I Have No Thoughts So I Will See

I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I will see.
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
Detached and at ease,
I will dart past the Eagle to be free.
~ Carlos Castaneda, The Eagle’s Gift

I am already given to the power that rules my fate. Power is and power moves. This power, this energy, is an incomprehensible aspect of the eagle’s emanations which, when surrendered to, ensures our existence within this vital flow of energy while simultaneously enhancing our overall awareness. It is nearly imperative to live within a constant state of gratitude for the precious life-force energy/emanations that flow to us continuously from the eagle.

Don Juan reminds us that we must do more than just appreciate this energy flow. We must assume responsibility for it by going to war with ourselves in a fierce and endless battle to conserve and preserve this energy. Ever struggling against the monster of self-importance is what leads to a warrior’s impeccability. Clinging to nothing; defending nothing.

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Mastery: Preparation for the Definitive Journey

A level of practical knowledge was included as part of teaching the mastery of awareness. On that practical level don Juan taught the procedures necessary to move the assemblage point. The two great systems devised by the sorcerer seers of ancient times to accomplish this were: dreaming, the control and utilization of dreams; and stalking, the control of behavior. ~ Carlos Castaneda,  The Power of Silence

Warriors know that it is necessary to modify the foundation of our perception from that of reason to that of the abstract; the ultimate foundation of a warrior’s perception rests on the certainty that energy is all there is.

When a warrior makes a commitment to total freedom the only thing that is required is to hone their mastery. Mastery of dreaming and mastery of stalking. Warriors know that they need energy in order to face the unknown and when arriving at the point of facing the pure abstract they must be impeccable.  If they are not, they will not dart past the eagle and will, instead, remain caught within the emanations that recycles them back into the karmic loop of reincarnation.

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