Weapons of Manipulation

The act of being alive, of living and shaping our lives is an extraordinary act of creation. When we shape our awareness, we are freeing ourselves from the grasp and mindset of the dark forces of the Earth, from the predator, that has become more powerful and more predominant than ever. It is not enough for a warrior to fight the predator by battling it to the end; one must remove themselves completely, remove it from their mind, and this takes patience, fortitude, and extreme courage. – Lorraine Voss, Becoming Awareness

I would like to share excerpts from the chapter entitled, A Dark Force, from my book Becoming Awareness: Earth, Energy, Evolution that was published in April of 2016. It just seems appropriate given the fact that 2020 has become the year that the predator is determined to manipulatively strip us of our decision making authority and ultimately, our freedom.


Nayeli said, “People have been trained to fill specific roles of being human until one day they may come to recognize their lives as exactly that, the upholding of patterns, which is a foreign installation. When they are able to discern that their identities have been based on memories of the past and that they must be consciously sustained by means of constant self-reflection, they will have no choice but to begin to aspire towards something more. They will choose to stop comparing their existence to how others exist or through the reliving of the stories that have been told to them.”

“So this foreign installation,” I stated, “is like a program or an implant, something that has been embedded into human consciousness to keep people, among other things, fearful and compliant. It’s a form of self-imposed mental slavery that disempowers them and ultimately produces unfulfilled, and sometimes destructive and dangerous beings. I perceive it as a very dark force.”

Alejandro closed his eyes and sighed deeply. I came to know that when he did this he was drawing from the knowledge of silence which enabled him to speak with clarity and focused intent. “This dark force, or predator as it’s been called,” he began, “started like all things; as an idea. Someone long ago considered how much better it might be to settle into an area, cultivate food, and as a result reduce and eventually eliminate the need to hunt and gather. For a while this seemed like a wonderful solution to many people who spent their days leisurely tending to animals, caring for crops, and then retreating to the safety of their dwellings each night.

“Over a short period of time, the community thrived and the population increased significantly. Some people began to venture out, to start their own communities in areas that were more abundant with prospective food sources. As this occurred, leadership positions were established, and those in charge did everything in their power to emulate the success of their previous community. More and more communities were built and they began to increase in size. To remain productive, tasks were allocated to specific people, people who would only receive food or shelter if they put in their allotted amount of time tending to their assigned tasks. Those who protested these subtle beginnings of slavery would leave to establish their own communities so they could function in harmony and balance, only to find that they began repeating the same patterns that they had learned from their previous community.

“What arose from this was a claim to land and a sense of possession, that people now had rights to the land and water and animals that comprised their settlements. They even grew to possess the people within the communities, forcing them into more laborious tasks while giving little in return. The people began to feel a sense of disconnection from the Earth, though in their confusion they probably did not identify it as such. They were unfulfilled and experienced anger, frustration, and loss.

“Fast forward to the wars. There were wars to protect their claims and to possess more. When outsiders came into the communities to take food, shelter, or laborers, the community defended itself by using the agricultural tools in their hands which ultimately led to the creation of weapons. This act marked the beginning of the arms race, a way to develop tools with increased power, range, and accuracy, a race that continues to this day.”

I sat there stunned as I followed all of these frenetically charged lines that Alejandro was rapidly presenting from the past to the current moment. “Nothing has changed” I said quietly.

“No, nothing has changed,” Nayeli said irritably. “Countries are pushing harder to have bigger, better tools of destruction. Greedy desires to possess more and more land along with every natural resource known to man continue to escalate. From here to the Moon and Mars and beyond, the drive for control and power over humanity has become the conclusive agenda.”

Exasperated, she continued. “This attitude has led to horrible outcomes including slavery, mass production, over-consumption, and war, all to possess and control everything and everyone. It doesn’t even matter, anymore, what that possession consists of. The illusory mindset maintained by the people who aspire to accomplish global control has elevated them to preside from the most prestigious positions. Sitting at the top of the pyramid, weapons ready, they protect their prominence and the material pleasures which they have amassed.”

For some unknown reason my mind jumped to envision kings and queens, global leaders, and politicians sitting before the people with semi-automatics in their laps and I expressed this to them with a chuckle.

“Don’t be fooled,” cautioned Nayeli. “The weapons that they use are not so overt. They use weapons of manipulative language too, designed to massage the collective unconscious with both lies of praise and condemnation. All of this stems from the first idea of so-called civilization, of having power and control over the environment, animals, and people.”

