Energy Practices

There are a number of practices for facilitating the movement of energy through the pathways of the body. By becoming empty and connecting deeply with spirit you are uniting with your body’s primary centers of energy and aligning with the natural flow and order of the earth and universe. As a result, your energetic life-force essence becomes balanced and strengthened. These simple practices support your overall well-being while enabling your body to function more efficiently, bringing you into a state of deep relaxation peacefulness. Energy balancing at this level initiates and facilitates a subtle process of healing and self-realization within the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your being.

Breath Work

The most important thing of all is to be in the breath. When we connect to the creative center within ourselves, we kindle our connection with spirit and then with authenticity and originality we are able to walk that pure consciousness into the world.

Being in the breath allows us to shift our attention and open our ability to perceive in new ways. Being in the breath ushers in the ability to accomplish something new and moves us beyond the habitual fixations that may prevent us from seeing beyond the world as we have come to know it.

When we breathe deeply into every part of our body holding the awareness that we are introducing new energy into our body at the cellular level, we allow ourselves to become the hollow bone, the conduit through which spirit and awareness flow. As we exhale we begin to release limiting thought forms and patterns that have prevented us from perceiving in new and different ways. Each new breath is energy, pure conscious awareness that allows us to awaken and rejuvenate every cell of our body to new ideas, vision, and creativity. The more mindfully we breathe, the more we are able to displace and replace old energies and patterns.

Chakra Balancing

Most people are familiar with the seven major chakras but there are virtually hundreds of chakras spinning inside and around your body that represent a system of interconnected body-centered energy portals known as wheels in Sanskrit. These portals receive and release energy as a natural means to keep us in a state of good health, well-being and balance.

Your physical body and spiritual health depend upon unobstructed movement for your chakras to keep you energized and balanced. Stressful emotions, poor nutrition, addictions, and negative thinking can cause blockages and deplete the energetic flow in your body. When this happens you may often feel run down and tired.

When you are open to receive a chakra balancing, you will be amazed at how energized and invigorated you will feel as blockages are removed and your energetic flow of life-force energy begins to flow freely, as it is meant to in order to keep your mind, body and spirit in a constant state of renewal and balance.

In order to reach this balance, it is important to be connected to the earth. As the power of the earth’s energy moves up through your root chakra, it begins to cleanse and awaken your other chakras which allows you to easily connect to the higher sources of energy, consciousness and awareness.


Many cultures have connected with the Earth by retreating into the wilderness. Most commonly referred to as the vision quest or la búsqueda del silencio (the pursuit of silence), by retreating into nature to meditate and align with the energies of the Earth, one is able to become aligned with the energetic life-force frequencies of creation. This is a brave and selfless act; to commit to loss of ego in exchange for the knowledge or a deeper connection to one’s life purpose in relation to the flow of Spirit.

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Recapitulation is the ability to completely release the energies that keep you bound to specific incidences in your life oftentimes causing you to be trapped within a vicious cycle of replaying repetitive and draining emotional conflict. The continually rehashing of these patterns over and over again causes your life force energy to be constantly wasted as you replay these outmoded patterns of behavior. To recapitulate means to take back and recover lost energy which restores your energetic levels to its original life force essence.

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Sacred Dance

The movement of dance allows for the sound vibrations to move through our bodies, which shifts the position of our assemblage point and releases a significant amount of endorphins which lead to heightened states of awareness. Dance allows us to be in a state of constant movement while the music, drums, and sounds to which we are dancing resonate through our bodies and provide healing for just about everything.

Dancing has been an important shamanic ceremony in every culture as a means to enter into higher levels of consciousness and connect with animal spirits and ancestors. It encourages self-expression and stimulates a trance-like state that promotes healing from within and bolsters emotional well-being, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening. As we align with the sounds and impulses of vibration we are able to release fear and move into states of love for celebrating creation and our own gifts of creativity.

Sound Vibration

Sound vibration is a powerful quality of energy healing. Every cell in our body vibrates. Energy vibrates at particular speeds or wavelengths and imbalances exist when this energy is not operating at an efficient level. Stress, noise, diet, lack of exercise and, and emotional upheavals can affect the vibration of our cells and the resulting lack of ambition or motivation of our energy body. Sound vibration cleanses energetic impurities, removes chakra blockages, and rebalances the harmonics of our subtle energy body.

Powerful techniques for sound vibration include drums, rattles, chanting, Tibetan singing bowls,  and help with realigning energetic imbalances while restoring optimal health. Sound vibration as a means for balancing energy works especially well when dancing is integrated.

Sweat Lodge

Lodge is a void, an empty space in which people may retreat from distractions of the world to return to stillness. With or without hot rocks and steam, from the emptiness of the lodge, participants emerge with a greater understanding of and connection to awareness within and outside of themselves.

Chanting, drumming, singing, guided meditations, and silence, raise our energy and heighten our awareness in the sweat lodge ceremony. This allows us to cleanse, detox, purify, heal, and enter into higher states of consciousness. It is in lodge where the energies of the earth help us to create the bridge that brings us into contact with the infinite mystery.

Sometimes the lodge is gentle, guiding us to connect to the beauty and wonder of the mysteries of life – of the universe. Sometimes the lodge can be challenging, provoking us to recognize the things that hold us back so we can release those things in order to become empty and filled with spirit.

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There is no limit to the types of energy practices available through which you can deepen and expand. Meditation, yoga, martial arts, qigong, tensegrity, gardening, skiing, swimming; the list goes on and one. The key is to find those to which you are most aligned so you may have the opportunity to connect to the life force energy that flows through all things in the universe. Any practice that you dedicate yourself to will bring you into states of well-being, relaxation, balance, peace, and natural harmony to your authentic being.