intensely interesting these words… I appreciate your clarity with them and agree. One of the gifts of CC’s work and the work of any mystic has been to write in a way that there are actually internal inconsistencies within the definitional use of words. These inherent contradictions set up a paradox through which we can see a middle way to the actual truth beyond the fixations through the telling. As I was often reminded, CC’s works should be read from an energetic perspective (whats behind the words), not just a scientific or legalistic perspective. His goal was to shift our perceptions, our assumptions, our assemblage points. As we grow and mature the path, we reinvent definitions, words and stories to illuminate tales of power as the ultimate selfless gift of our recapitulation… a deeper method of letting go for our “definitive journey” as FW has so clearly defined above.


      • I agree with what you say here, j5, especially as it pertains to the restoration of volition. Even more than restoration it is an acknowledgement of the power that rests at our fingertips, the power of our fundamental abilities that we have been isolated from due to a long list of reasons stemming back thousands of years that I don’t care to get into here.

        This power is the creation of all that is possible through our alignment with intent. A warrior knows of their potential by simply exercising their will. Ordinary man would refer to these potentials or feats as miracles; we know them to be maneuvers of perception.

        As far as what you discussed on double-beings, yes, I agree with what you said.

        ~ Keep dancing!


    • Allow me to tell a personal story that may shed some light on this subject of energy double, second attention etc. When I was in my 20’s I had the following dialogue with the person who for me was my great teacher and mentor, and you are so right, we must take on our journey ourselves and rely on no one. But we do at times have great teachers like a Nagual, like Don Juan Matus etc.
      One day I asked this mentor, “We are always changing. Therefore, ti would seem we have many selves. Some people would say we have no selves” others postulate that we only have one real true self. Which is it.

      The answer he gave me, without any hesitation was (and so very akin to many of the mind-blowing statements made to Carlos Cateneda by Don Juan Matus) an answer I did not expect at all. Moreover, he said it with a with a confidence and a sense of authority, not the authority of imitation and tradition but the authority of first hand authenticity. What was his reply? He said, “No, you have only two selves – and they never want to see each other.” His statement struck me as both enlightening and paradoxical. It also did not preclude the possibility of them seeing each other, but did exclude verbal explanations from doing the true meaning of those words justice.” I hope some of you may find this exchange meaningful or in some sense useful. I think you most likely understand the meaning behind these words, however, ff you find it to be too cryptic, then I feel at one point the wind will tell you.
      James K. Love


  3. “That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above, to accomplish the miracle of the one thing.”
    ─Hermes Trismegistus

    “The essence of the tradition is not a doctrine, but rather a community of spirits from age to age.”
    ─Meditations on the Tarot

    The absolute black background of your blog is inspiring, reminding one of the meeting with the double in deep vast interstellar space several years ago, facilitated by Sacred Plant Teachers and impeccable Naguals. One bows with gratitude and humbleness at one’s good fortune, having encountered teachers and moments of definition that inspire constant reflection and the intent to see deeper and deeper into the mystery. Thank you always.


    • Guys, we all talk lots of abstract stuff here. but let me ask of the concrete meaning of these.
      for example DJ says to save energy , yet what does that really mean. not doing sports sitting on the sofa all day how does one save energy I have many other questions with regards the concepts … anyone have answers??


      • long walks are the way to tune the body. Sports are excellent for the young and have cumulative effects on our energy. Hiking, Chinese martial arts, yoga ect are good . The main trust of saving energy is in the way of the warrior (journey to Ixtlan) in which energy is redirected through the loss of self importance – we rarely realize how draining our emotional reactions to the acts of our fellow men are. This detachment from the energy of our fellows will bring astounding results- this is the crux of saving energy


  4. greetings, merely glancing by..
    ..the toltec path holds a deep place in my heart ,you could say my one true love.yet i know that there is no freedom here.
    To create an elaborate escape from this physical reality is a great feat but it is not freedom by any means.Old an new seers met the same fate.
    The Toltecs were unmatched in their abstract findings and perspectives,but even they were missing the real issue here…


