Just as everything else in the universe, we are made of energy and a field of energy constantly flows through us and surrounds us. It is above us, below us, inside of us and all around us. When we open ourselves to receive energy, our body responds quickly as it recognizes the opportunity we are providing for it to realign. Energy blockages will be eliminated from our energy field which will restore, strengthen, and balance the flow of universal life force energy throughout our entire being; the mental, physical and spiritual.

When connecting with energy work through intuitive energetics such as Reiki, Sound Vibration, meditation, yoga or tai chi, our levels of stress and anxiety decrease. As this occurs, our life-force energy is flowing which promotes general well-being, better health and clarity. We then connect with the life energy within and around us because life force energy permeates everything.

It is important to become a conduit, a hollow bone, or the empty vessel through which life-force energy can move freely. When we do, the simplest maneuver of being in the breath allows us to maintain a healthy state of being. Each and every cell in our body relies on pure life force energy so we can revert to and then sustain our optimal state of health and well-being.

Within the philosophy of quantum mechanics there are no time and space barriers so if the elementary particles of energy are able to communicate instantaneously, and these particles can affect each other at the far reaches of galaxies, imagine what you can experience when you open yourself to receive energy.

Read>> Energy Balancing.

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