To fully comprehend the totality of this amazing planet, it becomes necessary to get to know the Earth on an intimate level. Sitting upon Mother Earth is the most powerful teacher and catalyst but unfortunately, in current times, the connection to nature has become vastly diminished. The connection with the Earth was such an integral part of spiritual, emotional and physical vitality to our ancestors; it teaches us to learn how to listen to inner voices and truths.

It is within our connection with the Earth that we come to know the pulse of the Earth and through this pulse we can align with the universal life-force energy. Within the vibrational energy of the Earth, we find ourselves to be in the moment without the distractions of the past or the future which allows us to begin to perceive things in a most incredible and new way. It is at this moment that we are completely aligned with the power of creation and the silent knowledge that allows us to know that we already know.

Being on the Earth provides us with a holistic and instinctive tendency to enter into a state of natural balance. It is through our connection with the Earth that we are able to raise our level of consciousness. Our level of attention increases and we are able to perceive in a new and pure manner.

It has been my privilege and honor to hold space for people on vision quest. Whether the participants of this powerful ceremony were questing for one day or several nights, they would each return with a vibrant glow, a lighter step and a true sense of knowing that only comes when one is dedicated with clear intention to fulfill their purpose. While each person’s intention for participating in vision quest varies, their purpose is generally the same, that being to connect in gratitude with the life-force energies of the Earth and to open themselves up to receive the gifts of the Spirit.

The gifts of the Spirit are many and can range from new wisdom, increased knowledge, heightened awareness, deeper understanding, knowing their soul’s purpose, finding resolution and having the sense of being reborn, among others things.

The gifts of the Earth and nature are like small miracles because everything that we observe, whether close up on the ground in front of us or off in the distance such as a storm, a rainbow, or a meteor shower, allows us to recognize how insignificant and essential we are in the grand scheme of things.

When we sit upon the Earth in silence our attention begins to shift. We find that we begin to merge with nature; that we become an extension of it. We begin to perceive the world instead of just looking at it and what we witness brings us to a deep state of reverence and humility. Any trace of self-importance falls away and our heart chakra swells with the deepest kind of genuine love and gratitude for the gift of being alive.