Recapitulate the Future

The idea that time moves in a straight line from past to future is completely primitive, something that goes against the experience of sorcerers and even of modern science. Due to that limited interpretation, most of humanity is kept prisoner in a tunnel of time, where their destiny becomes an infinite repetition of the same. ~ CC, Encounters with the Nagual

Recapitulate the future! I wonder why Carlos and Don Juan never talked about this? I guess with all the goals laid out to dart past the eagle to be free, make death an advisor and merge with total awareness, it would have somehow lost its punch if it was inferred to recapitulate the future and yet I believe the point is to recapitulate everything, every thought, every action.

To recapitulate is to stalk our routines, subjecting them to a systematic and merciless scrutiny. It is an activity that allows us to visualize our life as a totality, and not just as a succession of moments.*

Think about it. Every spiritual belief system has you preparing for the afterlife in some way, shape or form, the Toltec path is no exception. These preparations are routines. It doesn’t matter if you are darting past eagles or flying with angles or becoming free of the karmic loop or ascending into heaven, these are all goals that ultimately fixate your assemblage point and trap your energy into preparing for the future. RECAPITULATE IT ALL! When you have recapitulated your past and have gained the personal power necessary for living freely in the moment, then, recapitulate the future! Most of the future is borne of past experience/knowledge anyway.

Warriors recapitulate when they are walking down the road, in the bathroom, when working or when eating; whenever it is possible. The important thing is to do it. What counts is the intent. Breathe in when you try to recover something, and blow back all that doesn’t belong to you. If you do that with the totality of your history, you will stop living entangled in a chain of memories and instead, you will be focused in the present. Seers describe that effect as facing facts as they are, or seeing time objectively.*

If warriors are preparing for any outcome, then we are potentially losing energy to the outcome by envisioning how it might be. So how do we recapitulate the future? By aligning with intent. Right here, right now. When we align with intent with fluidity, we dance along the lines of awareness that are unfolding. And we create the present moment however we want to.

We cannot be warriors of freedom when thoughts of freedom fixate the location of our assemblage point. We amass personal power and energy when we recapitulate the past. We amass personal power and energy when we recapitulate the future. When we do this we are able to live without distractions and in total 360 degree awareness. And in freedom. We return to being the creative force that we were born to be when we sit within silent knowledge, completely aligned with intent.

The immediate effect is that it (recapitulation) stops our internal dialogue. When a warrior is able to stop his dialogue, he tightens the relationship with his energy. It liberates him from the obligation of memory, and from the burden of feelings, and leaves a residual energy that he can invest in enlarging the frontiers of his perception. A warrior begins to appreciate the real thing, not the interpretation of it.*

*Quotes by Carlos Casteneda from Encounters with the Nagual

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