  5. FW,
    The real issue deals with intent and not as the Toltecs would have you believe with any techniques to get from here to there or vice versa.
    The toltec path is one based on control.The toltecs as you well know tried to control everything both in waking and in dreaming.This made them the masters of control an they sought to control everything even their fellow men,the new seers redfined this path to an extent but missed the boat just as well.
    Their quest for freedom to dart past the Eagle to be free only served to perpetuate the energetic chain that they so clearly wanted to break.To exit this reality and find yourself in another reality is like a dog chasing its tail.
    Will i decide to control everything in my life or allow the mystery that surrounds me to move in my life? it all boils down to to an empirical shift of intent,
    It goes against everything the Toltecs strived for and yet its from these ashes that the mystery of intent reflects the most.
    Power is and power moves …to try and control power is to move further away from it …


    • Well said. Yes, this is something I have thought about often and why I encourage people to recapitulate even the Toltec Path. To be aligned with intent is to give oneself up fully to the flow of power and energy. There is a very fine line between the control one must utilize to become aligned with intent and the ability to surrender to that flow of power without any expectations or attachment to the outcome.

      Many Toltec practitioners seem to have replaced their prior Salvationism myth with the awareness offered on the Toltec Path but until they recapitulate all of it, the will still be held by the grasp of the ego without the ability to achieve total freedom. No one ever said it was going to be an easy journey but no one ever told us it was going to be this challenging. Emptiness is form, form is emptiness.


  6. The old and new seers are still reeling from the affects of the ancient seers. The ancients aligned all the emanations within with those in the universe at large rapidly and completely. Because for a brief period they had no predator to stop them and they sat prior to the development of ration (words) to explain everything. A frightening maneuver when you think about it. But thinking is a form of control. The old seers built monuments to self importance, slowing the alignment to the crawl of control… the new seers advocated disciplined explorations of similar depth charges which gave the sense of control in the face of the mysterious. A bit more balanced but none the less…. We have a chance to align now… not then (for what is the future but a vain glorious hope). Agreed. Power is as power moves.


    • [Replying to multiple people here as FW just gave me the perfect jump-off-point]

      If all we really have available to us is the ever-present now, an endless flow of energy that is the here and now, then we must also reconsider our assessments and analyses of the ‘past’.

      The toltecs, or any other sentient or non sentient entities are / ‘were’ just like us, sentient beings handling the ever-present now.

      To judge them is to bridge our now with their now, an impossible undertaking. Any analysis of their now as if it were our now is a purely anthropological/scientific undertaking – hypothetical in nature, not *alive*.

      On the other hand, to eliminate fixations associated with ideologies, practices, ethnicities, cultures – that is something possible in the now, something that sets us free of the need to reach out to *their* now – allowing us to live in our ever-present now.

      The ever-present now is the manifestation of *Intent* in our lives. To the extent that the Toltecs touch our lives, they form part of that manifestation. As does everything else in our consciousness…and that which we are barely conscious of (or practically unconscious of).

      The toltec path – like any other manifestation – lights up emanations. To recapitulate a path is really to energetically eliminate our identification with that path – this modifies the alignment of those emanations, allowing for fusion of emanations (the mastery of intent or rather, intent’s mastery of ourselves).

      In our here and now, every single one of us here today inescapably has filaments aligned by every single one of the multiple ‘generations’ of seers. And acknowledging that element within us is the only way to set ourselves free of the constraints imposed by the influence of those vast currents of energy (or as FW said, recapitulate them). To recapitulate something is not to refuse it. It is first to recognize our deep acceptance of that something, and then to transform that acceptance into volitional alignment driven by the totality that is Intent.

      This is not a prescription, but rather an expression of something speaking through me.
      In my here-and-now, it is the Toltec currents which ‘played’ a significant role in ensuring that I can maintain my current degree of attention on energy as it flows in the universe. That is something I acknowledge, appreciate and respect. As the here-and-now changes, that will change.

      And yet, if I scan my now, I can see the influence of every generation of Seers. I *am* the ancient seers. And the old. And the new. And every other strain there is.

      And I have the choices that each generation did – all over again – to transform life force into the force of total consciousness. To transform both concrete and abstract into the inconceivable.

      And that can only be accomplished by first embracing each element within oneself – and then transforming it to its abstract root. Fusion – rather than separation. Totality – rather than choice.

      Tangibly and immediately speaking – only when we embrace even the predator in us, and see that it is just an imprint, a pattern, can we be free of its influence.

      We *are* the hunger of the old-uns.