Everyone remained silent for a while then Alejandro said, “Some say that this energy is otherworldly, that it has come as an alien force to this planet. It is called by different names including archons, inorganic beings, reptilians, and walk-ins.”

“So are you saying that it may be extraterrestrial in origin; that it came from somewhere in the universe to rule humans and life on Earth?” I asked.

“No,” he chuckled softly, “but that is what most people want you to believe; so horrific is the predator that by assigning it to some outer space origin, people avoid taking responsibility for it and place the blame outside of themselves.

“The predator,” Alejandro continued, “is energy, not a being. Though working through humans on Earth, it is a predatory energy that over the course of thousands of years has had its lines enmeshed in everything: government, money, food, religion and spirituality, education, resources, and wilderness. It imposes itself upon us in every aspect of our lives by attempting to remove our decision making authority and has a hold over us in a subtle form of slavery. Slavery to an illusory world of man-made concepts that only serve to keep those who reside in a state of influence and power, lucrative and in control.

“Those who are appointed and elected into positions of power are given decision making authority. They convey rules, dictate rules, and uphold rules to ensure that the system is functioning with compliance and efficiency. They are often perceived as godheads, people who supposedly hold a modicum of integrity and wisdom and enough false superiority to warrant a palatial estate, sometimes with thrones, robes, scepters, and crowns. They are extremely pompous and self-important, however, they must ensure the upholding of the paradigm and like pawns on a chess board, they play out their roles with conviction for the sake of the masses.

“Now, once decision making authority is removed, people begin to lose the impetus to take responsibility for anything. They simply rely on being told what steps are necessary to follow because to do otherwise is counterproductive to the system. When the system feels threatened, it will seek retribution through retaliation by the devaluation of money and property. It has even gone as far as seizing the holdings of others. In spite of it all, humanity continues to spin, just as it did at the birth of civilization, around and around as unwitting slaves to a corrupt system of deceptive agendas rooted in greed and profit. Blinded to the schema through an outdated and corrupt reward system of unnecessary and obligatory consumption, those in compliance continue to run around aimlessly with the hope of receiving praise, rewards, and increased income. This payoff, no matter how slight, makes them feel worthy prompting more consumption, thereby keeping the wheels of this man-made machine well-oiled and lucrative.

Nayeli said, “The majority of the human population isn’t even aware of the fact that they are prisoners to this system, this derivative of societal existence. The system has them believing that it functions in order to make life good for them. The system proposes that things like deforestation, mining, fracking, drilling, diversion, and control over every natural environment provides jobs for people so that they can consume more. The unattainable carrot has been dangled in front of them since civilization began. And the sad part is that most people are happy with the system and aspire to reach the carrot. Instead of preparing to go into battle against the predator, they arm themselves instead, for the battlefield of consumption.

As though reading my thoughts, Alejandro then explained that the goal of this system is complete uniformity of its citizens. “If the worldwide system succeeds in their cooperative endeavor to socialize and perhaps, one day, even impose a totalitarian world order, they will have accomplished the very thing that they set out to achieve.”

“What is that, Alejandro?” I asked with a twinge of fear.

“A guaranteed food source for the predator. And they are well on their way with the implementation of their methodology while leading people into believing that they are still capable of choice. The predator is positioning itself to take possession of all things, including humanity and the Earth itself. In removing people’s decision making authority, by imposing upon them man-made rules that are so far outside of the natural flow and order of things, they are taking away every aspect of freedom, vision, and creativity.”

“I don’t understand why people remain captive to this type of imprisonment; can’t they see it for what it is? Aren’t they aware of how maniacally manipulative and harmful it is? How do people become free of this predator? Is there some kind of revolution or uprising that will free them from it?” I asked as I grew more and more anxious.

“You must look the predator square in the face,” said Alejandro. “You have to acknowledge that darkness exists in order to avoid becoming consumed by it. Understanding its existence does not mean that you become a part of it. It is an opportunity to examine it in order to know where it originated so you can understand its power and restrictions. Then you look away, letting the flow of Source energy serve as your guide.”

“When threatened to turn over their own decision making authority for their very selves at the cellular level, they did so, no longer striving to maintain themselves as the renewable beings that they were. Their level of reliance on the system for food, well-being, and shelter increased significantly. These humans, who once existed in a state of gratitude and communion with the Earth and Source energy, now found themselves barely surviving in states of oppressed fear. Their ability to align with the energy of the Earth and Source energy had diminished greatly. The loss of decision making authority is the most tragic condition that the predator has imposed upon humanity.


