higher vibration – higher consciousness

When you become aware of silence, immediately there is that state of inner still alertness. You are present. You have stepped out of thousands of years of collective human conditioning. ~ Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

When we are aligned with the frequency of collective human conditioning we are aligned with density consciousness, a frequency that is heavy and causes our energy to vibrate at a lower frequency. Density consciousness has to do with the amount of merit we place, sometimes blindly, upon the stories that we’ve been told on how to assemble our realities in alignment with the human collective. This can cause us to feel as though we are dragging ourselves through our day (or life) with a lot of resistance, under the weight of the world so to speak.

Entering into silence grants us the opportunity to recognize our true, creative nature which in turn exposes our limiting beliefs. This allows us to release those limitations and move into states of higher consciousness which increases our energetic vibration and we become aligned with the natural energetic frequencies of the Earth.

We are energy but more than that, we are pure consciousness. We are responsible for the energetic frequencies that we choose to create and align with. We cannot experience anything unless we specifically choose to match a particular frequency. If we choose to align with higher frequencies, we will resonate within those bands of awareness. We will become invisible to lower frequencies due to a simple lack of resonance. Negative vibrations are not likely to affect us because they do not match the positive vibration that we have aligned with. We can observe a negative vibe but as long as we don’t give it any energy/power we will maintain our higher frequency and remain in the uninterrupted flow of awareness.

Our own consciousness, our state of being, is what creates our reality. If something becomes huge in our life, either positive or negative, it is because we have given meaning to that situation, person, or event. Circumstances and other people do not create our reality, only we can create our reality because we are the ones who choose which frequencies we care to align with.

The energy of the planet is increasing. As more and more people continue to align with the energy of the earth, the vibrational frequency will continually increase. When we are in harmony with universal life force energy we begin to increase our energy and align with the vibrational frequencies that surround us and flow through us at all times. We achieve a state of neutral buoyancy and are able to feel the positive effects of this by experiencing lightness, ease, and fluidity. Fear dissolves as it is displaced by the presence of purity and oneness. As we begin to collectively assemble a new band of awareness, the frequency of that band of awareness will vibrate faster than the band of collective human conditioning creating a resonance that will allow for the simultaneous shift of the assemblage point of the planet. The things that are dense and vibrate at a lower frequency will be unable to align with the speed and force of the new vibration and the old band of collective human conditioning will eventually dissolve.

Sitting upon the Earth and connecting with the pulse of the earth can help us to restore our vibrational frequency and achieve equilibrium. When we attain this kind of balance, we have a natural tendency to become still and silent. It is while within the silence that the distractions of our lives and of the world decrease significantly enough to allow us to raise our vibration and thus, our levels of consciousness.

Keep dancing!


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