Being a Seer is a philosophy, a way of life. This philosophy recognizes that the perception of the dominant paradigm is limiting and that it fails to integrate the sacred. Seers recognize that the earth is their host and teacher, a living, breathing intelligence. They know that she and all beings are part of a fragile yet incredibly strong web of creation that exists as an extension of universal life force energy, or more simply, Source.

Seers are strongly committed to learning all they can about the Earth and the cosmos, striving continuously to heighten their awareness and to perceive beyond the boundaries of limitation. They are particularly interested in the fact that the entire universe and everything within it is part of one single and complex energy system.

According to Don Juan of the Castaneda books, there were ancient seers, old seers, and new seers and he believed that massive changes in energy would occur continuously that would inevitably cause emergences of new cycles of warriors. Castaneda referred to these current day warriors as Modern Seers or The Seers of the New Era. I find myself drawn succinctly to Seers. When all is said and done, it comes down to seeing. When we align intent, with Source energy, there is only seeing.

We are now experiencing one of the massive changes in energy that Don Juan spoke about. As a result, there is a great emergence of warrior seers and they are people who have a deep understanding of abstract knowledge. They have arrived at this knowledge by uniting with the earth, and through silence have accessed the unfathomable knowledge and energy available to them independent of language and tangible information. They constantly challenge themselves to evolve beyond the realm of ordinary human awareness to attain personal freedom with emphasis placed on pure energy as being the driving force behind all things.

The Seers commitment to a path of awareness is making it possible for them to release everything extraneous in order to break free of what Castaneda referred to as the foreign installation. I call this foreign installation the man-made matrix. It is living a monotonous existence in accordance to an obsolete story. This repetitious and tedious pattern that people have been aligning with for centuries is causing people to forget what being human really means.

The Seers of today work quietly and prefer to take action as opposed to just talking. They are committed to each other and collaborate to arrive at solutions through innovative and visionary acts of creation and co-creation. They continually hone their awareness as part of their deep commitment to evolve beyond the limitations of their current perceptual filters.

This path of awareness is available to anyone who is ready and willing to align with Earth and Source energy in order to receive input. Silent Knowledge. Through your commitment you will find yourself in an indescribable flow of Source energy enabling you to find your true life force essence and connection within this great web of awareness.

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