  7. FW,
    …ii am but a simple fool,ii claim to know no more than anyone else.
    The mystery of being aware has allowed me to have had a teacher whose intent reflected power itself.
    For a brief moment he allowed me to see that everything that exists is based on a separatist or reconciliatory perspective.The intent propelling the separatist perspective would have us believe that we are apart and different from everything,that we need to do things to be saved or reach a certain destination for peace and salvation.
    A reconciliatory perspective allows us to see the oneness in everything and how we are connected to everything,that we have never left or been apart from the Oneness.Indeed we are living the Promise of power
    It’s only when we perpetuate the separatist stance that there seems to be a dualism. Even though you are incredibly alone dealing with this issue know that there have
    been others that have been through this before and have made it to
    the other side so to speak.
    Keep these words with you when the world that is inside you will conspire to send you
    into its configurations of limitation once again.
    Knowing that you can go through either extreme as a Warrior understanding the dilemma of both sides…


  8. How does this relate to the second or third attention, the position of the assemblage point, or the goal of reaching the nonhuman unknown? What is the nexus of this discussion and the professed goal of H. Y. L.’s now nonexistant lineage of becoming a type of inorganic being-this is the only way my meager inventory can approach the topic of the definitive journey. The messenger- mired in the dung pit***


    • dreaming while asleep induces the movement of the nonhuman unknown, seers need to master dream awakening as a prerequisite to completeing the third attention this brings cohesion, it allow the resident frequency to stay at a higher level , i know more but this is a peek


  9. shadowmessenger,
    Everything you mention is part of the separatist inventory.There is nowhere to go,only the intent by which you choose to live your life.You are living the promise of power right now.
    To exist as an inorganic being is to move further into the quagmire of those energetic actually moves one further away from true freedom,in effect the Toltecs are still roaming other levels of awareness trying to understand an control those mechanisms.


    • the recapitulation goes beyond the toltecs to the first root race. three masteries are required to percieve the third attention from our totality. the ego remains while were in our physical bodies. the body knows things such as it cant vanish from this world just by reaching the third attention, alot of seers are reaching this position in the dream body before we depart it can be solved in time.i think of it this way the seers we intiate and lead will have the same issue and we have the sobriey nowdays to handle anything, peace female warrior we are all here on this planet, see u soon


  10. Reaching for the pillow of non-understanding, Coyote calls bullshit on all feeble-minded attempts to control the situation and reality in general. You are not it, but in truth it is you.

    Radical Decentralization, My Bitches

    Such a hard slog allowing
    Onion floating in space
    Always and already peeled

    Thus Sayeth Coyote


  11. To become fully conscious requires intent and focus. It’s our energy; focus and intent combined with emotion creates results. And a little work. But not “hard work”, like busting your balls smashing rocks… maybe a little thinking, some research, a tad of discipline, etc. I don’t have much myself, so don’t do what I do! We can attempt what appears to be impossible, and that just requires a bit of imagination!

    It may be that imagination is one of our greatest gifts


  12. Keep in mind, fellow warriors, that every warrior is unique and as such, their journey and how they arrive at total freedom is unique. You must continue to do what works for you because if you allow someone elses words to impact your journey then you have simply allowed the position of your assemblage point to become fixated on their experience. The Toltec path is a way to total freedom but not the only way. Hence, as I said previously in this thread, even the path must be recapitulated. To this end, you may find this older article of interest:
    Sometimes we dance together, sometimes we dance alone. The point is to Keep dancing!


  13. What is consciousness? Some have said it is the ability to hold two opposing things within and chose neither but see the good of both. Awareness?? What is 1st, 2nd, 3rd attention? Attention = consciousness?? interesting, explain deep sleep necessary for the biological. Biological, is it separate from awareness, are we physical having an experience of awareness or awareness manifests the physical? Do we really need to choose? The brilliance of the new seers was in practicing stalking, dreaming and intent with a limited goal of aligning the bands of awareness within/without in a magical journey. Traps of explanations enduring in every step. The predator at our heels, cooperation the antithesis to this, do we actually need to agree? Or do we align, with even with those we don’t agree with… and in doing so, we are boosted by the earth to……..


  14. We all have traveled a hard and arduous path. The path to freedom from the state of great limitation (human condition) is indeed one of the worst places for a Warrior to find oneself. The whole point of the world is to limit you.

