The Unfathomable Sea of Awareness

Flower of Life

Human beings are unable to enter and remain for any extended length of time inside the realm of cosmic awareness – the state which Don Juan called ‘the third attention’. Either we leave it and forget, or we stay and melt into that unfathomable sea. But the power that governs us has found the way to get around this limitation, by creating organisms in which individual entities work as members. – Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

It is, in my experience, extremely difficult to put the abstract into words because in seeking words to describe an abstract experience we potentially dilute it as well as create the fixation of the assemblage point. The Eagle’s emanations, as written by Carlos Castaneda, are Fluid, forever in motion, and yet unchanged, eternal.

It is said that the Eagle bestows awareness and also devours awareness by making sentient beings relinquish it at the moment of death. In The Fire from Within Don Juan describes the eagle’s emanations as, A presence, almost a mass of sorts, a pressure that creates a dazzling sensation. One can catch only a glimpse of them, as one can catch only a glimpse of the Eagle itself and, there is nothing visual about the Eagle. The entire body of a seer senses the Eagle.

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Going Deeper

It is nearly incomprehensible to realize what the new seers have accomplished. These impeccable warrior-sorcerers have outlined the essence of a path to the threshold of power itself! They have carried the realization of power’s promise beyond the flaw with words, and actualized it as an empirical aspect of the human experience. These soldiers of the third attention have accomplished a miraculous journey that every human being longs to make. They have returned to the abstract in a state of total awareness. They have burned with the fire from within and flown into eternity on the incomprehensible wings of intent. ~ Creative Victory, Tomas

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