Losing the Mind

What is required of a modern warrior is a condition of sustained energy gain, until his attention can flow between reason and silent knowledge. When moving in that way, he is more sane than ever, and yet he is not a rational being. From whichever position he assumes, he will always be sighting the other side, and his vision acquires perspective and depth. Sorcerers describe this condition as ‘being double” or ‘losing the mind’. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

As warriors of awareness, Don Juan says that every day is a battle and that a warrior will fight that battle to the last day. What are warriors battling? Themselves. They fight to break the description of the world which has been injected into their mind, freeing themselves from the mold of man. This allows the assemblage point to shift so new things can be perceived.

Recapitulate. And when you’re done, recapitulate some more. Yeah, you’re all probably sick of hearing me say this but for everything you recapitulate you restore the energy that you’ve lost to people, situations and events and this reclaimed energy assists you in shifting your assemblage point so you may see things in a way you’ve never seen them before. The myth of man becomes clearer and it becomes easier to remove oneself from the lie of collective consent and conformity.

The evolutionary freedom of humans depends on our ability to break free of the repetitive pattern of the conditioning that dictates what it means to be human. We are conditioned to behave in the same manner dogs that are trained. Carlos said, “We can arrive at silent knowledge in exactly the same way as our teachers taught us to arrive at reason: By induction. It is like controlling both sides of a bridge. From one side, you can see reason like a net of agreements, which transforms collective interpretations into common sense through the customs of concern. From the other side, you can sense silent knowledge as an unfathomable, creative darkness which extends beyond the threshold of non-pity. Upon crossing this threshold, the ancient sorcerers arrived at the source of pure understanding.”

It’s great that there are warriors working towards total freedom, to potentially dart past the eagle to be free but it would be magnificent if the entire species were able to evolve out of this destructive pattern of “humanity”, forever eliminating the reign of terror, violence, oppression and confusion we have voluntarily reduced ourselves to. I say voluntarily because if you are reading this blog then you are already aware that you have a choice. Take advantage of your free will. Take responsibility for your life! The ripple effects of your choice to keep dancing and your commitment to freedom will be felt for many generations to come.

Do not attempt to seek a teacher for this work, you must align with intent, with spirit! Most so-called teachers simply address the concerns of the ego and all the student ultimately does is follow and imitate their teacher thereby repeating the patterns in a new way. Freedom is creative and creation is freedom. Create your world. You must make death an advisor. Unbending intent may place other impeccable warriors on your path who can make you aware of new possibilities but if freedom is your intention then it is your responsibility to connect with silent knowledge. This silent knowledge is not somewhere out there, it is inside of you. Think of it as an eternal flame of awareness. You must fan it to keep it alive. Breathe. Connect with silence. Ignite the spirit and just keep dancing.

Sorcery is about returning man to marvel, to power, to what he has dreamt about; to reconnect him with astonishment and the capacity to create. ~ Carlos Castaneda

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