Going Deeper

It is nearly incomprehensible to realize what the new seers have accomplished. These impeccable warrior-sorcerers have outlined the essence of a path to the threshold of power itself! They have carried the realization of power’s promise beyond the flaw with words, and actualized it as an empirical aspect of the human experience. These soldiers of the third attention have accomplished a miraculous journey that every human being longs to make. They have returned to the abstract in a state of total awareness. They have burned with the fire from within and flown into eternity on the incomprehensible wings of intent. ~ Creative Victory, Tomas

A fellow warrior recently recommended the book Creative Victory; Reflections on the Process of Power from the Collected Works of Carlos Castaneda. It is by an anonymous author called Tomas and I highly recommend it for every warrior who is familiar with Castaneda’s works. In fact, the forward says that “it will be next to impossible for the reader to make sense of Creative Victory without a perspective on the concepts and terminology contained within Castaneda’s nine books”. I feel certain that this author did his work with the Castaneda party and if not, he is very committed to this magical path of authenticity and freedom.

The book is written by someone who obviously lives his life as a warrior and speaks from his authentic and depthful experience. Tomas is not a Castaneda “talking head” merely reiterating what has already been said; nor is he trying to become a famed teacher with all the answers. He brings his experience from his own commitment to this path and moves the committed warrior to a deeper understanding of their own reach towards total freedom that goes beyond some of the metaphorical concepts in the Castaneda books.

As warriors committed to total freedom I highly recommend that you read this book and keep dancing along the lines of awareness. Besides, what other choice is there?

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