    We must indeed plot to free ourselves from this prison, the prison of the mind and soul that all of humanity is encased in. All that is asked is to analyze your intent. You will find that there are too many opportunities to try to be impeccable. All it takes is one concerted effort that is continuous without fault or imperfection. Are you willing to pit your life up to the demands of such an effort?

    The state before freedom is one in which you experience the worst of the obstacles and limitation that the world can configure to hurl at you and around you. You will have to somehow make an effort that is beyond the threshold of human endurance. Do you have the marrow to be better than the world and what you might think would give you a comfortable existence? Do you have the soul of a Neo or are you like the one that would reinsert themselves into the Matrix just for a comfortable existence. There is more truth to the existence you lead in this life than there is in the life you might lead in the vestment of the greatest mysteries the 3rd attention.


    • Nihilism is not a warrior’s way…. This world, abundant with energy, presents opportunities for practice and beauty. We create in the toltec way, not destroy, not battle (for the only battle is truly with the self)… the world just is, all worlds just are places where energy manifest in movement, intent… Energetic efficiency, impeccability, is not a perfection agenda. Practice, practice, practice silence and seeing through to….. Even Neo eventually made peace with the machines, you protest this creation, this world too much. Protesting sees not the colors which are right before the eye.


  15. the third attention is only the third attention. to reach it has requirements. if a warrior has folllow the path to totality he would find that he or she has there ticket to impeccabilty at hand. someother realize that somethings still need to be completed for the global community the grid of energy is real. the organized structure is real. to some that are warriors on the path this is too much for a few others i only want you to see what we all dont see maybe they cant do anything but pass this on one day incase others want to make the path incongruent to the organization. one truth is we are structure not as toltecs but according to three concentric layer like the pic of the toltec islands. naccals, maya and the outer circle. the goal as i see it is to live beyond and yet pass what we know to the next groups we must extend the line it cant end with us they must be aware of the far future ,some may see clearer beca they have the energy to dream forward. others enough to be aware. this is not a force fed idea you can see for yourself. fly pass the eagle if you must but dont neglect what we can do, the can do that doesnt effect freedom. its hard to get my point across this is intended for seers who have alot of time lol. meaning they have fully reached the 3rd attention so they inherently must use the knowledge of our own roots in a very sober way to understand what is involved for the continuation of higher knowledge to come in the next few changes


  16. For a warrior, impeccability doesn’t have anything to do with an intellectual position, a belief, or anything like that. It is a consequence of saving energy. The path of the warrior consists of saving energy; everything that goes against that threatens his intent to be impeccable.

    Juan, the impeccability that you are referring to, without fault or imperfection, is akin to the word sin, based in judgment and in accord with behaviors as defined by the social order.

    Impeccability for a sorcerer is composure, equanimity and poise. It is the ability to maintain centeredness and balance in all situations. It is the ability to not lose energy to anyone, anything or any situation and to leave no perceptible impact. It’s taking full responsibility for every act, even the most trivial of acts and to not let anything affect the warrior’s mood.

    The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity. ~ Tales of Power


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    This is such a huge part of my path, for the past 19 years I have continued to apply these fundamentals, gathering knowledge while meeting experience with the awareness of a warrior; often in the changing of form, the losing of previous forms and the donning of wyrd lines which flow in abstract rhythms I seem “odd” to others to whom I could never explain how it all fits together…. silent knowledge. Yes.


  18. FW,
    greetings i have been away too long at times the pull of the matrix becomes a fixation.
    Indeed impeccability for a sorcerer is composure, equanimity and poise.
    The stance of the redefined toltec perspective calls for one crucial analyzation,The analyzation of intent.With that said,impeccabiltiy,recapitulation,saving energy etc become but items of the tonal.
    Your warrior’s mood serves no purpose other that to bind the fixation of the assemblage point .You are perpetuating every stance and position the new seers agreed on.The position you find yourself in is one of certainty and assuredness in your ability to have grasped what you feel the Toltec path has in store for you.Once again you will find that you are neither here nor there.As far a long as you feel you have come, you will find that you have not even begun to unravel the real mystery of our existence.


  19. What do you do when youre at that very still awareness. Me and my husband saw these luminous fibers at the tip of our fingers. The sky didnt seem so far away either we almost dissapeared into space. Very aware of this powerful energy.


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