You are confused by the words. When sorcerers speak of dreaming and awakening, the terms don’t have anything to do with the physical states you know. I don’t have any choice but to use your language, because otherwise you would not understand me at all. But if you don’t do your part, and put aside everyday meanings and try to penetrate the meaning of what I’m telling you, you will never get out of this state of mistrust. ~ Don Juan speaking to Carlos

Dreaming is so misunderstood. It is not a state that is separate from wakefulness. Dreaming is about having the energy that is necessary to function in a state of 360 degree total awareness which ultimately transcends both the states of dreaming and wakefulness, the pinnacle of awakening! I have always believed that the word dreaming was inaccurate but then again, most of Castaneda’s nomenclature is designed to present a constant state of misinterpretation to lead adherents through the arduous maze of complete understanding. Absolute brilliance on his part!

Yeah, there are dreaming practices like trying to find your hands and speaking to others in dream but what are these exercises other than to hone awareness in all states of being? Total 360 degree awareness in each and every moment. Not just waking moments, all moments.

So what words can replace dreaming? Well, to put it most simply let’s just say meditation. No, not the lotus seating style with thumb and forefinger touching while resting the wrists on your knees and chanting Om Mani Padme Om. Yeah, that could work but it’s a huge distraction stemming from someone else’s vision. As warriors we can’t afford to copy others and align ourselves with their intent. That would cause a fixation of our assemblage point onto their fixated location. So what is the goal? Connecting with silent knowledge. Aligning with intent! And when we are aligned with intent we are dreaming all the time.

Some of the dreamers I know have embarked on meditation. And then they tell me that since they began meditating they are no longer able to enter the state of “dreaming” as they were able to in the past. I explain that this is because through meditation they have connected directly with silent knowledge which provides for them the opportunity to be in a state of dream all the time thereby making the “dream state” indistinguishable from meditation because they have integrated their ability to be in the state of dream all the time. 360 degree total awareness.

Dreaming isn’t a task, it is a state of being. We have all, for the most part, done the recapitulation, erased personal history, broken free of the mold of man, made death an advisor and as a result have access to tons of usable energy allowing us to shift our assemblage points at will and constantly perceive a multitude of states of being while aligning with intent. We are just being in a constant state of creation as the constant state of creation unfolds all around us in each and every moment. 360 degree total awareness. Happy dreaming!

Dreaming happens when we achieve a certain balance in our daily life, and only after silencing the internal dialogue. The term ‘dreaming’ is not the most appropriate to describe an exercise of awareness which has nothing to do with the content of the mind. I use it out of respect for the tradition of my lineage, but the ancient seers called it something else. ~ Carlos Castaneda

Keep dancing!

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