Excerpt from Becoming Awareness

Life is constantly unfolding all around us. The deeper into it that we look, the more aware we become. When we become aware of what is sitting right in front of us, we are able to comprehend what is swimming in the sea of awareness.
– Alejandro

There were no other people around and the place was intensely quiet. After we ate, we sat across from each other with our backs against the cool adobe walls talking about our own ideas about the people who had occupied these ruins when suddenly, without warning, a woman screamed at the top of her lungs, “DREAM!”

I jumped up from my place and was practically sitting on top of El Cuervo as a young Indian woman walked through the low T-doorway fully upright and stopped to stand directly in front of us. She just stood there looking at us for what seemed to be a very long and uncomfortable time. Then she put her hand over her heart, closed her eyes briefly and sat down across from us in the center of the ruin we were in.

She was about five feet tall, judging from the approximate height of the doorway, and she was very dark skinned with course black hair with bangs cut straight across her shoulders. She didn’t have any shoes on and wore a simple cotton dress with an amulet made of leather hanging around her neck. It obviously held some small objects because it was lumpy and we could see the contours of items through the well-worn pouch.

She stared at us for a very long time with jet-black glistening eyes, like a raven’s. We were looking at her too and I offered her my water bottle. She shook her head no and smiled.

The walls of the small room we were sitting in began to dissolve and a surreal, dream-like quality encompassed us. The women’s hands were moving and by watching them I began to perceive lines of energetic fibers flowing from her fingertips. I began to follow the lines and heard a beautiful melody coming from a flute in the distance.

Sitting quietly I closed my eyes and danced along the lines of awareness feeling a sense of immense peace emanating from my being. The Earth began to pulse in a steady rhythmic beat that I had long been accustomed to and in a short time I was pulsing harmoniously with her. Each beat seemed to widen the area in which we were sitting until it felt as though we were simply floating in the vastness of the Earth’s emanations.

The voice of seeing began, a knowing that was emerging and aligning with my being. “Humanity has forgotten their origin and has become deeply distracted by so many external influences and far-fetched concepts. Even those who are attempting to reawaken have become preoccupied with deceitful endeavors that continue to keep them at a great distance from the Lineage of all life on Earth.”

I felt a tiny fire ignite within my heart and the burning sensation I was experiencing spread through my entire body. I was so relaxed and didn’t remember a time that I felt so free and unencumbered. Without opening my eyes I saw that El Cuervo was deeply aligned with the flow of energy that was flowing through and all around us. The woman appeared to be translucent, she was there but I could see through her and an expansive energetic aura was effervescing all around her.

“The Lineage,” the voice of seeing continued, “is an ancient line of power, a flame that appeared instantaneously at the point of origin. I cannot tell you what it is; I can only tell you what it is not. For millions of years seers have dedicated their lives to keeping this flame alive. They work ceaselessly to strengthen their connection to the Earth, align with Source, and continuously learn from silent knowledge.”

“These seers became known as warriors, those who fought and continue to fight fiercely to preserve the Lineage. The fight is not against others as in warring nations or man-against-man and other Earthly inhabitants; it is a battle for the preservation of awareness, of the abstract and the freedom to maintain a balanced connection to the harmonious and ephemeral nature of things.”

© Lorraine Voss
Becoming Awareness: Earth. Energy. Evolution.