Recapitulate the Future

The idea that time moves in a straight line from past to future is completely primitive, something that goes against the experience of sorcerers and even of modern science. Due to that limited interpretation, most of humanity is kept prisoner in a tunnel of time, where their destiny becomes an infinite repetition of the same. ~ CC, Encounters with the Nagual

Recapitulate the future! I wonder why Carlos and Don Juan never talked about this? I guess with all the goals laid out to dart past the eagle to be free, make death an advisor and merge with total awareness, it would have somehow lost its punch if it was inferred to recapitulate the future and yet I believe the point is to recapitulate everything, every thought, every action.

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Living in a Self-Aware Universe

The objective of the Rule of the nagual is to generate parties; that is, self-aware organisms capable of flying into the immensity out there. Such organisms are made up by the sum of a group of warriors who have harmonized their individual intents. The purpose of that design is to perpetuate a non-human dimension of awareness. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

I’ve been reading this quote and looking at it from multiple perspectives. Not too long ago I said, yes…we must assemble a new band of awareness to ensure that we can leap into freedom when death comes knocking on our door and exist as pure energetic awareness without repeating the patterns by repositioning ourselves, again, in the karmic wheel of life. I said that it is important to create energetic hubs of awareness that will allow us to move completely beyond the fixated assemblage point of reason. I said a lot of things and now I find myself moving beyond those thoughts, ideas and sensate intuitions. For this reason, and I’ve said this before, don’t believe anything I say.

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