Living in a Self-Aware Universe

The objective of the Rule of the nagual is to generate parties; that is, self-aware organisms capable of flying into the immensity out there. Such organisms are made up by the sum of a group of warriors who have harmonized their individual intents. The purpose of that design is to perpetuate a non-human dimension of awareness. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

I’ve been reading this quote and looking at it from multiple perspectives. Not too long ago I said, yes…we must assemble a new band of awareness to ensure that we can leap into freedom when death comes knocking on our door and exist as pure energetic awareness without repeating the patterns by repositioning ourselves, again, in the karmic wheel of life. I said that it is important to create energetic hubs of awareness that will allow us to move completely beyond the fixated assemblage point of reason. I said a lot of things and now I find myself moving beyond those thoughts, ideas and sensate intuitions. For this reason, and I’ve said this before, don’t believe anything I say.

The purpose of that design is to perpetuate a non-human dimension of awareness. Perhaps there is no need to perpetuate a non-human dimension of awareness and this awareness like many other things will need to rest, to become extinct (if it even exists). Or maybe, the non-human dimension of awareness is eternal and our thoughts of perpetuating it are nothing more than the ultimate in self-importance. Maybe the zealousness found in a warrior of freedom is his or her own fear of termination. Make death an advisor and recapitulate your ass off so you are ready to go at any moment and yet…hold on fervently to the awareness that will allow you to dart past the eagle to be free.

Non-human awareness equals inorganic awareness. Inorganic beings are, amongst other things, phantoms. It seems that part of the recapitulation process towards total freedom will be to recapitulate even awareness to avoid becoming an inorganic being. And when you get a group of warriors harmonizing their individual intents do we then create an inorganic party of ghosts? And then, is our “awareness” held captive in an inorganic realm from which we warriors will inevitably seek freedom thereby repeating another patternistic reality?

This is a difficult chapter for me to write, to wrap my mind around. It challenges my core beliefs as a warrior of freedom and presents to me the task of potentially recapitulating awareness. I used to say that when I die I want to have my full conscious awareness with me in whatever realm I’m going to. That I don’t want to “learn” again, I just want to know everything that I’ve already learned. Ha, ha!!! Salvation! And then what I wonder? To have my full awareness would ultimately lead to another repetition, would it not?

If there is a realm beyond this earthly realm of existence I surmise that if our earthly human awareness, (warrior awareness, sorcerer awareness) remains with us then we will have no choice but to recapitulate that as well. And then what? And then we begin again to create order in chaos. Nooo! Suffice it to say that the universe exists as a formless potential that only becomes manifest when observed by conscious beings, sentient beings who collapse formlessness into a space-time reality. I recall reading somewhere that awareness of the quantum self brings about collapse. Perhaps we warriors are potentially collapsing out of space-time reality?

This leaves us with what? Emptiness? Pure conscious awareness? Unconsciousness? Untapped creative potential and I’m not talking exclusively about artwork, writing, building, etc? Unconscious creativity, therefore, becomes an essential modality rooted in pure knowing and it is not our knowing. Quite the paradox, eh? This creation comes from a realm of conscious knowing, silent knowledge, and most importantly, unknowing. Something entirely new that extends far beyond the awareness that we achieve when we recapitulate the totality of all of our awareness. I’m looking forward to continuing my connection with silent knowledge and further exploring the unknown. I have way more questions than answers.

There is an unborn, unoriginated, uncreated, unformed. If there were not this unborn, this unoriginated, this uncreated, this unformed, there would be no escape from the world of the born, the originated, the created, the formed. Since there is an unborn, unoriginated, uncreated and unformed, there is an escape from the born, originated, created and formed. ~ Buddha

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