In the words of John Trudell, I’m just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human.

Keep Dancing!!!

14 thoughts on “Weapons of Manipulation

  1. Hi Lorraine! Good to read your thoughts again! I have your book, and it has helped me so much…

    Wow I just love this example/analogy of how things are going today. I would like to send it to everyone who is buying the story of a deadly virus, and lives in fear under the guise of doing the right thing for one and All, and not seeing the true agenda. I would also like for many more to hear this as they tend to fight in fear against it, rather than to acknowledge or observe, without giving it any energy.
    Sadly I do not think it will wake those up who are in total “mind controlled” compliance mode. But I will share it never the less!
    I also am grateful to have it confirmed here that our efforts to retaliate or fight, based in fear, will only feed the system and the agenda.
    We do need to evaluate and recapitulate or assemblage points, clear the false ideas that have been made law.
    We are Spirit, we are far more than energy beings, yet we have been trapped into believing we are matter and we are energy which needs refueling, energy that can only be acquired and maintained by our giving to the system, this false and dead world that requires the predator to trick us and steal from us to keep this darkness going.
    Thank you for posting


    • Kara, you bring up some good points about the predator viewing us as machines (like it: artificial, inorganic, non-terrestrial, exotic technology) to be tinkered with, exploited, and controlled.

      As far as the current imposition of power and control, I do not and will not wear a face mask. It is a tool of the combined Satanic/Luciferian agenda for first depersonalizing and shaming us for simply being living, loving, creative children of the Divine Creator/Sacred Earth. The mask ultimately converts unconscious, fearful wearers into a whole new reality, the New World Order.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here!


  2. Hi Sharine
    Living without following mandates set by some entity/archon/egregore that uses these mandates to control you is exactly what this article is pointing to.
    The mask is a mandate and I agree with you it is subjugating those that cannot see into the deeper darker prison construct that these mandates are trying to achieve. So, the only thing to realize here is that you simply KNOW who you are and you are living according to that knowing, there is no fight against ‘them’ or their mandate. There is only You being Authentic. If you give your energy to the egregore, then it feeds and grows.
    Yes, it’s becoming clearer that the push is to take from us our Spiritual Essense, to make us cold machines.


    • Thanks for sharing more of your perspective, Kara. I appreciate all that you wrote. My husband and I are working to further unplug from the matrix by retiring him from state service after nearly 18 years. Meanwhile, our individual and partnered “knowing” is growing, haha!


      • I appreciate your comments and sharing as well Sharine. I am sure it can’t be an easy move for your husband to change his career especially now when we are being forced into such fearful/controlling circumstances. It sounds like you have the KNOWING Power of who you really are, Stay strong in that power!


    • Kara,
      The fear of the APE is jumping to the conlusion that a deadly virus is raging is part of the deeper darker prison construct without tangible evidence, You are perpetrating Ape stupidity as wisdom. What a disservice to the Toltec path. The ability to freely mold our own beliefs must be within the discipline of clear perception and discrimination which is the methodology of medical science.


      • It seems you TOTALLY MISSED what I was saying, which is that people are in fear of a deadly virus, because they are prisoners of the construct and cannot see this.

        You also said:
        The ability to freely mold our own beliefs must be within the discipline of clear perception and discrimination which is the methodology of medical science.

        if you are paying attention, what you call “Medical Science” is most certainly a methodology of the predator. We are Spiritual Essence trapped in a prison of false perceptions imposed on us, The discipline comes into play when we can focus on our true nature, when we can see the lies of the predator, When we Can See OUR Truth, we then are working from clear perception, rather than the discipline forced on us by the lies of Scientific materialism.


  3. Thankyou kindly for this, as always with perfect timing. The mask monstrosity, has felt rotten from the start yet I didn’t have the words for the feelings. I step out stronger today. Taknemlig


    • I will tell you what my mother said to me. She said, “Be aware of your surroundings when you are not wearing a mask in public, you don’t want to enrage someone and wind up getting shot!” Thanks mom!


  4. In my personal experience (of being alive let’s say) I see, or maybe better said what I see is a dominant force that’s taking consciousness away… My mind “sees” this …’energy’ as light……

    maybe it’s the source….

    ( I can’t easily lose my humour 🙂 )


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